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Payment Notifications
I'm just fleshing out an idea for something, but I don't have a paid Skool community of my own yet. When someone signs up, or cancels, for a paid community, do you receive any Stripe, or email notifications saying who signed-up and cancelled? And what's included in those notifications? (Email, name, the plan, etc)
New comment Apr 20
1 like • Apr 20
@Ryan Duncan But no email notifications or Stripe notifications?
What kind of redflags do you see when screening people for your community?
When i see someone with 80+ groups i know they are trying to farm something, and i require further questions for them before letting them in. What are some red flags you guys see? What extra steps do you use to prevent lurkers?
New comment Apr 16
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@Tinos Pi Good catch, didn't know about that!
Automated personalised certificate of completion
It would be great if a certificate was created and made available for the member once they have marked a course as 100% completed. Anyone else agree?
9 members have voted
New comment Apr 16
0 likes • Apr 16
@Valentin Molina Unfortunately not without the approach I outlined above. Skool doesn't give you any "progress"/"milestone reached" triggers. So you'd have to have some type of form linked somewhere saying, "Fill out this end of course feedback", "Fill out this form to get your certificate", etc... And that could kickstart the automation I walk through in the video
0 likes • Apr 16
With one of my current long-term clients, we've got "Week 1 Progress", "Week 2 Progress" etc forms for each week of modules, and there is a big fall-off in the completion. Doesn't necessarily mean people aren't finishing the content, but people aren't always filling out the form. It's imperfect, but works for now
Zap triggering on request, not on member approval
Sup team, My newest member requests are trigger upon member request vs upon acceptance. Couple of issues here: 1. We may not want to admit all members 2. We may have automations triggering upon acceptance that we only want triggerjng then and not before (like AI SDR calls etc for those who request it) How do we fix this? V
New comment 23d ago
2 likes • Apr 10
I was recently riffing with someone on something like this. Solution we came to was having some type of "onboarding" form they need to fill out as first step once they're inside. Kind of like how people used pinned welcome posts in Facebook Groups. Not quite the same, but was a bit of a workaround to be able to calculate acceptance rates, put people into sequences, etc.
0 likes • Apr 10
@Vianney Wilson So the ideal situation is that you have only accepted members in your CRM correct?
Facebook is Questionable for Communities
Just another good reason to be vigilant. If you are running your courses, communities, workshops, lives inside Facebook groups, your business foundation is currently sitting on top of a sand castle. I keep saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket unless is Easter” But jokes aside, depending entirely on a social media platform that you have zero control over, and could lose your profile for any reason at any time, is always devastating. Ask me how I know! I got hacked 2 times so far and lost over 17k followers overnight. What if your account gets hacked or shut down? Which has happened to me twice. Everything is blown away. And then there are always constant Facebook updates, like the changes to the API to Facebook groups potentially affecting many third party tools could put people into potential devastation for many reasons. Whilst it is still unclear from meta how developers can or cannot redevelop group connections after they announced that the Facebook groups api is changing (api isnt the only way of connecting), this change shows us yet again how important it is that you never rely on social media to run your business. We will never own social media, because social media owns us. The only thing we own is our email data base. So here is something to think about: If you are running courses, memberships, programs, challenges or training of any kind, you really should have it on a proper course platform. This gives you full control and reduces all kinds of risks. You can communicate with your customers from a CRM and course platform via sms, email, messenger and more. Most importantly you are building your assets in a platform you are in charge of - not one that could be shut down or cut off without notice. This is why you should have a plan B if you are entirely dependable on Facebook. And this is why I removed all my assets, courses and accessibility to me from Facebook and found a new home inside Skool.. Have a read and make wise choices. .
New comment Mar 24
3 likes • Feb 9
Let me pre-face by saying that I really like Skool, I'm just playing the opposite side as a thought experiment. In theory, Skool is also a third-party platform, we don't really have control of this either. They could suddenly jack up fees or prices, could also get hacked, in theory they could also cancel you whatever reason (I'm sure Skool has their own policies of some sort that you're allowed to create communities about).
0 likes • Mar 24
@Sean Mize Good point about free vs. paid. That free has more incentive to do that type of thing. And totally agree about building an email list. Even I have a tiny one, picked them up from lots of different places, and still made a decent amount of money from it
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