Facilitating a team in conflict
Hi Everyone! Thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts you have on my current challenge.
I am working with a small team where there is significant conflict between two managers. I have been brought in to help the team (n=5) figure out what is working and what isn't and how do we move forward?
I plan to use the sailboat exercise to better understand their world and it will enable those team members that feel shut down to have a voice – I love this exercise. I have completed individual interviews with each team member to better understand their challenges. All have an issue with their senior manager. They are however all keen (including the senior manager) to attend the workshop because the conflict in the system is causing so much grief and poor performance it cannot continue. There are also members who have reported mental health challenges as a result of the conflict and one manager has ADHD. I mention this because these have been contentious challenges with the senior manager who feels they have accommodated these challenges but "at what point do you have to have the poor performance" discussion.
My question is regarding the heightened emotion within the team. Have any of you facilitated a session with a team that is in significant conflict and has the potential for members to shut down or react during the session? Any specific prep/set-up? Have you set any specific expectations? Handling reactive responses during the session that have worked/not worked? I am a healthcare professional, so have a good idea of how to manage conflict, however I am reaching out to the group to get different perspectives that may help inform my workshop next week.
Thanks so much
Leanne Wall
Facilitating a team in conflict
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