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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here 🔥)
Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community helps entrepreneurs in the content era get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make an impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the Classroom Resources ------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • Be kind • If you need help, just ask the community 💪
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Jonathan Farber
Stephen G. Pope
Hatice Coban
Daniel Espinoza
Zahid Muhammad
New comment 18h ago
  • 1 like • Aug 13
    @Stephen G. Pope it was also his daughter's birthday on that day and giving him a gift for her also matters. Small details that make the other person feel that you care. It can go a long way.
  • 0 likes • Aug 15
    @Erin Pope thanks!
Workshop → Create an AI Workflow to Automate Content Creation!
So excited to announce an upcoming AI workshop coming Friday October 20th at 11AM PST with @Steve Cary. In this workshop, Steve Cary will show you how to build a series of ChatGPT prompts to create engaging content based on your unique point of view (and tone of voice). Using your EXISTING video transcripts! What We Will Focus On: - Train AI to create “Your Voice” - Create a summary output from your transcript showing key points and highlights - Use the original transcript to create:  Blogs, Social Posts, and More And we’ll show you how to build ChatGPT prompts that you can REUSE (over and over) to write content that is in your voice and tailored to your message! (from existing transcripts). We'll also do some Q+A! Hope you can join us, will be a good time to connect with all of you! 🙏 Make sure to put it on your calendar → Questions or comments? or just excited? drop a comment below. See you there!!
Vihang Nair
Bijan Izadi
Stephen G. Pope
Steve Young
Adeel Aalim
New comment Oct 14
  • 2 likes • Oct 12
    Make sure to give us a replay @Stephen G. Pope. I don't think I can make it live.
How much do you expect to invest for content creation as an entrepreneur in order to put out 30-60 pieces of content per week?
Hello ladies and gents! After a bit of research, I realized that there are a few different stages in the way most entrepreneurs/solopreneurs start investing in content creation (not referring to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that content creation is their business e.g. Youtubers/TikTokers/Influencers): 1. They start by either writing content(whether long form or short form), OR they create a podcast or videos for YouTube/Livestream/Short form content, and last but not least some also grew through carousel posts/illustrations. In short, almost everyone starts by writing, recording audio, creating videos, graphic design, and/or illustrations. Usually, they have developed a skill for one of these and they feel comfortable doing one of these consistently without struggling or having to force themselves. They enjoy it and they can do it sustainably for a long period of time because it's fun. 2. Then they hire their first person part-time to help them optimize that process. Whether that's an editor, a sound engineer, a video editor, or even just a VA, usually that first person comes very part-time 1-1.5x day(s)/per week (5-10 hours per week) and helps them make the most of their time now that they've figured out something that works and they want to be more efficient and effective with their time. This most of the time costs between $200-1000/per month. 3. This is the stage I want to ask you for. This is where you start having some kind of system that helps you create more content than before. If for example during stage 1 you would invest 5-10 hours per week to create 3-5 pieces of content per week, during stage 2 you would invest approximately half the time for the same amount of pieces of content per week or slightly more but not much more. Stage 3 is when you've optimized a few things already and you've been doing this for at least a few months (for some it's already been a year or two) and now you've reached stage 3 where you have a more solid system, and maybe your person joins part-time 2-3 days a week or full time, or you maybe already have 2 people part-time (2 days a week). Now they help you create a lot more content. You go from 3-5 pieces of content to 10-30-50-60 pieces of content per week by leveraging their time, skills, and the system that you've built during the previous months. At this stage, from my experience, people pay anywhere between $1000-5000 per month having 1-2 people part-time (~15-30 hours/per week per person). This stage seems to be the one that if you crack and do it successfully is the one that can lead to the most upside and give you the freedom that you're seeking. This is the one that can take you anywhere between 10-50K per month in revenue and then it becomes a completely different game. For most people, this is the stage where a lot of shifts are happening and you start creating and living life from a whole different perspective. The purpose of this post is to ask you how much would you pay for a service that helps you achieve this. How much would this be worth to you? How much do you expect this to cost so that it's done successfully? Keep in mind that I wrote earlier that most people invest $1000-5000, but it doesn't mean that they do this successfully (the definition of success here being that they grow an audience while they are making at least 5 figures per month) 4. Stage 4 is when you bring on board someone that will manage all of this for you and maximize the quality and quantity of your content + it makes even more impact both in terms of how many people you reach, the growth of the brand, and following but also increased revenue. This is when Hormozi hired Caleb Ralston as a Brand Manager/Creative Director, or when Gary Vee assigned Andy Kraniak for a similar role. This is when you as the entrepreneur or consultant/coach/author focus on content creation only and your Brand Manager/Creative Director becomes the head of this operation. Your time is at full leverage and there is some kind of system in place and when you bring this person on board they multiply the already good results that you've been getting for some time. When you bring someone like this on board it can lead to 2x-20x ROI relatively quickly. It's not easy to attract someone like that though, and they need to be paid very generously. This is the result of stage 3 though. If you can get to stage 3 and put in the time, effort, and investment to get to stage 4, stage 4 becomes the beginning of something big. The beginning of starting to grow one of the biggest brands in your space. Stage 4 is still scratching the surface, it's the tip of the Iceberg when it comes down to what's possible, but a damm great place to be at because now you are there only to share your wisdom a few hours per week and almost everything else (it can be everything else if you want to give full creative control and decision making to your Brand Manager/Creative Director) is being managed and executed by your team.
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Jacob Zangel
Steve Cary
Stephen G. Pope
S Barbara Abidoye
Tega D
New comment Sep 12
  • 1 like • Aug 23
    @Steve Cary it really depends on a lot of things. Once again, if you are Gary Vee or Alex Hormozi and you don't need to make money from your content, you can build brand for years before monetising. There is some value in building brand without trying to monetize for a long period of time. This is unfortunately not sustainable for most people though. So, connecting brand building with some form of monetizing in order to make it sustainable and even use the money generated to create even more content is definitely the way to go for most people.
  • 1 like • Aug 29
    @Stephen G. Pope looking forward to that video 🙂
How I Hire My Video Editors (The Hiring Funnel)
I show you step-by-step how I get a lot of editors to come to me as opposed to spending time searching for them. This is a response to @Jacob Zangel and @Trey Tanella who asked me how I hire my editors and thought it would be useful for the rest of the community. Here are the groups I use: The form builder I use: I can also send you this list of editors so you can contact them yourself if you want. I also have a shortlist of qualified editors I've worked with in the past that I can pass along to you. Just send me a message!
Stephen G. Pope
Jacob Zangel
Brandon-Stone Gordon
Aamir Bajwa
Robert Thibodeau
New comment Sep 6
  • 2 likes • Aug 13
    wow! This is too good @Cyrus Zed! Let's connect 🙂
Where can I hire video editors and graphic designers for social media content?
Hello everyone! What would you say are the best places to hire superstar video editors and graphic designers for social media content? I'm talking about video editors and graphic designers that have a proven track record of creating content that gets attention and a lot of views, and most importantly → helps establish a brand and creates business results (money). Obviously, the content needs to be good and the business needs to be able to solve a problem for a specific target group and other business and marketing fundamentals, but you know what I mean. - Do we have any superstar video editors/graphic designers in here? - Where did you find the rockstar creatives that are helping you get results from your business?
Jude Young
Stephen G. Pope
Alex Changho
Salina Yeung
Jacob Zangel
New comment Aug 30
  • 1 like • Aug 13
    @Cyrus Zed I'm going to check it out 🙂 Thanks!
  • 1 like • Aug 30
    @Salina Yeung feel free to DM me. I might be able to help you with this.
Update: New KEDB Version 2 Drops Friday—Save $1,000 (40%)
Hey Everyone, Save $1,000 (40%) on version 2 of the Kontent Engine DB if you pre-order by Aug 17th. Just $1,497 instead of $2,497. I've learned a lot by building (and perfecting) automated content systems over the past 2 years. I've also helped 150+ clients multiply their content output and productivity. Now I've taken all that experience to build version 2—the best version yet of this one-of-a-kind system. What's new? 1) It's quicker to install and easier to use. All thanks to a simpler Airtable interface and better training. We also added more sample workflows, content guidelines, and team SOPs. You can speed up adoption by taking these templates and dropping them into your team. Juan (a client)—recently tripled his content output (from 1 to 3 pieces/day) with 2 fewer video editors (in just 30 days of using the system). You can check out his story and 7 others RIGHT HERE. 2) I also added better support for written content, ChatGPT, and images/graphics. For tweets, blogs, and text posts. 3) We've also made improvements to auto-posting and analytics by switching to Metricool. It's easier to use compared to Ayrshare and it's much more cost-effective. But I'm also raising the price on August 17th because there is so much value here. Even version 1 was vastly undervalued (my clients told me so). But if you BUY NOW you'll get the old price of $1,497 and a FREE upgrade to version 2 when it comes out Wednesday. Act Now: Don't wait or you'll miss the chance to save $1,000 (40%). ​TAP HERE TO BUY​ Have any questions? reply back here and I'll give you a quick reply.
Rob Ruscher
Stephen G. Pope
Pascal Wagner
Jacki L
Jacob Zangel
New comment Aug 29
  • 2 likes • Aug 16
    @Rob Actis I messaged you. Let's see if we are a good fit.
  • 2 likes • Aug 29
    @Jacki L wow! These are some really nice numbers in terms of the output you're planning to put out there. These are some costs associated with setting up the system: Lean (just to set it up): - Google Drive: $6/per month - Airtable Pro monthly: $24/per month - Zapier Starter monthly: $12/per month - Free - ChatGPT: Free (I would recommend the paid version) $42/per month in total and $36/per month when paid annually excluding Metricool and you would need Metricool advanced to get the most out of the system(if you want the system to help you automate the scheduling-distribution part as well) which is $45/per month when you pay annually or $54/per month when you pay monthly. @Stephen G. Pope is paying $30/month for Google Drive and Frame and ~89/month for Zapier. My best guess for you is that you will be in around the $150-200/per month range, but it depends on how you want to do certain things and you want to use Metricool to help you automate the scheduling+posting. You could be spending a bit less or a bit more though, again, depending on your needs. e.g. are you paying monthly/yearly? Are you going to use Metricool Advanced? Are you going to be using a paid version of Frame/more Google Drive space/ChatGPT paid? I believe with around $150-200 per month you can put out 30-40 videos per day, but obviously, this doesn't include the cost of investing the time, effort, resources, or maybe even paying other people to ideate-record-edit these videos. Was this helpful @Jacki L ?
Best resources videos/podcasts/books etc. etc. on creating an effective content strategy
How would you go about creating a content strategy from scratch? What are your favorite resources that can help someone do it themselves even if they are not pro marketers and they are just starting out? Feel free to also share more advanced resources that can cater to more seasoned content creators. I'll start with the one that I'm guessing is the most relevant for our community:
Stephen G. Pope
Jacob Zangel
Brandon Marcus
New comment Aug 29
How to create short form video content and carousel posts [how to resources]
Hello people! Today I wanna share a few videos that can help you with the content creation part of Short Form Videos (Shorts/Reels/TikToks) and Carousel posts, and at the same time ask you for similar videos if you have any to share: 1. Create Captions using Descript: 2. Create Youtube Shorts like Ali Abdaal: 3. Again Ali Abdaal Shorts: 4. Alex Hormozi Captions: 5. Alex Hormozi Captions 2: 6. Carousel Posts like Chris Do: 7. Carousel Posts like Chris Do 2:
Stephen G. Pope
New comment Aug 18
Which video editing tool for social media content and why?
Which video editing tool for social media content (short form content, Youtube) do you prefer, and most importantly why?
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Luca van Straalen
Jacob Zangel
Stephen G. Pope
Datta Nishith
Rob Ruscher
New comment Aug 14
Who Needs An Accountability Partner?
Hey Guys! We've found that accountability partners help a ton when you want to get on video and create content—but maybe you're stuck or procrastinating. If you are interested in being paired up, please comment below with "interested" and we'll help get people paired up. You can make a commitment and I will check in with you. Let me know if you have any questions. Let's do this! **Check out the spreadsheet tracker HERE**
Jude Young
Stephen G. Pope
Sebastian Velasquez
Jacob Zangel
Rafael Castillo
New comment Aug 11
  • 0 likes • Aug 9
    I'm interested and willing to give this a try but my commitment levels won't be great for the next short period of time. I'm even going to be completely offline for a few days meditating in nature.
  • 0 likes • Aug 9
    @Sebastian Velasquez open to explore if we are a good match. My retreat is in ~2 weeks.
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