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If you've ever heard a motivational speaker say this phrase "no one is coming to save you"... that does not mean that you're all alone on an island by yourself, and be only self-reliant. That's a common thought when we hear this phrase, but is commonly misinterpreted. The truth is most people don't ever see or know when you're struggling. So what do we do when we have this feeling of isolation and struggle? You raise a flag, you admit you need help, you seek coaching or you seek counsel. The key here is, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. The truth is, most people don't know your actual thoughts, dreams, goals, and desires. As entrepreneurs, we tend to shoulder the burden all by ourselves and go through the struggle alone. Can you relate? I've certainly had my fair share of lonely burden carrying and still struggle with raising my hand for help. Guilty. If you've reached the top, and you're lonely at the top.. then you did it wrong. You don't have to do it alone. This is one of the core reasons we created a community surrounding the sales and marketing tool of Genie Rocket with www.DIYMarketing.Academy so we could inspire, encourage and support. Instead of us selling world-class software and letting people figure it out on their own, we committed to showing up every week for coaching and community to help people get real results and real help. (and if you haven't signed up you should, you'll thank me later) Life is too short and connections are too valuable to try to muscle through it all by yourself, just to end up alone and fatigued. As a believer, I know God didn't intend us to be on a solo race to finish as broken and lonely people. I want to encourage you today to do the hard work for yourself, by asking for help in an area of your life that you are shouldering all by yourself. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will your brain fight against you every step of the way? Yes. That means it's the right thing to do. Do it.



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    My struggle is with planning vs. executing. I can dream and plan and make checklists and jot down ideas that are great, but that sometimes tricks my brain into thinking I've actually done something in the real world. I'm learning (slowly but surely) to place value and save the dopamine hit of celebrating the win for the tangible results of putting the plan into action.

Thanks everyone who attended the workshop, we had a great turnout and appreciate the high energy and participation! Rose Coffee wasn't able to make it out today due to a sickness, but they'll be at our next event, so make sure to make it out. As a reminder, please check the calendar tab for all upcoming events. New events will be posted up next week. In this session we discussed what a lead magnet is, why it's important for your business, and steps to create one with examples. 👉Copy of the handout is available in the PDF below. 🚨 ALSO! Our full software tool price is also going up after the new year, so lock in the $149/mo all-in-one sales and marketing tool before it goes up to $249/mo! Consider it an early Christmas gift to yourself, and it will be the gift that helps you eliminate marketing tool clutter and get focused on results. (We use it every day for sending out emails, texts, making calls, building web pages, organizing our sales pipelines and more) Starting in January 2023, we'll be doing intensive trainings on HOW to use the tool for attracting new leads, nurturing leads, and closing leads into sales. A full curriculum, and you can attend and watch yourself OR bring someone from your team that wants to learn marketing. Please don't miss out on this! I'd love to see you on the trainings and start January STRONG with the rest of us. A full marketing education with tools, coaching and community for $149. Let's go! Get the deal here: https://www.diymarketing.academy/



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    @Brad Parnell, you know our business pretty well. Getting in front of VP Marketing, Marketing Director, etc. for documentary style storytelling about brands. Truth builds trust!

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