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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀 )

Welcome to the Contentpreneurship.com community.

You are now entering a hidden oasis on the internet for contentpreneurs who want to achieve financial freedom through building a profitable online community.

Here's EXACTLY what to do first:

Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template:

What's your nickname?

Where you from?

Biggest strength?

Biggest weakness?

Which content platform is your favourite?

What do you want immediate help with inside of this community?

Step 2: Learn how to unlock everything by reading this.


Best practices in this community:

• Try to level up quickly by commenting and posting your insights in the community.

• Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up.

• When you write a post, break up your paragraphs into single sentences like I am doing now - this way more people will read what you write, and actually reply.

• Make sure your profile picture is a photo of you.

• Be cool.

• If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community.


Group Rules:

1) No Self Promotion

2) No Selling in the DM's

3) No Spamming the Community Feed

I am brand new to contentpreneurship and need a lot of help!
I've been a contentpreneur for awhile now and love it.
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