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One of my FAVOURITE ways to open up a Workshop or Meeting?
Hey Facilitators👋 I wanted to share this exercise with you all. I love to kick my workshops off using a very simple exercise called 'Hopes and Fears'. This exercise is used in various contexts, such as team meetings, workshops, or group discussions. It's a great way for you as a Facilitator to set and get expectations from the participants right from the beginning! This is how you run it 👇 1️⃣ All you need is a whiteboard and you as the facilitator will divide the board in two categories; Hopes and Fears. 2️⃣ Give each participant a sharpie and two blocks of sticky notes. Make sure the two blocks of stickies are different colours e.g. blue for hopes, yellow for fears. 3️⃣ Encourage participants to write all their hopes or positive expectations about a particular project, idea, or situation. One idea per sticky! Stick them in the 'hopes' section of the board. 4️⃣ Encourage participants to share one or two 'hopes' each. 5️⃣ Repeat the same process for the Fears. This exercise helps team members express their feelings, align their perspectives, and build trust by understanding everyone's viewpoints before diving into solving the challenge at hand. Try it in your workshops! It's really nice. Let me know if you have any other nice exercises or activities that you like to use to kick off your workshops 😊
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I use something very similar myself, although I usually frame it as behaviours and actions participants want to Stop and Start and, if the group are quite familiar with each other, Continue. Slightly different premise, but a great way to get some connection and transparency
Facilitators Discover
Hello everyone my name is Hamza RAHMOUNI I'm form Morocco in the North of Africa. I'm looking forward to discover this world of Facilitators. So can anyone suggest me some books to start with. Thanks in advance 🙏🫡
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I loved Gamestorming, that's been recommended elsewhere a couple of times above, and have just finished Hamilton's 'The Workshop Book: How to Design and Lead Successful Workshops'. Nobody has mentioned @Jonathan Courtney's book in here!
Design Thinking Slide-Deck + Full 2 Hour Session Recording
Hey there! My team and I just launched a 2-hour, step-by-step Design Thinking video + slide deck + resources, all for free! If you've ever wanted to run a Design Thinking session for your clients/team but didn't quite know how it should look, here you go! This video was super difficult and expensive to produce, so the only thing I ask is that if you find this useful, please share it, leave a comment (on youtube) or a like, or maybe... all of those things??? It helps us to know whether we should make more things like this or not. The slide deck + other resources: Enjoy the video! ----> Cheers, Jonathan
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Not watched it all yet, but this is so appreciated @Jonathan Courtney and team
Preparing a team for upcoming tough period
Dear Community I am designing a workshop for a team that is well functioning and wants to strengthen even more in anticipation of some potential challenging times ahead (major product launch etc). Do you have any ideaas? I would like to let them play through potential scenarios that will shake up the team spirit and find ways to pre-empt escalation and burn outs etc... Have you ever done something like this? Thanks!
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@Yaara Kaminer I like running pre-mortems in these situations (though I frame mine slightly differently, and call it something else). I've had some incredible breakthroughs with these 'What's the worst that can happen?' scenario activities, as it seems to enable everyone to take part in a way that addresses some of the elephants in the room by putting everything on the table at the start
Quick Introduction
Hi Everyone. Recently approved new member, taking some time to absorb the wisdom of everyone on this group - so great to see the generosity of spirit and collaboration. Not new to using facilitation skills but new to facilitating as a means to make a living in its own right. Excited to see where this new venture takes me
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Thanks Rebecca - excited and nervous all at once!
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@David Newman Located in the UK, North West of England more specifically. Testing the water at the moment, so not drilled down to any specialised areas - have used my knowledge and skills across a variety of ways in my previous role - problem solving and product development being the most common - so exploring options
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