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Paid ads pop quiz…
Okay Ad Men, riddle me this… If you had a ROAS of 1.64x in total revenue, and only a .87x ROAS in cash Would you… A) Create better ads to increase ROAS B) Dial in sales process to increase cash collected and closing rate C) Work on backend to improve LTV and spend more Reply in the comments below 👇
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I think this depends on many things. A) How do we know it's an ad problem? B) Does this mean the show up rate and closing rate has a lot room for improvement? C) What's the duration of LTV until paid in full? I don't think anyone can answer to this without knowing more about the situation? Correct me if I'm wrong please.
Client that has a CMO/Marketer in-house?
Hey everyone, does it happen that you work with a client that already has an in-house marketing team?
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I just want to know how you tackle/handel that?
Your Previous Experience
People who lost money on ads marketing your agency before. What was your mistakes and how did you solve it?
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It's always the offer. You gotta know who you're targeting to, what they want and how you can add value. When my ads perform poorly, I always go back to the drawing board. 90% of the time it's the message/offer 10% of the time it's the ad campaign/targeting setup in the ads manager
Webinar + Youtube ads ?
Hey Guys wanted to know if some of you doing Youtube Ads for Webinar ? Let's connect I have a couple questions
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Hey Maxime, why don't you ask your questions here so others can benefit from the answers too?
No opt-in page and VSL for low-ticket offers?
Hello everyone, after watching the "Overview, offers and funnels" video, I have the following question: Is it necessary to have an Opt-in page and a VSL in your sales funnel to acquire a customer when offering a low-ticket offer? A client, offering a $20 per month training offer, wants to launch ads on YouTube, should these directly lead to his sales page without any intermediate steps? Moreover, what is the smartest way to offer upsells to a new customer? Through email? A call? Or something else? Thank you in advance for your valuable help 🙂
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@Axel Lungato I honestly cannot give you a definite answer to this without looking at your numbers and funnel. What matters most is that you know your landing page conversion rate, your upsell 1 cnv rate and your upsell 2 cnv rate. If you spend $1,000 on ads And you spend $2 per click, so you get 500 landing page viewers If your landing page converts at 5%, you got 25 new members paying $20 p/m, so you made $500 back and lost -$500 (because you spent $1,000 on ads) However, if 2 of those 25 new members buy upsell 1 at $100 p/m (total = $200) and 1 buy upsell 2 at $290, so you made $490 from the upsells in total. -$1,000 ad spend +$500 low ticket offer +$490 upsells = -$10 lost So with the above numbers, you lose $10, but are close to breakeven. Does this make sense? You really gotta know your numbers first before you can decide what to do or change.
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@Axel Lungato Yeah you will figure it out along the way! Just make sure that everything you are doing is measurable so you are able to track your results and specific metrics.
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