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Journeys With My Body

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Empowering women to navigate health challenges and aging by tapping into their inner wisdom and embracing transformative body positivity.


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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community is designed to help you build a profitable content strategy, efficient team & automated content process. Step 1: Introduce yourself in THIS THREAD below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Read the rules and checkout our free courses and paid programs
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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
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@Karolyne Hahn wonderful! Welcome.
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@Chris Basurto Oh this is wonderful! I would love to hear how you progress.
🏆 The #1 Lesson Learned From The Skool Games
(Still have 50% of the month left to go. Currently in 7th place!) The most important thing I've learned from the Skool games is FOCUS. When you wake up each day with a specific goal, it's quite a bit easier to attack the right tasks and ignore everything else. My biggest weakness in business is doing too many things that don't really matter. Oh should I revamp my website, all my funnels, rearrange my courses? (no you shouldn't) Not only does that SLOW you way down, but it can cause overwhelm as well. I'm working REALLY hard on my business right now, almost 24/7, but I'm not overwhelmed. Clients, community, paid communities, etc. But I'm operating at a level that feels good. There is a big difference between feeling tired from a day of focused hard work. And being a wreck and overwhelmed because you're going around in circles. Sadly, there are really only a few things that tend to move your business forward (I say sadly because they aren't always the thing you want to do). But if you can stay focused on them, you have a lot less to do. Then you can just get to work and cross off those high value tasks. So find a way to set new goals each week, each month, goals that matter and that can keep you focused. (or join Skool games) Set realistic goals too, ones that are a bit of a stretch but not impossible. 💪
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Once again, I feel you are speaking directly to me.... I am in that "assessing everything" "rearranging everything" phase and I realize the madness of it. Thank you Stephen. I needed to hear this because I just launched my community this past week, and this coming week I am launching my podcast so ... no time to overthink everything.
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@Stephen G. Pope I actually haven't signed up for the games! But maybe I should... still knew what you were referring to though! Not bad right!? lol
🤦‍♂️ FACELESS Video Generator Sneak Peek (Live Sunday AM)
Quick demo and behind the scenes look at the new faceless video generator. Converts any text into a story, then motion video, can even autopost if ya want! I'll post a full tutorial step-by-step if you want to build it all from scratch. If you want to save time I'm giving away the Make blueprints & Airtable DB in the No-Code Architects. Only 35 spots left before the price goes up again (I expect these to go fast).
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🤦‍♂️ FACELESS Video Generator Sneak Peek (Live Sunday AM)
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no-code architects is:
🏆 Skool Games Mental Mindset (how I'm dealing with the feelings)
First, its just the beginning really. So im trying not to get caught up in the outcome of winning the skool games. But it would be cool. I'm just staying focused on trying to build a valueable community for the members. Perspective is key. You know that anxious feeling, that fear of failure? That's life, with the right perspective it can be exciting. You choose. Enjoy the ride! All these feelings pass. Imagine how many other times you felt this way and it passed. I try and to turn these moments into action. Im keeping my todo list small, the plan is simple. To grow your community you need eye balls. Traffic. CONTENT. Even some one on one outreach. And the guts to do it. Ever since I was a young kid a good friend and I would yell out our windows on short drives "live life my friend!" It was silly but the louder we yelled the better it felt. It didnt feel as embarrassing when people looked at you when your friend was joining you. So today I'm your friend. LIVE LIFE MY FRIEND! 💪
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🏆 Skool Games Mental Mindset (how I'm dealing with the feelings)
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@Stephen G. Pope how cool is that!! Totally deserved!
Long form is the way
You can be hooked on tiktoks and reels all you want thinking that's your path to freedom but the king of content is and always has been and will be long form. Whether it's YouTube videos, an Email, Blog posts, Audio only doesn't matter. Bite-size pieces of content are great for building awareness but they're TERRIBLE for building real relationships.Disregard this advice at your own peril. This is again just a testament to my whole philosophy behind marketing and branding. People need a means to connecting with you and building a relationship with you. People need a reason to trust and like you so that they buy from you and come see your shows and come to your launch parties and support you. Like REALLY support you. You can't do that with 30 second tiktoks and 100 character tweets being your entire strategy. I use the word "ecosystem" for a reason. Without a way to keep in touch and share more about who you are and why you do what you do, you'll always fall behind the the next cheapest option or the next biggest hype. Want to charge more for your services? Build better relationships Want to sell out more venues? Build better relationships Want to get genuine feedback from your audience? Build better relationships You do it with LONG-FORM content.
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@Payam Bipar Thank you for this ... I tend to forget how important it is and that confirms why I must launch my podcast (this month) so thank you for this post.
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@Payam Bipar thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing g that. I recorded my trailer and intro this weekend and will start recording episodes this week.. exciting !
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