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What app did Alex Hormozi use to draw his drawings in his Book
What app did Alex Hormozi use to hand draw his drawings into his 100m offers book? Similar to what Russell Brunson did in his books with the hand drawings onto the page. Thankyou for your insights!
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@Owen Sheasby thanks heaps man! 🥹🙏🤩🏆
Dec '22 
What do you feel when consuming my content?
Describe it in ONE WORD, or a short sentence if you’d prefer, what you feel when you consume my content. Whether it’s tweets, my posts here in Synth School, or my YouTube videos… I’m curious to hear your answers. Please drop a comment before you read the other comments (so you’re not unconsciously biased).
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whenever i see you around now i think of the word synthesizer. which means your branding is working really well. the emotion i feel when i watch your content is: clarity complexity simplified
Started my free Skool group this week for music producers
Inspired by @Andrew Kirby and the approach he's pioneered here. I started my free Skool group for music producers who want to learn and master music production using a unique approach to music analysis I created. I'm already getting the right people flowing in. They get access to a free program i used to sell for $1000...instead of paying, at the half way point they invite 2 people to join, then get access to the second half. I heard Alex Hormozi say that if you can get one person to invite 2 other people your business will be a success and grow on its own. So I'm testing that out. At the moment I'm going to test to see if this works to scale community. Then worry about monetisation later. Thanks for the advice Andrew and wish me luck ;)
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@Andrew Kirby thankyou! i connected with him back in 2019 in Ovens Uplevel group but i appreciate the kind offer 🙏🏆
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@Martin Lilly kirby approach via Youtube 🏆
Dec '22 
RSVP: Synthesizer Livestream today
My first ever livestream is today, and you're invited! AGENDA: - My latest thoughts around audience growth, and content systems - The impact of AI on Content Creation - The crazy tactic Iman Gadzhi used to blow up - The Synthesizer Movement - My work with James Jani, Sam Ovens, and Naval Ravikant - We'll share content we've found that's valuable. I can even read/react to some - My 13 step plan to go from $0 → $10,000/month - Answer any questions I see in the livestream chat - Do some 'hotseat'. Where a viewer volunteers to get unmuted, states their Goal, and their biggest Problem and I try to help them solve their problem (with the Chat's help). Similar to Ask Gary Vee or Dave Ramsey - Play one game of chess against a viewer (to prep for tomorrow's Chess tournament). Similar to Eric Rosen. LINK TO JOIN CHESS TOURNAMENT: STARTS AT 1PM EST 4th DEC Please RSVP with a gif if you're planning on coming. And if you have any other ideas for the livestream, let me know. Should be fun :)
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@Andrew Kirby where will we be able to watch the recording?
Dec '22 
Should I narrow my niche?
Most of my 600,000 subscribers on YouTube came from my videos about Stoicism, Productivity, Personal-Development, and Dopamine Detoxing. These people are young men with a dream. They want money, status, a good body, and female validation. They watch Hamza, Andrew Tate, and now Iman Gadzhi. They are addicted to instant gratification, but have started fighting back. They've started going to the gym. They've started meditating, but can't seem to keep the habit. As much as I love talking about those topics, I found myself more in love with the art of Synthesizing how to play the Great Online Game. That's when where the Synthesizer community comes in. These people are actively trying to create a lucrative career playing the Great Online Game. They want to find something they love to do that pays them well. They want to help people similar to them solve problems they've suffered with. They like Naval Ravikant, and Alex Hormozi. They are a very different group of people compared to my audience on YouTube. So here's the question... - Should I create for my old audience, or my new audience? If I create for my YouTube audience, I'm talking about topics I'm less passionate about. If I create for my Synthesizer audience, I'm talking about topics I'm more interested in, BUT I'm sacrificing a lot of work I put in earlier.
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you mentioned yourself in your post that your audience wants 'money and status' and being a successful synthesiser would get your audience both of those so technically you could continue with your audience just switch to the synthesiser as the selling point, message and movement. you already know the answer i can sense it in your post. you know the synthesiser route is the way. your journey on youtube bought you to this clarity and now you have a brand opportunity that could become even bigger than what you had on youtube.
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