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Anyone in here in the dental niche?
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I am in the dental niche as well.
🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™ Program Doors Open!🌶️ (only 10 avail)
As most of you know, i officially “retired” from selling purely courses as our biz model over here. I think it’s been 11+ months or so. Instead, we switched to helping as many of you find success getting started on High Level as possible. So we’ve given a lot more away for free in our community. Most of you have seen that happen. But, we also get asked for 1-1 help from a small percentage of you who are serious about getting help shortening the curve. For the past few months, our team has been working with a handful of SYSTEMpreneurs™ in an implementation style environment, which means quite a bit of small group and 1-1 help. Now, we’re opening spots again. This time, we're ADDING the following to everything we provide to all SYSTEMpreneur™ members (as long as you're a paying member, you'll get all this too): ✅ FREE White Label use of Video Text Back™ ✅ Full Licensing Rights to 100% of our Systems ✅ Power Offer Training ✅ High-Converting Group Funnel + Free Mini Course Give Away ✅ 7 Fig Prospecting, Sales & Appointment Setting System ✅ Sales Call Reviews ✅ $100-$500/mo Power Offer Ads ✅ More Coaching Support To keep quality of your experience high, we're capping this round to ten. Which means should you decide this is right for you, we will get to know each other very well. :) Make no mistake about it, this will still require you to show up and work hard. BUT, if that doesn't bother you, our program will get you absolutely stellar results. More on that later. What I've noticed over the past 7 years coaching agencies, is the ones who have turned their offer from a "service" or "software" into an outcome -based "system"... have pulled away from the pack. Most of them CLEAR a million or more after all expenses. Life changing stuff. 🔥They make more money 🔥They have better margins 🔥They have more free time 🔥They aren't stuck being the only person who can sell or fulfill well anymore 🔥They experience less stress 🔥They have time to think, learn, and grow 🔥They take better vacations (my fave)
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REPLAY + SLIDE DECK: Inside Scoop on HighLevel Features & Ai with Robb Bailey & Chase Buckner
If you missed our jam-packed session on Monday with Chase Buckner from HighLevel, you're going to want to watch this replay ASAP. We cover the features that hit 4-key criteria as Chase's trojan horse with HighLevel to capture, nurture & close. 🔥 Easy + automated 🔥 Well positioned 🔥 Quick to set-up 🔥 Solves your client's biggest pain point. The features Chase shares matter BECAUSE THEY SOLVE YOUR CLIENTS' BIGGEST PROBLEMS and are where the client's biggest revenue wins generate. Don't miss the attached slide deck from the call + the 1:00:00 mark where Robb + Chase drill into Ai lead nurturing and the best way to get get started if you want to get started right now.
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Thanks for sharing this @Robb Bailey
REPLAY LIVE: Automate your business messaging completely
Learn how to automate your business messaging completely with Capri Ai, an Ai extension for Highlevel that allows you to bring fully conversational Ai assistants to your business and your client’s businesses to optimize conversion rates and ease labor costs. In the video Robb and Quinton show you: 💥How to use Ai to respond to leads CRM integrations 💥How to Give your AI assistant access to external knowledge 💥Capri AI’s built-in emulator SIGN UP HERE: Use code ROBB50 at checkout to get 50% off on your first month!!! LIMITED OFFER !!! Use code DBR30 to get 100% off your 1st month - use by June 24th 11:59pm Sat Eastern.
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But what about the native Open AI integration in conversations and workflows in GHL. Aren’t they releasing this soon? I think it’s already available in workflows. What Capri Ai does extra that won’t be possible natively in GHL soon?
Looking for help to setup DBR campaigns for my dental clients
I am really excited to be part of this wonderful community and learn all the DBR tips & tricks. However, I currently have a few opportunities that I have to act on ASAP and I don't have time to learn and test everything on my own. Are there any programs here that could provide that 1 to 1 support. Or is there anyone in community with DBR experience in the dental niche that could help / support / consult? Please PM me.
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Growth marketing consultant. Focusing on the dental niche.

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