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Check-Ins ✅
Hey guys, I am currently running a 12-week program that has a Typeform check-in at the end of each week (weeks are in modules). Does anyone have a good way to trigger a message or an email to any clients who have not checked in by a certain day each week?
Faro Zacarías
Erynn Easterbrook
Joshua St. Clair
Nancy Bruner
Ivlyn Valdes
New comment 9d ago
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Agree with @Faro Zacarías, you'll likely need something like Zapier or Make I'd recommend Make for this (I've started to use it a lot more for my freelancing than Zapier), especially for these bulk types of tasks. If I work through it in my mind: 1. You'll need a Google Sheet that all TypeForm submissions are sent to. When the TypeForm is submitted, add or find the person by email in the spreadsheet, and update their most recent submission time 2. Have a Make scenario that uses "scheduling" i.e. it runs on a certain schedule (once per week at a given time on a given day) 3. Have it fetch all people in the sheet 4. For each person, you check whether the last submitted time is within the last 24 hours (for example) 5. If not, you sent them a nudge Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to talk through it more
Adding members with a webhook is not reflecting
Helping a client at the moment with their onboarding automations. We're using Zapier to add members to their Skool group using the webhook. We use the webhook instead of the new official integration because we want to bypass the memebership approval. Done this before for other clients, but for some reason, with this client even though the request to the webhook is successful, not all the members are being added. And there's no error message, or feedback from the API. Any thoughts? P.S. I didn't think this quite counts as a bug, wanted to check first.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Gavin Wiener
New comment 11d ago
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And seems like invite emails are being received by email addresses that use our own domain i.e.,, but other domains like Gmail, Yahoo, aren't. Any ideas?
1 like • 11d
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Will send right now thanks
Video Editing
Hi, does anyone know which tool is good and easy to use to edit videos like the one in the attached video?
Faro Zacarías
Asmâa Methqal
Sigmar Reich
Gavin Wiener
New comment 12d ago
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@Asmâa Methqal I was thinking that as well. What might be a little tricky is when that animated line extended out. You'd either need a video that you can overlay with that animation already, or you could potentially use keyframes. But I don't know if keyframes can be done with CapCut, or even a more powerful editor like VN Editor. P.S. This could be completely wrong, but I just recently did a 14-day mobile phone content creation course, so that's my experience.
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@Asmâa Methqal Yeah it's been fun to learn how do more of those stylish IG reels that cut to the beats and such. I'll check out, sounds cool
Website & Skool ??
Hi, how does it work to have a website outside of skool & then be able to automatically get buyers signed up with skool to access their courses in skool?
Joshua St. Clair
Stephanie Peña
Gavin Wiener
New comment 13d ago
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Are they making the purchase outside of Skool as well? If so, then there's the Zapier or webhook integration that you can add members with. For example: They pay using Stripe, you catch the Stripe notification in Zapier, and then add the students to your Skool group.
webhook integration help
How can I automate the event of a new customer paying to join my group, triggering a webhook to notify my team via email/slack/whatever?
Danny Mallinder
Gavin Wiener
New comment 13d ago
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Are you using Stripe to handle the payments? A workaround: If you use Zapier or Make, and filter for just the group's new subscription notifications, then you could pass along that info to your team. It obviously depends if enough information is included in the data received from Stripe in Zapier or Make. Happy to walk you through it if you want to explore that option.
Demo Video: Thrivecart->Webhook->Skool->Automation
In this video i connected Thrivecart as my payment processor via Zapier and a webhook to my Skool group to automate member invitation after product purchase...I hope this is helpful...Dennis
Sam Ovens
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Andy Smith
Points Travel Buddy
Aby Vohra
New comment 25d ago
1 like • Mar '22
Great share man. Webhooks and those raw Zapier request is definitely confusing for a lot of people!
Question If set up Facebook ad and drove traffic to my community here on Skool, is there a way to track a lead conversion from my paid ad?
Joseph Ajibomode
Alejandro Vasquez
Gavin Wiener
Luke Guy
Matthew Coast
New comment Sep 10
0 likes • Sep 9
I see Zapier has a trigger "membership questions answered". What *might* work is: 1. Zap is triggered by entry questions being answered 2. Use the Facebook Zapier integration, which uses the conversions API, to submit the event Maybe there's a way that setup could be made to work But until you can embed HTML/JavaScript code, won't be able to place the actual Pixel
Removing a member with a webhook
So I know how to add new members with a webhook, but how do I remove them if they stop paying their subscription fee?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Ted Carr
Gavin Wiener
Grant Jordan
New comment Jul 17
1 like • Mar '22
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Any rough timeline for this by chance?
Not receiving notifications of DM's
Loving Skool so far. Even though I have my notifications on for some communities, I don't seem to be receiving any notifications when people DM me. I don't think I unsubscribed from any email list, don't think I'm auto archiving the messages. Maybe something on the support side that can be seen?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Gavin Wiener
New comment Mar 2
0 likes • Feb 28
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Turned them back on now. But it was only off the Skool community anyway. Not for my others So I just dont get emails at all. Are the notifications maybe in the same sender address as marketing emails? Because I unsubscribe from most marketing emails
0 likes • Mar 2
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe I don't think I have other tabs activated, I turn those off. Guess they're just going into the ether lol
Request: let me email members twice in a week
I haven't sent out an email broadcast in months. This week there has happened to be two announcements that need to be broadcasted. Very frustrating to write out the whole post only to be told I can't broadcast it.
Andrew Kirby
Ryan Alexander
Sam Ovens
Brandon Simmons
Jani Ghaffor
New comment Sep '22
1 like • Apr '22
@Ryan Alexander I'd be surprised if it's cost thing. I send like 20-30k emails a month with my one SaaS and it costs like $15 through Amazon Web Services.
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