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I Wonder what my Cats are really Saying to me!
A new study from the University of Michigan leveraged AI models trained on human speech to decode the meaning behind dog noises — identifying details like breed, age, gender, and emotional state with 70% accuracy. The details: - Researchers gathered vocalizations from 74 dogs of varying breeds, ages, and situational contexts. - The noises were inputted into an AI model originally designed to analyze human voices, trained on 960 hours of speech, and fine-tuned for dogs. - The AI was able to predict individual dogs from barks, distinguish dog breed and gender, and match barks to emotional context like play and aggression with 70% accuracy. Why it matters: AI is not only bridging the language gap for humans across the globe — but also potentially across species as well. Communicating with other intelligent animals (or at least better understanding them) seems like a skill issue that’s going to be solved sooner rather than later.
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@Glen Merrick I totally agree!
Some great tools
Requires email to get further details. This is Dan from FounderPal. Do you know that we have 7 amazing free marketing tools for Solopreneurs? - ​User Persona Generator — understand your audience without 50 interviews - ​Slogan Generator — get 30 unique marketing taglines for your landing page - ​Value Proposition Generator — turn your startup idea into a profitable business - ​Business Ideas Generator — solve a problem that your audience craves - ​Marketing Problem Solver — get out-of-the-box marketing ideas for your business - ​Idea Validator — understand if your idea is worth building - ​Business Plan Generator — get 10 most important marketing insights They are all 100% Free. Enjoy! -- Dan, Co-Founder of MakerBox & FounderPal
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Thank you for this information!!
Bring photos to life with D-ID
D-ID allows users to generate lifelike talking-head avatars from just a static portrait image and a script. Step-by-step: 1. Sign up for a free account on D-ID and receive bonus credits. 2. 3. Click "Create" and select "Video" to access the video creation page. 4. 5. Choose a pre-generated presenter, generate a unique AI avatar, or upload an image. 6. 7. Type a script and customize an avatar with language, voice, and style options. 8. 9. Click "Generate video" to bring a photo to life!
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You find so many good AI tools/sites! Do you search for these or belong to a list to get updates on new AI tools/sites as they are released?
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@Thad Zylka thank you! I just signed up! They had other newsletter suggestions to sign up "Sh*t I Should Know That" and I almost signed up, but I get enough in my inbox as it is, but it certainly sounded like something I would subscribe too! 😂
new AI model allows you to transfer materials from one image to another
Replicate's new AI model allows you to transfer materials from one image to another, creating stunning and realistic transformations in seconds. Step-by-step: 1. Visit the "material-transfer" model on Replicate. 2. Select a high-quality material image and a subject image with good contrast. 3. Upload the material image to "material_image", the subject image to "subject_image", and add a brief description of your desired image. 4. Click "Run" and watch the AI work its magic.
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 new AI model allows you to transfer materials from one image to another
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Wow! This stuff just amazes me!
Microsoft Build 2024: AI is about to automate most jobs.
Microsoft Build 2024: AI is about to automate most jobs. Microsoft Build 2024: Day 1 #MSBuild Microsoft's Build developer conference showcased a series of groundbreaking AI features and partnerships aimed at enhancing productivity and educational tools. This event highlighted Microsoft's continued commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies into its suite of products, offering new capabilities for businesses and educational institutions alike. The Details: - AI Business Assistants: Microsoft unveiled Copilot Agents, AI business assistants designed to perform assigned tasks autonomously. These agents, currently in testing, are set to be available for public preview later this year. - Compact AI Model: The new Phi-3-vision, a compact AI model, can read text and analyze images on mobile devices, enhancing on-the-go data processing capabilities. - Team Copilot for Microsoft Teams: A new AI assistant within Microsoft Teams, called "Team Copilot," is designed to manage meetings, projects, and tasks, streamlining workflow and productivity. - Real-time Video Translation: Microsoft Edge now features a tool that translates YouTube and other video content in real-time, breaking down language barriers in video consumption. Why It Matters: - Enhanced Productivity: The introduction of Copilot Agents signifies a shift towards more automated and efficient business operations, reducing the burden of routine tasks on employees. - Mobile AI Advancements: The Phi-3-vision model's ability to analyze text and images on mobile devices demonstrates significant progress in mobile AI applications, making advanced data analysis more accessible and convenient. - Streamlined Team Management: Team Copilot in Microsoft Teams is poised to revolutionize how teams collaborate and manage their projects, ensuring smoother and more efficient workflows. - Language Accessibility: The real-time video translation feature in Microsoft Edge promotes inclusivity by allowing users to access video content in their preferred languages, enhancing the overall user experience. - Integration with GPT-4o: The integration of OpenAI's GPT-4o into Copilot and the Azure AI cloud suite underscores the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, aiming to bring cutting-edge AI capabilities to a wider audience. - Educational Impact: The partnership with Khan Academy to provide U.S. K-12 teachers free access to Khanmigo, an AI-powered teaching assistant, highlights Microsoft's commitment to supporting education through innovative AI solutions.
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I love using AI to create images, don't get me wrong, but I'm afraid it's going to take a lot people's jobs.
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