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$185,015/mo with Skool 🙂
Sup guys! Just hit a cool milestone with Skool. Here are 3 things I love about Skool: 1. Community - there’s a heavy emphasis on community and my members love it. 2. Gamification - when you get this right the community is awesome without you. 3. All In One - with community, courses, and calls in one area it’s easy to have active members. Those alone make Skool an amazing platform. I could spend an hour writing out a list of every feature I love, but less is more. But that doesn’t mean I’m showing up empty handed… There’s one thing I love about Skool the most: And that’s the ability to create an amazing product. It’s the one thing that has led to most of our growth. We have a product that’s so good, members share it with their friends. Without the 3 things above, building an amazing product would be very difficult. Quick formula for ya before I sign off: Great Product x (Ascensions + Continuity) = 🚀 Thank you @Sam Ovens and the team, Brady 🫡 P.S. there’s no screenshot bc money is between like 4-5 different processors.
Ryan Vincent
Tanner Jones
Matt Hepburn
Manny Dominguez-Marquez
Austin Connell
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@Brady Badour - Really awesome work, thanks for sharing! 🧨
BIG WIN! We just hit $300,000/month with Skool as our core platform
A few months ago I stated I wanted to hit $500,000 every single month in cash collected with the help of Skool as our core platform for lead-generation and community building simultaneously. As we're on the way there, we've hit an incredible milestone I wanted to share with you all. This month in November we closed in on $300,000 in cash collected through the help of Skool for our B2B division, in December we're also launching a community for our B2C division on Skool. For context, this is what I do: 1. Our B2B helps coaches, consultants, experts start or scale their online business to $1M-$10M/yr. 2. Our B2C helps everyday beginners become a $5K+/mo Remote DM Setter. HOW did I do it? I'll break down the strategy for you here. 1. We launched a FREE Skool Community and setup the 3 questions that allows us to leverage to see if any of our leads are "in-market" for a Zoom Call to see how we can help them get to Point B. You can see the 3 questions here: 2. We then sent our EXISTING organic traffic via e-mail, facebook, instagram all over to the Skool Community so we can reach out to group join request, leverage the 3 questions -> book a call 3. If people don't book a call right away, one of two things always happen if not both, they consume the course content and get nurtured over time, then book a call. Or we follow up till they say "How can we book a call?" or "STOP FOLLOWING UP!!" lol. 4. We've been doing this for about 3-4 months now and it's all compounded into today's results, the reason I'm going to double down on Skool is because it's more focused, more intentional and it doesn't have annoying chat restrictions like our previous core platform, Facebook. 5. Most importantly, every single day, my DM Setter will have 50 new conversations per day and does 300-500 follow ups PER DAY, without any restrictions or headaches like Facebook gives. So all you need is:
Erika Kulpina
Nick Guadagnoli
Darin Berntson
Jesse Clark
Jeffery Olsen
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@Bas Slot - Well done dude! Thanks for sharing.
How To Fill, Sell, Operate And Retain A Successful Mastermind Group.
Hi I’m Oli 👋 I run several paid Communities on Skool that make around $800k /month collectively. Today, I’m sharing with you how to fill, sell, operate and retain a successful Mastermind Group. In this post I’ll be covering: - How to fill a Mastermind Community - Captaining your group and managing Mastermind Operations - Protecting your recurring revenue with a Retention Playbook To illustrate I’ll be spotlighting one of my Communities called NextLevel Scale™. Quick context about this particular Mastermind and Me… I started this Community about 5 years ago back in 2018. Primarily to help other info Business Owners who are scaling to 7 and and 8 figures with their own Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs, Memberships and Online Courses. The investment has risen each year, but currently stands at $48k for 12-months Membership. Right now we have 50 active members which contributes to around $2.4 million in annual recurring revenue. My role is to lead and facilitate the group with a Team that comprises of one full time Coach and a part time assistant. But I didn’t start here. My journey goes back over the past 20 years of being in the info business. Since then I’ve ran virtually every kind of model you can imagine: Full Format Franchising, Online Memberships, Area Exclusive Licensing, Online Courses + Digital Products, In-person training centre, Group Coaching Programs, a National Association, Home study courses, Marketing Agency, Publishing Partners, Live Events, Equity based Consulting, Retreats, Private Consulting, Certification programs, Printed Monthly Newsletter Subscriptions… …and obviously Masterminds Groups. The high ticket Mastermind Community model is hard to beat. It’s almost like “alchemy“, and the timing to grow your own Community like mine is especially fortuitous right now. My goal here is to summarize the lessons I've learned, share what has worked, and what to avoid. Fair warning: this post will likely be long, so be sure to bookmark it now in your browser to refer back to later.
Breynan Hammons
Oli Billson
Brian Yang
Dave Maddock
Danny Mallinder
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@Oli Billson - Awesome post! Thanks for sharing 🙌.
How I Used Skool to Go From -$15k to $8.7 Million (My Story)
I've never shared this publicly before. This is the full story of how I went from $15,000 in debt to making over $8.7 million a year. Skool played a key role in helping me build Founder OS. My mission is to inspire 100 million founders with proven systems to grow their audience, monetization, and brand. We're just getting started. Let's win together 🥇
Harley Seelbinder
Danny Mallinder
Paul Esser
Ryan Mathews
Jim Riviello
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Awesome video and post, @Matt Gray! 🔥
An Extra $50,000 a month from Skool 💸💸💸
Skool has blown my mind. I have had Facebook Groups for my programs since 2017 and they don't even compare. And I only started with Skool about 75 days ago (February 27th 2023). My group already has (3) Level 8 people and it's become the #1 group in my niche absolutely. I almost didn't join Skool. The reason? "I already have everything setup and don't feel like changing it." What changed my mind? The SIMPLICITY and RESULTS I kept seeing from Skool success stories. So... I tried it out and an extra $50,000 a month in results and making my life more simple has been the result. Pretty solid I think. Glad I went for it rather than listen to my ego. @Nick Hauser asked me to share the things that have been successful in creating such a Skool group (here is the link to my Skool if you want to look to see how I'm doing it: ➡️ How I'm Using Skool: I have a free "Manifestation / Personal Development" Skool group (1,600 people in it right now) and convert the members into my paid "Manifestation Mentoring Program" Skool group. My Strategy: Have everyone become engaging friends sharing what they learn from our content. And if they want more, enroll into our programs. I have been trying to keep it super simple. Here are a few elements of the Strategy: (a) The type of posts I do that have been SUPER successful are NOT me posting value. But rather posts where members engage with each other. Examples: "What are your unique talents / skills?" "What time zone are you in? Accountability buddy?" These have been super engaging because members learn about each other. I text / email my list about these posts, so they get more than 1 notification of the post. That has been helpful in creating a lot of engagement. (b) And I partner these with action-based content. Examples of those: "3 Day Money Challenge! Are you in?" "Watch this video of 'The Law of Attraction Explained' every day for 30 days straight"
Jesse Clark
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Michael Bourk
Jude Kobsar
Jason Biehl
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@Scott Haug - Great work and congrats!
Black Friday Deal: Skool ($1,200) + Wetube ($9,800) + for $999
We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Kirby
Esteban Andrade
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Marcus Mokros
Jesse Clark
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@Mike Morales - We are still offering Wetube self-study, yes, please send me a chat here on Skool if you are interested in learning more and can share more details about it with you!
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@Marcus Mokros - Reaching out on Skool Chat now to discuss 👍.
Skool's roadmap — what's coming soon
Here's our roadmap. The image below shows you what's in progress and what's up next. You probably noticed we shipped many new features in the last 2-weeks. We hired some amazing talent, reorganized our teams — and our development velocity increased — significantly. Some of you were a little concerned at the rate of change. When we dug deeper, we found that lack of communication was the real issue. We learned from this and will improve moving forward. Sharing this roadmap is a way of keeping you in the loop of what's coming soon. We're super excited to share these new features with you! Internally, our team agreed, it feels like we're just getting started. Let's build this thing together 🔥
Dylan Washkowiak
Robert Boulos
Alex Shakhov
Joshua St. Clair
Eduardo Mussali
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@Daniel Luke - No news on voice notes in chat currently. We're laser-focused on mobile apps, subscription billing, native video, and classroom/calendar improvements, for now :).
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@Ed Squire - There hasn't been yet, but I can say we are working on it now :). Stay tuned!
Personalization of the leaderboard
Hello, is it possible to personalize the goals in the leaderboard? Our customers are making competition on who is getting more sales in 30 days and we cannot track it
Matt Vhen
Joshua St. Clair
Erika Kulpina
Jesse Clark
New comment 17d ago
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@Matt Vhen - What Erika said! What you could potentially do instead is have an Action Post pinned to the community about the challenge, and once the 30-days is up, ask the participants to post a Loom with their Stripe account showing how much they earned, customer count, with private details blurred out. Take a look at how we ran the Membership Challenge (Sam's most recent posts about it) for some challenge-funnel design inspiration, if you would like :).
My Strategy to $50,000 Extra /m from Skool (Video)
From my post yesterday, here is a video explaining my strategy on how I started profiting $50,000+ extra per month from my new Skool group in 75 days. Hope this helps! Again feel free to actually join my group so you can scroll the particular posts I'm talking about in the video: That way you can see the engagement in real time that I'm talking about. @Nick Hauser
Frank Gyz
Scott Haug
Bernardo Fagot
Yohan Delalande
Rob Llewellyn
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@Scott Haug - Great video, thanks for sharing!
Our Free -> Paid Skool setup = $450k per month
Hey Skool... buddies? I wanted to share how I'm using a free group funnel to move people to my paid community... using Skool of course! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of writing, I get bored fast.. so I'm mostly gonna bullet point this AND I made a Loom video here: Happy to answer whatever questions you like. Ok, so main things to know: - I run a company called AJ&Smart, we're a digital product studio and innovation training company (we help companies like Lego, Google, GE, Amex etc with their digital products) which also sells online courses (mainly to teach people how to Facilitate Workshops) - For the specific online course side of the business, we use Skool to funnel people from ads/youtube videos (example)/books and other activities into a Free Group called "Facilitator Club" - Facilitator Club is focussed on helping consultants in the product/innovation/tech space move from being people who have to execute tasks for their clients to just being involved in the strategic/up-front work like "ideation". We also have a lot of people from other industries in there too who just want to move toward strategy and away from execution. Here's the group: (Please only join if you think it might be relevant). - This free group is full of little things to keep people engaged, primarily using the Leaderboard system to help people "unlock" courses and resources. These actually help people to preview the quality of our paid stuff. - The free group acts as a "holding pattern" for people to move to our paid group which costs €6000 and now almost has 1000 members. - The free group isn't the only way people are getting into the paid group, but it's definitely been an amazing place to "warm people up" before moving them to the paid group.
Jesse Clark
Nick Guadagnoli
Shaun Michael
Danny Holtschke
Yohan Delalande
New comment Oct 30
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@Jonathan Courtney - Awesome post, thanks for sharing!
$108,000 in 1 month with Skool
Here's how I just hit a record month using Skool while travelling the world, without running ads, without a webinar, and without working more than 2 hours/day. 1. A ruthlessly simple system (which runs like a machine). System = Social Media Content + CTA --> Free Skool Community --> DM --> 15m Call --> 60m Call --> Client/Paid Skool Community. 2. A small team of A+ Players (who free up all my time & get things DONE). 1 VA 1 Appointment setter 1 Discovery call taker 2 Closers 3 (soon to be 4) Coaches (for the service delivery) + I'm currently training a content editor + distributor so I can generate more leads with consistent content output. 3. An offer too good for any human to reasonably say "no thanks" to (which turns nearly every conversation into a sale). "Business in a Weekend" has been our main offer and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help beginners launch their online coaching business and get to 5-10k/month within 90 days. "VIP Weekend" is going to be our new offer, and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help existing coaches scale to 50k/month within 90 days. If someone speaks with us and can't afford our HT, we take $49/m deposit and place them into our $49/month paid Skool community. With these 3 things (System, Team, Offer) in place, you soon get to a point where NOT making money becomes impossible. Money just comes to you whether you want it or not lol. If you'd like similar results, I'd suggest doing the following: 1. Create a free Skool community and fill it with amazing free course content. People will judge you based on your free stuff, so make it good. Try to get people results before they ever work with you. 2. Create a paid Skool community (charge $49/month for it) and offer 2-3 coaching calls per week in it + more awesome course content. 3. Post a ton of content on social media and in each post give away something for free that lives inside your free Skool community. 4. Once someone joins your free Skool community, DM them and see if they want to hop on a quick 10-15m free call with you where you can see if you can fast track their results. 5. If they sound like someone you can help, offer them a longer call to show them a more in depth game plan. 6. At the end of the longer call, offer to work with them inside your HT offer. 7. If they can't afford it, offer them your $49/m community. 8. Continue to study the GOAT'S in this Skool community. There are many people in this Skool community already making 100k+/month who you can learn from... I'm just one of them.
Scott Maclean
Joseph Henry
Kyle Freeman
Tony D
Yohan Delalande
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@Ted Carr - Amazing dude! 🙌
How we made €141 700 in 8 days with a Multi-Tiered Membership in Skool©
Hi Everyone ! I have made this video to show you how we used Skool in a creative way to build a 𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗸𝗲𝘁 𝗺𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶-𝘁𝗶𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗠𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽 in no time 🎉 We do things in a very Lean and Creative way 😁 Nothing existed prior to selling the offer, yet it turned out te be EPIC ! I switched my model from High Ticket only to a Low-ticket Hybrid model + High Ticket (1:1 + Mastermind) on top of it. I went 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿-𝘁𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶-𝘁𝗶𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗱 😂 - No calls - Over delivering - More impact - More scalability - More Fun - More happy clients ⚠️ I believe Multi-tiered Hybrid membership is 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲. - it combines course, coaching & community at scale - it can serve as a springboard to High Ticket on the back-end - you don't create more, you just give more access to those who pay more - it's the easiest thing to do if you start I think you'll love the video, the accent and what we do to aim for 𝟭𝟬𝟬% 𝗼𝗳 𝘀𝘂𝗰𝗰𝗲𝘀𝘀 :) As of right now, i'm only serving the French speaking Market. But I'm considering teaching my best stuff 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 in English on a YouTube Channel called Business a la French. 🍷🥖🧀 just started it hours ago :) 👉 Skool Affiliate Link Please enjoy and any feedback is truly appreciated !
Jesse Clark
Khan Magne
Yohan Delalande
Kathleen Pecoraro
Kyle Freeman
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@Khan Magne - Awesome post and video, thanks for putting these together!
It’s true! See attached our cash collected in Stripe in the last 90 days! When Skool was first released I thought ‘here goes another shiny object’. Boy was I wrong. In the first month of transitioning to Skool, our cash collected doubled. No joke. We went from $250,000/mo to $500,000. All with one decision to move over to this beautiful place. I was super reluctant to make the shift in the beginning. We were integrated with what I'm gonna call “the devils’ trifecta” - a FB group, a scattered calendar, and kajabi. The thing is, “the devils’ trifecta” did work for us. It worked. But it created a negative client experience. Truth is we got lazy with it. We were using a platform and model that we knew was sub-par for clients just because it was gonna be painful to move to skool and it was ‘how we’d always done it’. Within 30 days of shifting to Skool, we took our cash collected to $500k/mo - a new height for us. And the cool part? It hasn’t dipped below that. We’ve kept this consistent, and May is due to be our best month yet (projecting $600k). By the end of the year we’ll be at 8 figures. Bold claim, but thanks to Skool we can make better product decisions and create more value as a company - allowing us to charge more, keep clients retained + garner more love from the market. How did Skool improve our product, cash collected & company? 1. Better offer Skool has given us the confidence in our product to have an insane offer. Before we guaranteed a ROI or your money back. Now, we guarantee 20 high ticket coaching, consulting or agency clients, or a full refund + a $5,000 wire! Madness. It’s much easier to get clients. Better product = better offer = easier acquisition. Simple. 2. More coaching calls Our previous product had the standard 2x coaching calls per week. These were run by my business partner and I, and they’d fill up, run over & questions wouldn’t be answered properly due to the sheer volume. Now, Skool allows us to host more calls. Due to the easy calendar feature, we run 15 decentralised coaching calls per week (run by community members), all on specific topics instead of general Q&A.
Neil Shah
Mitch Gonsalves
Ramon Nastase
Karen Lieuwen
Elizabeth Sainez
New comment Sep 23
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@Charlie Morgan - Amazing work dude! 🎉
Introducing "$1 Club" — the first paid community on skool
Introducing the first paid community on Skool — "$1 Club". Its purpose: To demonstrate the paid community experience. For $1 /month you'll get to: 1. See what it's like to subscribe to a paid community (as a member) 2. See what it's like to sell a paid community (as an admin) 3. Be first in line to use the payments system (for your own community) Click here to join $1 Club. We don't expect you to pay $1 /month ongoing. You can cancel your subscription at any time with 1-click. We're doing this as a live demonstration of our payments system. See you on the other side!
Damaris Avila
Austin Blanchfill
Marc God
Hoàng Vịnh
Christina Westergaard Larsen
New comment Oct 10
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@Corné Lategan - At this stage, yes. However, we will explore adding other currencies in the future, though!
$7 Figures in 12 months with Skool
Last year on Labor Day I took a Leap of Faith, killed my 1 on 1 business, and launched my Mastermind - The Lion (actually originally called Comanche...Gawd I LOVE that name). Thank you @Jesse Clark @Nick Hauser @Sid Sahasrabuddhe @Brian Moncada @Sam Ovens On the 1st Friday afternoon of every month, I review all of our financials from the previous month. I'm proud to say we officially crossed 7 FIGURES in only 12 months with NO ADs, NO SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, only PILLRs. So all the thanks go to you, The Skool Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This led to multiple Skool platforms, a full Immersion $100k Offering, and in 2024, we are launching PSU - Professional Sales University on Skool. This will be an alternative to traditional education that teaches young aspiring sales professionals (not closers and setters) what college and the internet cannot. We will train them, place them and offer ongoing alumni support. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The best is yet to come for all of us. ...And a special thank you to @Lauren Natelborg, my COO, you are amazing!!!
Allan Hof
Cody McDowell
Kieran Moloney
Christina Westergaard Larsen
Erika Kulpina
New comment Oct 10
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@Joe Blackburn - Great work dude! 🔥
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