Hey I’m Jessie!
What's your nickname? Jessie, jess
Where you from? Missoula, Montana! 🌲✨🌊🏔️
Biggest strength? I have a great memory and a passion for creating win-win scenarios in the world
Biggest weakness? Too many ideas not enough action- and I hardly have any tech expertise
Which content platform is your favourite? Ig- Tori Vargus is how I found this group and I also sent my mom here.
What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? I want to start making high quality content under a brand new name/business,
I’m about to enroll in Hayley Porters Detoxification and Iridology courses to eventually become a practitioner myself. I know I have a lot to learn but I also want to start creating content, credibility and sharing my journey in way that will set me up for future success.
I’m starting completely from scratch and soaking up as much guidance as I can to streamline my process. Here to learn from other peoples successes as well as their trials and errors.
I have a great @ name locked in at ig, YouTube, tik tok, facebook and am about to secure a domain, email and llc- but I haven’t posted anything yet!
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