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Webflow + Wized + Xano
This is currently my 'low-code' stack. I am trying to find a way to streamline the development process, and so far I have found with these three tools, you can create almost any web app you can imagine. Webflow: Your front-end builder. It is known for being a great website builder, and one of the reasons is that it actually generates semantic code. The same way you would code a website 'manually' is how you are building the website in Webflow. Sections, divs, containers - but in a drag and drop builder. Wized: This is the logic of your web app. It communicates between your front-end (Webflow) and your backend (Xano) to make requests between them. Your front-end needs to display certain data at certain times, and your back-end contains that data. Wized allows the two to work together, which means Webflow is no longer just a static website, but a dynamic web app. Xano: This is the back-end of your app. Everything needs to be stored in a database, like an Excel spreadsheet. It contains all the data for your application, from the users login information to the data which they submit to the server. You can make requests to Xano, such as to create new users and records, or delete users and records. All three of these are 'low-code' solutions. That means if you want to use them to their fullest capability, it is better if you know how to code. But you can use most of their functionalities without coding, which can reduce the time and cost of getting web apps up and running. But what I really like about this stack, is that you can replace the parts which you don't like. - If you don't like Xano, you can use another back-end like Airtable or Firebase. - If you get tired of Wized, you can export your components from Webflow to React using 'Dev-Link', and convert your project to a more 'traditional' stack. - If you get tired of Webflow, you can also do as I mentioned above - export using 'Dev-Link', and stop using Webflow. But for me, using these three tools has allowed me to create apps faster. This is critical, because when it comes to creating an MVP, you want to launch and learn quickly.
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This is so cool i must say. couple of questions, what do you use for: prototyping? Figma i believe any changes for AI based apps? did you launched your 'low code" course yet? Warm Regards Hussein P.S: I am aiming to setup a call with you so we can chat in depth about this.
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@Robert Boulos Wonderful. I am looking forward to chat with you.
🌟 Welcome, Rules & Resources 🌟
Welcome to the Low-Code Community! We help Webflow Designers become WebApp Developers so that you can build SaaS without anyone else getting involved (and messing up your design)! 📌 Introduce Yourself Kickstart your journey by introducing yourself! Share your name, location, and what draws you to the SaaS world. Whether you're here to share knowledge or seek guidance, we're excited to hear your story and support your ambitions. 📜 Community Guidelines To ensure a productive and positive environment, we adhere to a few simple rules: - Be Respectful: Foster a supportive atmosphere where all members feel valued. - No DM Spam: Respect personal boundaries and the community's purpose. - No Selling: This space is for learning and sharing, not for unsolicited sales pitches. (Report any rule-breaking DMs for immediate action.) 🔑 Unlock Your Potential: Free Resources & Tools Dive into the world of Webflow, Wized, and Xano with free plans that let you start building today. Our curated resources are designed to guide you from concept to scale: 💸 Start for Free - Webflow University: Learn Web Design - Wized Tutorials: Interactivity in Webflow - Xano: Backend Power 👍 Engage & Grow Active participation unlocks exclusive benefits, such as: - Access to my personal SaaS resources and solutions - Free custom project templates - 1:1 feedback sessions, and more! ⬆️ Advanced Resources When ready, explore our paid extras for in-depth learning and personalized support. 🚀 Take Action - Introduce Yourself: Jump into the community and meet fellow SaaS enthusiasts. - Explore Resources: Start with our Free Resources to begin your journey. - Engage: Share insights, ask questions, and contribute to discussions for mutual growth. 📢 Let's Build Together Your journey in SaaS is unique, and this community is here to support every step of the way. From validating your initial idea to scaling globally, we're here to offer insights, encouragement, and resources. Let's create something remarkable together.
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🌟 Welcome, Rules & Resources 🌟
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@Robert Boulos As discussed in other thread, my background is in rock solid IT consulting precisely networks and all that jazz..I am here to learn about how to bring my idea of clinical diagnostics to fruition without coding and going down this rabbit hole of sofware development. I am now an active member of this group so looking forward to add value where i can.
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that's very insightful to be honest. i am an IT guy and easily get caught up in tooling.
FREE Low-Code Development Course - Who's Interested?
I've been busy planning something special for our community, and I'm finally ready to take the wraps off it. But I need your help to make it happen! I'm planning a FREE low-code development course that will cover: - Mastering the art of customer interviews to identify problems - Sketching market-fit solutions that solve these problems - Creating high fidelity visual prototypes using Figma - Validating your product by securing customer payments in advance - Developing your solution in 6 - 10 weeks, whether you're flying solo or working with a developer But here's the deal: I'm swamped with other tasks and I've been delaying this. Your interest, however, can change that. The more people we have ready and eager to learn, the quicker I'll move. You'll walk away from this course with the knowledge and skills to take an idea from conception to development, all while ensuring it's something your target audience needs and is willing to pay for. So, who's up for leveling up their low-code development skills? Your interest will not only benefit you but will also be a great motivator for me to get this done ASAP!
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FREE Low-Code Development Course - Who's Interested?
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@Robert Boulos I cant wait to see what you come up with. may be we can have a private chat too to flesh things out a bit further.
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@Robert Boulos this sounds awesome. will touch base with you in a day or two as today em bit all over the place.
👋 Hello, I'm Rob from Canada.
I come from a background in Engineering - a Diploma in Engineering Design and Technology, and a Degree in Mechanical Systems Engineering. I worked for Tesla at Gigafactory 1 (Reno, Nevada) during the launch of the Model 3 on the Manufacturing Engineering team. I've been involved with many engineering projects over the years, ranging from programming, mechanical design, prototyping, and more. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to build SaaS. With my experience in prototyping, I knew to start small and focused - so I started out by developing a micro-SaaS application for Amazon Sellers. People loved it - and because of my technical experience, I did a lot of things right. But the problem was, I'm not an Amazon Agency, Consultant, or Coach. So I couldn't really grow the software or the services on the business side. So I took on an Amazon Agency as a client, and I built the software for them. They handle the marketing and audience building side of things, while I handle the technical side. It was a perfect match. We launched the product to their market on time, and on budget. We presented it to their existing audience, started gathering feedback, and built a community where they could not only evolve the SaaS towards product/market fit, but sell their existing services too. That's when I had my first realization; that founders, consultants, coaches, and experts are in an amazing position to offer a SaaS product to their market - but they often lack the technical experience to pull it off. Which leads to the ugly side of this story. This Amazon Agency had projects with another developer that had been going on for years, without a single launch. Missed deadlines, buggy code, sub-par quality, unvalidated demand - you name it. These are smart people. They had been successful in other types of business - but SaaS is a different beast. The developer they hired gave them no guidance, and just built whatever they wanted (badly). Because the truth is that development is only 10% of the challenge - and the business is the other 90%.
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👋 Hello, I'm Rob from Canada.
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inspiring intro. love it.
Free Website Template (
I have received some complements on my website, and so I wanted to share a free template for it in this group: Webflow Template It's straight to the point, with no BS. Just write out your offer, plug in your VSL, change the links/testimonials, and call your website done. No need to spend time and money overthinking it. I was inspired by Sam Ovens on the design, and made some adjustments that I felt better suited my purposes. Whenever my offer evolves, this design makes it extremely easy to make changes. Feel free to copy it - I also have a SaaS Website Template that I made. If you're interested in that too, just let me know!
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