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YouTube Ads Best Practices for scaling in 2023 (Straight from Google's mouth...)
Hey everyone, Recently our agency got hands on Google's new YouTube Ads guide for 2023, which shares ALL the best practices when launching and scaling your campaigns! I've attached it to this post for you to look at, but if you want the short summary, here it is: - Budget: Set a daily budget that is at least 15x tCPA for tCPA campaigns and 10x the expected CPA of your Max conversions campaigns to accelerate campaign ramp-up. - Bidding: Start with tCPA bidding, if you know your video CPA. Use the UI CPA guidance to determine tCPA for Video. If your primary goal is to drive as many conversions as possible through a flighted campaign, start with Maximize Conversions bidding. - Targeting: Start with either "Custom Audiences - search terms" or Remarketing or Customer Match or Similar Audiences and opt-in to โ€œOptimized Targetingโ€ to show your ads to more people who are likely to convert. For Custom Audiences - search terms, use 10-15 of the highest converting search keywords. - Creative: Add sitelinks to your campaign / adgroup OR run multiple creative variants (at least 5 if possible, changing up call to action button, headline text or core video asset) following these tips to optimize creative effectiveness And if you want a longer explanation of this guide from me, where I break down each of those steps more in depth... Read the THREAD I just published on Twitter here: If you have any questions, comment down below! Hope this helps :)
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@Anjuman Sagar I call it Stupid Simple Sales System
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It is fully organic method and no ads or any funnel is required
Adspend, Linked In: Help me!
Hi guys just created my linked In but I got no connections and no experience and my posts are getting 0 views! Yep 0 views! - Help me I need a network to start with and I don't know anyone in this field only you lot.๐Ÿ‘‡
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Can you judge my site harshly - only 50%made yet
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@Matt Penas Yes man i will appreciate that very much . I have already tried to fix most flaws , please check it now
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@Matt Penas Thanks man you are my true teacher
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