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We are using Skool to build a community of music patrons who pool our resources to fund records and support musicians. We do not ask any ownership of the records or songs as record labels do, but instead turn the music "business" on its head by putting the artists and patrons on top and the business on the bottom. Long ago, musicians used to be commissioned by lords and municipalities to create masterpieces. Now, our membership will crowd-fund the commissioning of great artworks and the support of great artists by bringing the community together on Skool and providing financial support through voting and artist development through courses and community! Please check it out and consider joining our revolution in supporting great music and musicians INSTEAD OF the music business! https://www.ratlabrecords.com/



Jason Pappafotis
Blake La Grange
Danny Mallinder
New comment 19d ago
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    @Blake La Grange - absolutely. Send some info. We would love to be a part of it and also share any educational material with our members!

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    @Danny Mallinder - Love it - I sent a request for Kollege, hope to see you all in there!

This is one of the things that's stopping me from moving my Spanish speaking community into Skool. Any chance this will be implemented any time soon? Appreciated!



Ivan Sanchez
Jason Pappafotis
Nathan Field
New comment Feb 17
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    Yes - we have a plan for a community starting in 8 languages. Following.

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