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āŒ Feeling like you're stuck on the ground with your online business?
āŒ Tired of seeing others make money, but don't know how?
šŸš€ Let us help you get "Un-stuck" and get launched!
šŸ˜Ž The #1 Team, System, and Community to launch your Skool group to 10K/mo is at your service!
šŸ† Winners of the Skool Games!
šŸ˜² What you get:
šŸ’° Weekly Coffee hours with Skool Games Winners! (Usually $3,000)
šŸ’° Weekly Skool Launch Office Hours (Usually $2500)
šŸ’° Weekly Organic Marketing Strategy Sessions (Usually $3,000)
šŸ’° A Community of Expert Skool Users (Usually $1,000)
šŸ’° Email and SMS templates to utilize for your Skool Group (Usually $1,000)
šŸ’° Unlimited Funnels and Designs (Usually $2500)
āš ļø BONUSES
šŸŽ The 8-Figure Sales Script (Normally $2500)
šŸŽ Monthly Challenges and Competitions! (Priceless)
Total Value ---- $15,500, Now for Free!
(Price will Raise at 1500 members)
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SK00L Launch
Skool Launch!
The #1 team and system to launch and build a profitable Skool Community to $10K/Mo.
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