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Icebreaker for 60+ people
Hi everyone. Does anyone have a FUN icebreaker to kick off a 2-day HR offsite with the entire team? I have 30 minutes. If possible, I’d like to tie in themes around collaboration. Thank you in advance for your ideas. Jennie
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Have you tried Extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors? Ideal for BIG groups, and super easy/funny to run:
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@Renko P. Exactly! But it only works in really large groups (like +30 people)
Quick wins for regular meetings
Hi there! Thank you so much for all the inspiration I get from this page! Really helpful. I’ve got a question from a client of mine: he loved my workshop with excersizes but he also said: I can not invite you for every meeting we have. Do you have tips / quick wins to have more productive hands on meetings with better results? Now they are too boring and just a few people participate I have some ideas but not good enough in my opinion. So very curious how you would approach it. Thank you so much
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Generally just creating an agenda and have a desired outcome set (like IDOARRT, for instance), is already super valuable. Most meetings just 'happen', and people also often leave the meeting without any actionable next steps. Besides that, having a document people could pre-read before joining the meeting - as well as a follow-up document (like a living doc), can't be understated. I can't believe how many companies still operate like this and how much knowledge and decisions just get lost because they weren't documented (also for you as a facilitator, it makes things so much easier). The final thing is that not everything has to be a meeting - so just getting clarity on which kind of gatherings should be meetings (vs. an email, a workshop, an announcement, ...) is also super useful. My 'golden rule' for that is: "is there a group of people that has to decide on something together?" OR "is there a group of people that need to hear each others ideas and find solutions to problems", in 99% of cases (if not 100%), that should be a workshop. All else, it should be something else. And if it should be a workshop, it doesn't mean that it should take long. Just adding basic workshop techniques (such as alone together, brainwriting, ...) to any kind of gathering makes them 10x more valuable and engaging. Hope that helps.
Corporate workshop to define venture opportunities
Hey all, I'm currently designing a workshop for a big corporate client. The ideal outcome is alignment over key areas they could explore for innovation tracks (read: corporate ventures). I have 1 day for this workshop to define the areas, and 2x 1/2 day in a bigger group to actually come up with venture ideas WITHIN the defined areas. I don't like to use canvases, but in this case I'm keen on trying a variation of the context canvas in order to grasp the context of the business (it's a big chemical company), converge by selecting key 'forces' they think are important in their context, and then brainwrite opportunity areas in the afternoon. I'm trying to keep it super simple, but since it's a complex company it might feel like it's a bit too simple... I'm wondering if anyone else did a similar exercise before?
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