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Omama Roghani
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Bio: Greetings! My name is omama and I'm a homeopathic doctor and student of Bs mathematics.”i am here to learn how to be a successful business woman.
Alex Reisch
Germany • ENTJ
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Bio: Ich helfe dir (kostenlos) deine, profitable Skool-Community von Grund auf aufzubauen. Sende mir einfach eine DM mit „Skool“ 🚀
Rob Ruscher
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Bio: Hey! 👋 I'm Rob, a commercial cinematographer and content creator. Looking forward to connecting and learning from this group!
iNando Tschäppät
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Bio: Selbständiger zertifizierter Apple Sales Trainer, Dozent im Bereich Digital Marketing und Herzblutverkäufer im Digital Vertrieb, Sales & Marketing.
Sebastian Velasquez
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Bio: Spirituality prints: Livestream Shopping. Ayahuasca Retreats. Sci Fi writer
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Jacob Zangel
I'm an ambitious man who wants to change the world starting with myself. "Why" is my favorite word. Eudaimonia is the meaning of life.

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Berlin, Germany
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