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Die Gruppe für Frauen, die sich eine glückliche Beziehung mit einem tollen Mann wünschen


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Embed Adilo Videos in Class?
Hi there - is there a way to embed videos that are hosted on Adilo in the Classroom? Or embed Videos with a custom code? Thx
New comment 26d ago
3 likes • Jan 19
@Erika Kulpina sure - but i hoped to be able to embed a video using custom code
Why aren't you participating in the membership challenge?
The Membership challenge is underway. Some people are on track to make $15k MRR ($180k /year). Why aren't you participating? I'm curious...
New comment Nov '23
2 likes • Oct '23
I have problems in filling my free membership - so i see no chance in filling a paid group
Skool's roadmap — what's coming soon
Here's our roadmap. The image below shows you what's in progress and what's up next. In the last 60-days we shipped: Group landing pages, iPhone app, Android app, inline classroom editor, action posts + pin post to module. The next 60-days are going to be just as intense. We're just getting started 🔥
New comment Jan 5
10 likes • Sep '23
Hi there - is there any idea when native video hosting will come? Looking so forward to it because that makes all so much easyer. And my wish: A integration :)
Problem with the (IPhone) App
Hi there - some of my members told me that if they want to write a reply the Space between the Link to person and the GIF Button is so small that they cant reply but every time the GIF is clicked. Maybe it is possible to improve the GUI a little there
New comment Sep '23
I created a Skool app for integromat & make, here is how to use it.
Hello everyone!, the title explains it all. I created an integromat app for the invite members webhook aswell as rebrand, new users can't sign up for integromat). Written instructions on how to use(Look at attached files for visual instructions): 1.Click the link for the service you want to use and press install. 2.Create a new scenario and search for "Skool" and choose "Invite Members" 3.Click "Add" next to the connection, name your connection whatever you want(I recommend using the groups name to make it easier if you have multiple groups.) 4.Get your webhook url by going into settings in Skool -> membership -> Use Webhook. 5. Place the string named "groups" in the example below in the "Group Name" field. 6. Place the string named "id" in the example below in the "Group ID" field 7. Test the functionally by manually inputting an email adress in the Email field and click the "Run once" button in the left corner. 8. Done. Now you can integrate this into a scenario of your choice. Ideas: • Watch stripe for new transactions, filter for product name and place email string in skool module. • Watch for changes in CRM, google sheets, airtable etc. Check field status and grab email from row and place email string in skool module. • Use a thrivecart like software and watch for new transactions, place email string in skool module. I didn't want to publish them on the teams behalf so it is only available via a link invite: Integromat: Make: I hope this is helpful to some of you!
New comment Aug '23
0 likes • Jul '23
@Ted Carr is great - i switched from Zapier not only because it is more inexpensive, but also easyer to use.
0 likes • Aug '23
@André Nünninghoff Do i need a paid zapier account?
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