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* * * WATCH VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST 📺* * * But in case you want to know the why, read this: WHY LEARN ROBB’S TRADEMARKED DATABASE REACTIVATION + LEAD NURTURING SYSTEMS? First, it helps to get to know him. Robb Bailey is the founder and CEO of multiple 7 figure agencies & consulting programs. His first notable agency, FitClub Accelerator, served 535 clients in just 21 months with over $2.1 million cash collected 📈. After successfully exiting that agency, Robb partnered with the founders of High Level (All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform Built For Agencies) to help them launch out of Beta 🚀, and has continued to grow the HighLevel brand since. Over the past 6 years Robb has personally trained over 20,000 agencies on the new era Agency/SaaS Hybrid model that is finally helping agency owners escape the old time-for-money rat race. If you are looking to add more predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), increase the exit value of your agency, and have way more fun & freedom along the way, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Let’s look at success resources available to you in this AMAZING community Robb built . . . . Classrooms: This has our extensive and incredibly valuable training, systems, and implementation courses. 📖 Success Stories: Proof that folks just like you are getting massive revenue growth, wins and scale in this community. 📖 War Chest Resources: Proven 3rd party tools/services, and GHL add-ons we've vetted and know get results. 📖 Lvl 1: High Ticket Retainers: An overview of how to go from $0 - $10K, 2x or 5x your client LTV. 📖 Lvl 2: Inbound Lead Nurturing: The step-by-step technical implementation to set GHL up and use it to make sure every new lead (both paid and organic) gets reasonable and prompt follow-up starting now and only stopping when they buy, or they opt out, or the world ends. 📖 Lvl 3: Database Reactivation(tm): Step-by-step training and over your shoulder look at exactly how to launch your first Database Reactivation campaign within 90min!
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Hiring a VA for Outbound?
Hey everyone, just putting this here to get some thoughts on automation Hire a VA -> train to find 'niched' businesses that are running FB ads -> cold email with DR offer -> + daily reports by VA of emails sent - pay them per close of client - try and get them to target about 50- 100 of these per day and put everything (fb likes, name of business, website, phone number, email, city etc.) in a spreadsheet for overview purposes so no business is being retargeted 1. and then upon response you get a list of contacts to call with all their information DFY by VA 2. OR hire a closer to speak to that list and implement contact details upon them going ahead / sending payment options / etc. SO all you do is import their contact lists, tweak / modify / upload their contact details into the system and there you go... Haven't gone through the Client Acquisition System yet, so no comment as far as that goes Any thoughts or experiences on operating like this?
Chandler Roman
Liam McLeod
Karlene Hibbert
Zeee Jay
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    Hey Liam, how is this going. You must have quite a list now?
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    Hey @Liam McLeod on the point of hiring a VA I just discovered Extendly does customer service and may be good for you. Hiring a VA to free up your time is definitely a great decision.
Hey @Robb, do you have VAs that we can use to do outreach for us?
Smily Saini
Karlene Hibbert
Zeee Jay
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  • 2 likes • Jul 30
    @Smily Saini Software, but may need to do so manually when I'm looking for people who are running ads. How are about you?
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    @Smily Saini Got it, thanks 😀
Who uses zappychat, or chatgpt
Anyone here use zappychat or chatgpt to do Ai setting in GHL?
Chandler Roman
Steve Hassel
Dave Smith
Matt C. Milne
Robb Bailey
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    @Brian Kalakay Thanks for this insight, I'm looking into learning more them
  • 1 like • Aug 13
    @Joseph Henry Oh wow, that's next level. So it will be able to read your calendar and see the availabilities?
DR @ 10pm Post 😳
Posted this 40 mins ago. Already have 2 DM’s from interested business owners, 3 likes, and 2 interested comments. It’s 10:38p. 😳😳😳 Hang on. Robb’s stuff really works? 🤯 **Yeah, it’s little lengthy but this is a group of 1900+ local business owners. I felt more comfortable giving them a bit of an explanation.
Benjamin Squibb
Aaron Delezenski
Cosmin Cajvan
Samir Shah
Susan Bell
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🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™ Program Doors Open!🌶️ (only 10 avail)
As most of you know, i officially “retired” from selling purely courses as our biz model over here. I think it’s been 11+ months or so. Instead, we switched to helping as many of you find success getting started on High Level as possible. So we’ve given a lot more away for free in our community. Most of you have seen that happen. But, we also get asked for 1-1 help from a small percentage of you who are serious about getting help shortening the curve. For the past few months, our team has been working with a handful of SYSTEMpreneurs™ in an implementation style environment, which means quite a bit of small group and 1-1 help. Now, we’re opening spots again. This time, we're ADDING the following to everything we provide to all SYSTEMpreneur™ members (as long as you're a paying member, you'll get all this too): ✅ FREE White Label use of Video Text Back™ ✅ Full Licensing Rights to 100% of our Systems ✅ Power Offer Training ✅ High-Converting Group Funnel + Free Mini Course Give Away ✅ 7 Fig Prospecting, Sales & Appointment Setting System ✅ Sales Call Reviews ✅ $100-$500/mo Power Offer Ads ✅ More Coaching Support To keep quality of your experience high, we're capping this round to ten. Which means should you decide this is right for you, we will get to know each other very well. :) Make no mistake about it, this will still require you to show up and work hard. BUT, if that doesn't bother you, our program will get you absolutely stellar results. More on that later. What I've noticed over the past 7 years coaching agencies, is the ones who have turned their offer from a "service" or "software" into an outcome -based "system"... have pulled away from the pack. Most of them CLEAR a million or more after all expenses. Life changing stuff. 🔥They make more money 🔥They have better margins 🔥They have more free time 🔥They aren't stuck being the only person who can sell or fulfill well anymore 🔥They experience less stress 🔥They have time to think, learn, and grow 🔥They take better vacations (my fave)
Tania Rose Glavey
David Mansfield
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GHL + WhatsApp
Hey everyone! For those using WhatsApp for their DRs, what GHL integration are you using?
Karlene Hibbert
Diogo Acabado
Tonie Konig
Alain Demunck
Abraham Prieto
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What to do when DR works like a charm, but the sales team sucks 😂
It's been a long time, it feels like forever, to be honest! We are currently running a DR for a pressure cleaning company and the following scenario is happening. Full disclosure DR has been paused until the client figures himself out :) Offer: FLASH SALE: 50% OFF any service booked in July. People are responding pretty well, the disconnection we are seeing is in the ability of the sales team to close these people. My questions, for those of you who are already there: 1- Do you teach sales to your customers? 2- Is this a course-like format you sell, or more a one-time consult? 3- If you don't mind me asking, what does the price range for both could look like? I know Robb did encounter this "problem" in the past and turned into an opportunity to teach sales to his clients. I am not quite sure what the model looked like. Is there any video I haven't watched yet? Thank you! Daniela
Neil Shah
Daniela Gattel
Ron Gibson
Simon Page
Mario Aguilar
New comment Oct 23
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    @Robb Bailey This was very helpful for me especially choosing a niche is concerned. Thank you.
  • 1 like • Jul 20
    @Daniel ODonnell Thanks for that insight Daniel, very valuable in helping to choose who is best to work with.
DR Results
Hey Just finished my first DR which I did for a yoga studio with a list of 2.5k people and here are the results: Opportunities: 239 Appt set: 65 Total Lifetime Value: $53,900 System went very smooth and I couldn't ask for more! Almost 10% positive reply rate is crazy! Note to myself and maybe others on how I could've improved the results - CALL UP THE LEADS DON'T BE LAZY! The 65 appts I got are PURELY from automated workflows and just me setting the appointment in the calendar! Use the system, it works.
Lakshan Geegana
Neil Shah
Luis Del Rosario
Dylan Kelley
Simon Mol
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  • 3 likes • Jul 30
    Hey @James Key Lim what kind of businesses do you consult for ?
  • 3 likes • Jul 31
    @James Key Lim oh my pleasure. We all help each other here. 😀
AI Tools
Hey everyone, this is a list of my 40+ AI tools that I've tested and consistently use AI Tools 🤖 Hopefully someone will find use in these tools too 😁 Cheers
Josh Elliott
Marlon Phillips
Susan Bell
Simon Mol
Barney Rogan
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Niche Question
Anyone here in the beauty industry niche?
Karlene Hibbert
Craig Liddle
Kurt Lohmann
Sovanmony Khieng
Luis Del Rosario
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    @Craig Liddle Yes, everything is about the prompt, you get out what you put in.
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    Which version of Star Trek do you prefer?
A Couple of Questions - DR Website, and ZappyChat
Hey @Haplin Milgrom-Hills , a couple of quick questions: 1) We have a website, but it was more designed for strictly SAAS offerings, and nothing about DR. We are looking for a quick way to get some kind of an online DR presence, as we have had a couple of prospects ask about it. Even if it's just another web page or something like that that we can add to our existing site. Do you guys have any kind of a DR agency snapshot that includes a website? 2) What do we need to do, when we sign up for zappy chat, to get your master sop, and properly configure it? Does the zappy chat team reach out to us? In some cases, booking the appointments needs to happen directly on the customer's calendar. I know zappy chat handles appointment bookings, but can they do that as well for us?
Haplin Milgrom-Hills
Dax Vincent
James Key Lim
Ron Gibson
Dan Mirolli
New comment Oct 10
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    @Craig Liddle Thanks for this 😀. Yes some helpful stuff here. Some of these old threads are gems.
OK Y'all - from Level #1 - #5 in 3 days 🔥
So, guys, gals, if you want to have all this incredible, explicaladocious education in a flash... you can do it in 3 days.... I just got to level #5...from level #1 - since Saturday (Australia time). I did not think it was possible. But hey! How hungry are you to have it all.... just go for it. Was it work? Nah. It was fun. I learned from others' journeys and shared some of mine - including my many mistakes. Share! ASK? Comment! Like! and get all these courses opened up as you contribute to those around ahead and coming into the community. Thanks to @Haplin Milgrom-Hills for creating such a genius way to learn and engage. Thanks to all who have played along with me to get to level #5... I might be a bit busy now for a while as I digest Level #4 - and #5 Meanwhile....
Jerome Bonneville
Karlene Hibbert
Ron Gibson
Carl Sarfi
Benoit Piette
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    @Jaclyn Bain Just trying to finalise and test a few things too, but like you pushing through. 😀
  • 2 likes • Jul 31
    @Jaclyn Bain Thank you. You too. We'll both be celebrating our wins soon 😀
Almost C$360,000 for one single client
To all my DR enthusiasts, I hope this post will inspire you to keep going! @Robb Bailey is giving us a powerful tool and a system that changes people's lives. A client of ours is a beast at sales, she closes everyone she gets in front of. Killer offer, Rockstar 1-woman team, Amazing back-end offer and she went from struggling to thriving in a little over 3 months. Isn't it amazing what Software with a Service can do for people? If you don't have a client yet, please do not give up. Business Owners need you, keep going!
Catherine Trebble
Mark Heisey
Dylan Kelley
Carl Sarfi
Seth Ward
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    @Daniela Gattel Oh that's great, was that with email outreach?
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    @Daniela Gattel Got it, I plan to do cold email outreach. What was your cold outreach method?
Curious 🤔
@Robb Bailey curious, this is a very interesting way to build a community that I haven't see before, what made you decide to do this this way?
Haplin Milgrom-Hills
Karlene Hibbert
Richard Graf
Dylan Kelley
Luis Del Rosario
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  • 6 likes • Jul 25
    @Haplin Milgrom-Hills I love the way we all give each other a leg up and by so doing help ourselves and others access trainings to take our business to the next level. I guess it's like putting a game together to help people interact in an easy fashion.. Hope that makes sense.
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