A Couple of Questions - DR Website, and ZappyChat
Hey , a couple of quick questions:
1) We have a website, but it was more designed for strictly SAAS offerings, and nothing about DR. We are looking for a quick way to get some kind of an online DR presence, as we have had a couple of prospects ask about it. Even if it's just another web page or something like that that we can add to our existing site. Do you guys have any kind of a DR agency snapshot that includes a website?
2) What do we need to do, when we sign up for zappy chat, to get your master sop, and properly configure it? Does the zappy chat team reach out to us? In some cases, booking the appointments needs to happen directly on the customer's calendar. I know zappy chat handles appointment bookings, but can they do that as well for us?
Dax Vincent
A Couple of Questions - DR Website, and ZappyChat
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