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The Real Reason To Start A Business
amazing truth in one image / quote😘😍💯
New comment May 16
The Real Reason To Start A Business
1 like • May 16
If I make tons of money then I can make a difference. 😁
Sidebar On Homepage...Yay Or Nay?
More questions, as I seem to always have a mind full of them! Do you think it is beneficial to have a sidebar on your main homepage or not? I don't at the moment and it looks so bare, but I have mixed feelings about it, as I want to keep it streamlined and easy to navigate. I don't like going to websites that have tons of pop-ups and other stuff that easily distract you, but I also want to make the most of my homepage for any missed opportunities a sidebar may offer. Thoughts on this?
New comment May 16
3 likes • May 16
If I am using blog format for the site I will have a sidebar of the homepage. Otherwise I only have sidebars on the posts that I keep in a Blog caterory on the site.
I am not musically inclined--at all! So, I nearly passed on Alessandro's newest offering, AI music prompts. There is a LOT in there and it makes music creation possible, even for me! I look forward to experimenting. I even saw there was self-help prompts, which I love! Does anyone know if there were any "upsells?" I accidently closed my browser. I am especially interested in faith and/or self-help prompts in them, as I focus on both pastoring and life coaching. Thanks!
New comment May 16
2 likes • May 16
Yes, if I remember correctly there are three upsells. I bought the FE and OT3. I bought it out of curiosity for the FE. I bought OT3 to use to create jingles for the many websites I own. I doubt I will ever do anything with the FE but I might create a few music videos to put on youtube and tiktok to see if they generate any traffic. It might be an interesting way to drive traffic to my websites using tiktoc.
Midjourney VS Dall-E
How does midjourney compare to Dall-E for creating coloring book prompts? I find Discord and Midjourney to be a pain in the rear to use. They have a ricdiculous captcha system just to log in and it goes downhill from there. Since they are a hassle to use I don't like to use them. Dall-E is simple to use but the images created don't always match the prompts. Does Midjourney do a better job matching the prompts? Does Midjourney do a good job creating prompts? What level of membership would you recommend. I don't mind paying for a tool but I'm tired of buying for software to discover it is junk after using it. And I especially don't like software that is hard to use. So my question is: Will Dall-E do an adequate job of creating color book prompts to sell and coloring book pages to sell in coloring book collections. Or must I accept the headache that Midjourney has provided
New comment May 16
1 like • May 14
I'm looking at it more from the standpoint of creating coloring book prompts to sell, not to use the images myself. How willing are people to pay for Midjourney, especially as hard as it is to use?
1 like • May 16
I went ahead and bought it. Since I am going to be creating and selling prompts I decided that I need to learn how to use it since many of my potential buyers will be using it.
AI Prompt(s) Question
So I have used AI once or twice to try to create images and I'm not good at prompts, so I purchased some Midjourney prompts recently. My question is, and hope it doesn't sound too dumb, but can you use Midjourney prompts in another app and get somewhat of the same results? Sorry if this has been answered in a previous post. I am also clueless about AI and creating images so that's why I'm asking.
New comment Apr 30
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@Robban Al I looked at their site and could not find a pricing plan. One of the FAQs mentioned a weekly and monthly Pro plan but provided no details. I am very leery of any site that has a paid plan but is unwilling to provide the details of their pricing unless you sign up with them.
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