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How to make $43k/month off 1 client as an Ad Man
Hey Ad Men, Meet Sebastian Ospina... He runs a Google/YT ads agency in Bogota, Colombia... and he just made $43k off 1 client after joining the Ad Men Mastermind last December! Before joining, Sebastian's biggest month ever was $10k... But he was making his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet wasn't getting paid what he felt he deserved... So what changed? Well, he learned how to charge $5-10k/month retainers + % of profit/revenue so that he could make more money, with less clients, and have more fun. This new mindset shift allowed him to FIRE a few clients that were paying him the least, but were taking ALL his time... So that he could find better clients, who would pay him more, and sure enough... he did. He found 1 client, executed a launch with them, and made $43k in January! I asked Sebastian to share what he learned and how he did it exactly so you can too! Here's the full interview we did together: Enjoy! P.S. if you're an agency owner who runs ads for clients and you want to learn how to make $5-10k/month per client + charge % of profit OR revenue so that you can make MORE money with less clients while having more fun... Then the Ad Men Mastermind might be exactly what you're looking for... We show you how to create and run profitable YouTube Ads, make more money with less clients so that you can deliver better results, and build a waitlist of qualified leads who are begging to work with you... If that sounds interesting to you, apply to join buy booking a call with me here:
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really interesting.
Dear ad men, run away if you hear THIS!
"Paid ads don't work" ​ "Marketing is bullshit, just focus on your product and existing customers" ​ "Direct response is death, branding ftw!" ​ Smh. ​ I find it extremely funny that since the iOS 14 tracking became an issue.. ​ ...and people could no longer rely on the algorithm to make money, with their disastrous creatives, offers and ads. ​ All a sudden, people started selling organic prospecting courses, content training videos, etc. ​ The problem has never been the tool! ​ Everything works. ​ E-mail still works, even better than it ever did. ​ Ads still work, but the gnarly old methods don't work as they did before. ​ The algorithms have changed (or evolved) because so does everything else. ​ What I'm trying to say with this post is this... ​ If you're trying to sell something, you need to make people aware of that. ​ It doesn’t matter how creative or genius you are, if you cannot sell what you create. ​ Everything starts after you made a sale. ​ And to sell, you need to have a message. ​ I don't care if you scream from the window, spam people on FB, create a YouTube video or publish an ad online. ​ All what matters is this: ​ 1. Do you have a message that attracts people? ​ 2. Does your message talk about a need or a solution that solves a problem? ​ 3. Can you sell the thing that solves the problem? ​ 4. Are you able to present this message (the solution) exclusively to those that need it the most? ​ 5. Are you able to do this on scale? ​ THIS is all that matters. ​ Ads will help you put out your message on scale. ​ But if your message does not do what I mentioned above, guess what? ​ It won't work. ​ Is it the ad, that didn't work? ​ Or is it the message? ​ As a marketer, I'm spending 90% of my time on brainstorming and creating extremely effective offers now. ​ While before, it was mostly running ads. ​ That's why I'm no longer working with 10-20 clients for a $2k retainer. ​ Instead, I'm working with 5-10 clients for $5k-$15k + % profit share minimum.
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Two techniques to achieve Breakthrough Copy
Here is a short mind map that contains two of the techniques that Eugene Schwartz presented in his book to achieve what he calls “breakthrough copy.” For some, they may be pretty basic. Nevertheless, this can be useful as a refresher on future occasions or as a motivator for people that haven’t read the book. Only two are summarized. If they are deemed valuable, batches with the rest can be included. The reason? Including them in a single mind map with examples can be overwhelming. The purpose is to serve as a general description of the essential parts of each technique. The content is a set of snippets from the book. No edit was made. Santiago.
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cool. thanks
Hi Everyone
Just joined. Looking forward to learning and growing with all of you at I own a marketing agency, and I am launching a new training program soon. George
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