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Meet-up in Central London
If anyone is free and around Central London next week, Friday 25th August 2023, I am meeting @Karlene Hibbert and we thought it might be nice to invite anyone who might be local. It's at my office in Kensington W8. I am a novice and Karlene is launching her business so we are at the beginning of our GHL journey but the agenda is to discuss GHL and maybe some other things. I think Karlene is keen to learn more about buying businesses, which is something I do :-) Planning to kick off about 10 or 11am and finish by 12.30pm. Closest tube station is High Street Kensington. btw, this is the image you get when you ask Dall-E to give you an image of : fun-loving computer geeks wearing headsets, smiling, sitting in a conference room. (Sorry Karlene)
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I am in the sector :-)
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Hey Ron. Yea it was great. Good exchange of ideas, tips and ideas. And meeting offline is 100 times better than through messaging. We might plan another one next month.
Tip: How to generate FREE Leads through Linkedin
Here's how I generate LI profile leads with Navigator, usually 300+ at a time for lead generation. From enter this example search into the search box: AND ("Construction" OR "Roofer" OR "Home Builder" OR "Building Contractor" OR "Roofing specialist") AND (owner OR Director OR Proprietor) AND ("London" OR "Wembley") You could customise this by adding AND ( OR etc if you are looking for profiles with particular email addresses. Note - - Edit to suit your niche. - I have changed my Google settings to show 100 results at a time. - The best results are if you niche down and search local area by area. Find a list from Wikipedia and use that as a base. - There are lots of ways to scrape the results from Google. I use SEO Minion extension for Chrome (cheap cost) - I throw this into excel and remove duplicates between searches. - Try the same with other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. - This is called Boolean Searches and is used extensively by recruitment and lead gen pros. - Learn more here for more operators and tactics and Super tip, Ask ChatGPT to generate these for you Do let me how you get on or if you have any tips you're happy to share.
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Sales Nav is great too but I have found this to be much more effective and limitless
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You are welcome @Dioney Luna @Ron Gibson
Tip: How to get Cold Leads to give You Attention and Respond to you.
I just thought I would share this. I have been using this technique for a few years to source businesses to buy and it has proven very successful. I am not monitoring my stats specifically, but it has been a game changer in terms of getting a faster response from business owners. I intend to use some version of this in my GHL agency business too when I launch in September. The concept is from the book with the same name and works on the principle of getting ATTENTION. I work on contacting the business owner via multiple channels within a short time span. So for example, I will email, SMS and LI message the business owner within 2 minutes of each other. Sometimes I combine this with a direct mail letter (allowing two days for it to arrive). Now imagine receiving multiple notification on your phone at the same time. You are much more likely to respond. An Now some of you may think this is annoying but I have only ever received a "please don't contact me ever again" response a few times, negligible. The message is always short, thoughtful and focused on the business owner. Usually, I will spend money at Upwork to enrich my list so I end up with the business owner's LI profile, mobile number if I can get it as well as their address and email address. i usually pay 50cents per lead. Hopefully, this is helpful because I see lots of people talking about lead gen in this group and selecting channels. My technique is to use as many channels as possible 😃
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Many but not for agency, for business owners that want to sell their businesses and for property/ real estate related.
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@Celia Steincamp you're welcome
🥳🥳🥳 I got to Level 7. Thank You 🥰
I'd just like to say it's been an absolute pleasure connecting and engaging with everyone and want to say thank you to everyone for engaging with me, advising me, sharing with me and liking my posts. You've all helped me get here. ❤️ But I don't want to be here all by myself 😢 Come join me! 😀 Looking forward to getting my 1st DR and celebrating that will you too. 😀
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Champion! Well done Karlene
1st Appt booked- Joined Yesterday!
Yoo guys, just wanted to say that I have a Multi-State company scheduled in for a meeting tomorrow to see if we can agree on a way of moving forward!! They're super interested and booked in for the closest time available! - Joined less than 24 hours ago - 2 Companies interested in my DR Services This is huge, I'm making insane progress with only a day of knowing about DR!! 🔥
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Great job @Benjamin Squibb .
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