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No consent form for SMS?
Help! I have MAJOR leads in my pipeline but only about 1% collect numbers with a consent form. And that 1% barely even qualifies. However, I have a ton of leads that have emails lists of 5,000+ subscribers. With that being said, what would be my best course of action to help these prospects get their lists phone numbers? I’ve pondered on the idea of giving them an email campaign thats meant to collect phone numbers but feel like this would be adding a ton of steps for myself. Has anyone in here navigated this problem yet? What would you recommend? Thanks!
New comment Nov '23
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why not just run the campaign through email? With 5k seems like someone would bite, not as good as sms but still workable. If sms is essential no way around some kind of opt-in. The old leadmagnet for your phone number should work. What that thing of value would be for the list to opt in with phone number is the question. What industry and offer?
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I thought you recommended zappychat for ai? What do you teach with regard to showing how to build an ai booking bot?
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