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Successful 60+ LDJ Session
Hey all, I've been meaning to post up in the group to thank everyone who took part in the previous LDJ practice session and had any input whatsoever as I was planning my multi-team 60+ LDJ for a public sector IT department. Thanks to @David Rovira for giving me a friendly nudge 🤣👌 I'm glad to report both sessions on the day went well and were deemed as successful 👌🥳🤙 63 participants, 8 tables and a lot of Post-It notes! By the end of the second session I had been asked by the Strategic Manager if I had availability in a couple of weeks time for a session with just the management team 💪 That's now booked in for later this month. I had some fantastic immediate feedback from the LDJ sessions...but one of the very best moments was when I watched a team manager take a photo of his team's completed Impact/Effort chart...I knew it was going to be extremely helpful to him and his team. Many lessons learned from the day...from music volume to desk prep and how to draw a damn anchor 🤣, I'll add my lesson's learned at the bottom of this post. Thank you to EVERYONE in this amazing community that helped me create a successful session! 🙏 ------------------------------------------------- Lessons learned: I wrote up some simple lessons for myself and I know a few asked me to share when I could. So, here they are: LDJ lessons: 1. Preempt unruly behaviour - Check to see if there could be any problematic participants. Make sure to make it clear prior to the event how important the no discussion request is. 2. Music volume - Check the size of the room compared to the size of your Bluetooth speaker! Even though I have a good speaker, it still meant turning it up way louder than I expected...only found out when I walked to the back of the room and could barely hear it. 3. Put in writing what you'll need from the client on the day! ie flip charts etc. Don't leave it to chance or a verbal acknowledgement. You will get let down. 4. There's always time to read notes on the upcoming exercise when the participants are busy with the current one! 5. Reduce or increase the time given at one will know! Taught in the WM course and I used it...a lot! 6. If not a full day session: Check what else the participants will be doing on the day. Are they going to be tired or disengaged due to other work or impact within the day/week. It may change the direction of the session. 7. Too much time is just as troublesome as not enough time, but you can always fill gaps with too much time. 8. Large groups - run totally separate exercises with the same subject/task. Bring together only when necessary, such as to agree a HMW. Personally I will only bring back together at the end to share ideation from now on.
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LDJ Attendees - Thank you!
I just wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to all those who showed up for the Saturday LDJ session. Participants, Co-Facilitators and Organisers...thank you! I honestly can't thank you all enough. This community is the best! The constructive feedback at the end was truly inspirational 🙏 A special thanks to @David Rovira and @Keith Wasserman for their work and time, you both had my back 👌 I am sure David will be posting some recordings from it but in the meantime here are my main takeaways: - Remind everyone - Work Together silence - This is a major one - For Remote - Use an example room, especially with HMW - Impact/Effort - Complete separately i.e. horizontal then vertical not both at the same time - If possible, be a little more detailed when explaining the scenario - Keep the HMW post-it above the impact/effort section as a reminder - Solution Post-its - Need to look at them before moving them across! - Explain the solution after completion - Look into tech issue - Why can we not hear in breakout rooms LOTS of learning...but also lots of praise and positive feedback...thank you all!
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@Benedict Odjobo That's very kind of you, thank you 🙏🥳
The 2024 'State of Facilitation Survey' by SessionLab is Out!
Hey Facilitators 👋 SessionLab has just released its "State of Facilitation Survey" for 2024, and it's time to make your voice heard! This is your chance to contribute valuable insights and shape the future landscape of our profession. By participating, we not only get a pulse on the current state of facilitation but also showcase the importance and growth of our field. Let's get more people excited and passionate about choosing facilitation as a thriving career option. Fill in the survey here!
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Facilitation Retainers - Zoom Presentation - Thur 28th Sept - 7pm CEST Berlin Time
Calling all Facilitator Club members - "Retainers - A Balancing Act" We recently had an interesting discussion on retainers within the Inner Circle group. Sparked by our very own @Jonathan Courtney and his views on them. We're now having a community-run presentation on the Strategy of Facilitation Retainers - Their pros and cons including how to sell the idea to your clients; I wanted to invite the Facilitator Club members too! This will be an open presentation for all Inner Circle and Facilitator Club members, so a good time to network too! The presentation will be for 30 minutes with a further 30 minutes for questions/discussion. We will have a little overrun time but it's important to keep this session concise and on-topic. DETAILS: Thursday 28th Sept - 7pm CEST Berlin Time / 6pm BST London Time (GMT+1) Join "Retainers - A Balancing Act" Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 828 1836 2181 Passcode: 436010 ------------------------ Agenda - 🚀Intro 🚀Presentation - Including strategy 🚀Q&A 🚀Handouts I really hope you can make it live 🥳💪
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Hey all....apologies, I have been laid up ill this week so will get the video uploaded this weekend and include the documentation too :-)
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Here's the presentation link - Finally!
Facilitation Retainer Presentation - Recording / Documents
Hey all - Apologies for this being a week late! Here's the full recording of the recent presentation on retainers as well as the accompanying notes: Passcode: 7C8jJwH? I'd like to thank @David Rovira and @Paola Ferrario for supporting me on this...your steadfast support was very much appreciated!
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