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I Tried 100+ AI Tools & These 10 Are the MOST USEFUL 🧠
I just created a revolutionary internal document for my team to use to help us: - Make more sales in 2024 ($500,000/months) - Streamline our productivity - Seed up our content output (🧠 + 🎥 = 🥳) - Decrease time spent on dumb sh*t - Have more fun! Want a copy of the internal document (which includes a list of the top 10 AI tools that we'll be using in 2024) that I made for my team? Comment "AI" below and either me or someone on my team will send it over to you ASAP. Real Talk: Once you empower yourself & your team with these tools, you'll realize that anyone who isn't building a team around the use of AI in 2024 will be left in the dust by those who are... Comment "AI" below to stay ahead of the pack with these top 10 Must-Have AI tools. At least just start playing around with them! If you spend 30 min a day playing with each of them, you'll know more about AI than 99% of the population. (All attached images are AI generated.) ⬆️ This post was 100% written by AI. 🤢 J.K. i still do my own writing. sometimes use AI to help me find faults w my writing or help me brainstorm ideas, though... anyways, quit reading this post n start playing! Comment AI below to begin 🐣
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Others paid, yours free.
I just paid $3,000 to attend a millionaire mastermind in Beverly Hills for 3 days... the place was FULL of contentpreneurs who were crushing it... most doing over $100,000+ months. I learned a lot and took pages of notes. I also made a video going over my top 3 key takeaways and some new strategies that I'll be implementing in 2024 to hit $500,000/months. Next level stuff. If you want my notes + the key takeaway video, comment "NOTES" below 👇 ⬇️
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Dec '23 
Want to create 6 months worth of content in just 1 day?
I'm hosting a 1 day event next week to film 6 months worth of content in 1 day. Wanna join me so you can get all your content DONE for the next 6 months? Comment "YES" below👇🏼 I'll send you some training to watch beforehand, too. 🎉
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Hey I’m Jessie!
What's your nickname? Jessie, jess Where you from? Missoula, Montana! 🌲✨🌊🏔️ Biggest strength? I have a great memory and a passion for creating win-win scenarios in the world Biggest weakness? Too many ideas not enough action- and I hardly have any tech expertise Which content platform is your favourite? Ig- Tori Vargus is how I found this group and I also sent my mom here. What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? I want to start making high quality content under a brand new name/business, I’m about to enroll in Hayley Porters Detoxification and Iridology courses to eventually become a practitioner myself. I know I have a lot to learn but I also want to start creating content, credibility and sharing my journey in way that will set me up for future success. I’m starting completely from scratch and soaking up as much guidance as I can to streamline my process. Here to learn from other peoples successes as well as their trials and errors. I have a great @ name locked in at ig, YouTube, tik tok, facebook and am about to secure a domain, email and llc- but I haven’t posted anything yet!
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@Hayley Porter 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕✨✨✨✨✨
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Jessie Davenport
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My one year old son and I live in Missoula, MT where we love spending time exploring the mountains and rivers. We also love to garden and forage!

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Missoula, Montana
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