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New Workflow AI Action!
I just noticed this yesterday for the first time: a brand new AI ChatGPT workflow action feature Here's a little vid overview of the feature and the little test I just ran, let us know what you think about it!
New comment Aug '23
2 likes • Jul '23
Very cool, @Haplin Milgrom-Hills!! Thanks for noticing it and showing us how it works!
🌶️Already a GoHighLevel Affiliate? 🌶️
Give me 48 hours & I’ll turn your struggling HL affiliate business into a stress free 8 figure lifestyle business. Yep, you read that right… Let me ask you a question: If over the next 2 days I GAVE you everything in my 8 figure agency coaching business, for you to license as your own… With YOUR brand, your face, marketed as your very own agency training business… …so you never have to worry about new HL affiliates churning out of their trials again …so you never have to worry about how to train new HL users how to sell, manage or fulfill in their agency …so you never have to worry about onboarding new affiliate users again WITHOUT having to: …create courses, templates, scripts, snapshots or other fulfillment assets …stop marketing yourself on your favorite channels to answer questions …figure out how to solve the problems of a newbie who aspires to have a 7 figure agency So you can Increase your MRR every single month Keep all the revenue + profit for yourself Focus on selling the HL opportunity and selling yourself vs. working yourself to death …WOULD YOU TAKE ME UP ON THAT OFFER? - I would be GIVING you the same agency coaching trainings I used to become the top grossing HL affiliate of all time. ( - I would be GIVING you our proprietary Affiliate onboarding process. (My affiliate income is 7 figures a year recurring 100% profit) - I would be GIVING you our 8 figure sales process. (We do a few million a year in coaching) Basically, you would get everything I’ve ever made lol. - You could use these trainings to bribe affiliate users to sign up under you (and stay). - You could use them to sell your own high ticket coaching program ($5k, 10k, 30k+) - Or, you could do what we do and combine both together. …Without ever having to create a single training, video, or template. …WOULD YOU TAKE ME UP ON THAT OFFER? “Robb this sounds crazy, why would you wanna do that?” Honestly this was NOT my own idea. (I’m a damn caveman after all)
New comment Jun '23
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@Robb Bailey Yeah, please DM me some deets on this! I had only marginally thought about building a GHL affiliate business, because I didn't have any of those things. But it sounds like this could change that - definitely worth exploring!
Group Name Change
Fam, As we progress down this journey with you all, High Level has continued to honor its promise of increasing the development and velocity of features being released. I have it on good authority they are well on their way to a billion dollar valuation. Shaun and the other founders have asked me to be a brand ambassador. As such, i’m committed to serving y’all long term to continue your success on the platform. For those reasons, I’ve decided to update the name of this group to something beyond just DR. 😎 We’ll be expanding the range of strategies we cover moving forward, so i’ve gone ahead and updated our free group name to “GoHighLevel Users”. Let’s grow this community together so we all benefit from our collective feedback- it’s my opinion it’s the people that make all the difference in biz… I honestly think the HL community is far and away the best group I’ve seen in my 20 years of internet marketing! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate. Robb + team ❤️
New comment May '23
3 likes • May '23
Congratulations, @Robb Bailey , and that sounds excellent! I look forward to seeing how the group grows and changes, and helping to be a part of that! :-)
List of Niches
Got this question a few times: what niches do you have covered in the campaign library? We developed our library via real agencies in our various coaching programs over the years. Having proven fitness results already, we used that as a starting place. Then, whenever we would encounter a niche we hadn't tackled yet, we'd work hand in hand with the agency to appropriate our verbiage/offers/etc., as needed to apply it to that niche, tweaking as needed over with their help and insight. That eventually evolved into the library as it exists today. The offer still stands by the way: if anyone is committed to a niche NOT currently found in the library, let me know and we'll help you develop it (in Elite of course!) Without further ado, the niches we've got covered already are as follows: - Fitness/Ma - Med Spa - HVAC - Chiroporactic - Buyers Real Estate - Sellers Real Estate - Dentist - Mortgage - Roofing - Solar - Hospitality - Plumbing - Custom Home Building - Auto Dealer - Pest Control - Physical Therapy - Landscaping - Massage - Microblading - Skincare - Wedding Venue - Personal Injury Attorney - Divorce Attorney - Health Insurance - IV Therapy - Homecare - Financial Advisor - Hair Salon - Veterinarian - Flooring - Restaurant - Security - CPR Certification - Auto Mechanic - Functional Medicine - Life Insurance - Glasses - Accounting - Lasik/Ophthamology - Debt Consolidation/Relief - House Cleaning - Education - Tutoring - Dispensary - Business Opportunity - Business Credit - Child's Dentistry - Float Spa - Credit Repair - Dermatology - Mattress - Home/Auto Insurance - Home Mover - Tax Accountant - Pressure Washing - Boat/RV
New comment Aug '23
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@Nellie Jordaan Here's what I''m thinking about so far, for the message, if we end up with a decent list we could use: "Hey John, it's Ashley at Financial Planning Office. The markets have been super-tumultuous lately. For that reason, we're giving away a few complimentary financial guidance consultations. Would you like me to set one aside for you?" Thoughts on how to improve it? @Haplin Milgrom-Hills
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@Haplin Milgrom-Hills I like the tweaks - adding in the part about navigating the tumultuous times is super pointed, and I felt it better when I read your version, thank you very much for that!
A Couple of Questions - DR Website, and ZappyChat
Hey @Haplin Milgrom-Hills , a couple of quick questions: 1) We have a website, but it was more designed for strictly SAAS offerings, and nothing about DR. We are looking for a quick way to get some kind of an online DR presence, as we have had a couple of prospects ask about it. Even if it's just another web page or something like that that we can add to our existing site. Do you guys have any kind of a DR agency snapshot that includes a website? 2) What do we need to do, when we sign up for zappy chat, to get your master sop, and properly configure it? Does the zappy chat team reach out to us? In some cases, booking the appointments needs to happen directly on the customer's calendar. I know zappy chat handles appointment bookings, but can they do that as well for us?
New comment Oct '23
7 likes • May '23
@Haplin Milgrom-Hills Hey Haplin! MAN, we have been busy - sorry we've not posted much on here lately! I have a question about the CAS. I know it's part of the Elite Group, but I figured people in this group could benefit from the info, and perhaps decide to join Elite! I went through the CAS - signed up myself and received all of the initial messages - it's fantastic! Next, we have a client for whom we'd like to use a version of the CAS, but they only have email addresses, not mobile numbers. We were getting ready to start making the modifications to use it with email, knowing that we'll have to come up with subject lines for each one, etc. Have you or has anyone already made the CAS conversion to email? If not, what advice can you give us on picking the right/ best subject lines for each email? Finally, do you think the CAS will work effectively with just email? Thank you very much!! @Stephanie Barrow
3 likes • May '23
@Haplin Milgrom-Hills Thanks buddy! I think we'd probably be better off, if we could do it, getting our client's client's to give us their mobile numbers. I am all NOT about recreating ANYTHING right now. I just want to use what's worked and is proven. I've done far too many things wrong that I thought would work, because I wasn't using something that already worked! LOL Have a great day! @Stephanie Barrow
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Was blown away to learn about DR the way Robb does it! I'll update this further, later. :)

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