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Nov '23 
Who needs fixing?
My purpose is not to fix anyone. That requires judgment and separation. A separation from others and the beauty the moment would reveal to us. My purpose is to appreciate them. Not just a quaint appreciation about a separate individual being imagined from my past memories arising. Rather, a deep soul penetrating appreciation that my openness with what is allows us to expand into an all encompassing timeless connection with existence. An appreciation that expands effortlessly into a timeless embrace with creation just as it is. In this appreciation individuals with problems dissappear and are replaced with the truth of who they are. Now I am coming from true understanding. From this place I am capable of loving everyone all at once. And from this place anything is possible. This is our true identity. I appreciate you now as the gift of grace that you are to the world. Can you see that anything telling you otherwise is a lie?
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@Brandi Jade so good!
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@An Nguyen Not fixing but shifting. Thank you.
Nov '23 
And just like that…
I’ve been listening to the audiobook From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko and loving how supportive, soothing and rich in ACIM quotes it is. The latest thing she quoted from ACIM was “our mind is not in our body, our body is in our mind,” and bam just like that I got it. My power was handed back to me and ever since my inner dialogue with my body is totally different! 😊
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That is a major shift. I love that feeling. It reminds me of the shift from fear of losing yourself to the realization you are losing nothing as you become everything.
The quiet answer 😘🥰🌈
The world asked asks, but one question. It is this; of these illusions, which of them is true? Which one establishes peace and offer joy? And which can bring escape from all pain of which the world is made? Whatever form the question takes its purpose is the same. It asks, but to establish sin is real and answers in the form of preference. Which sin do you prefer? That is the one you should choose. The others are not true. What can the body get that you would want the most of all? Thus is all questioning within the world, a form of propaganda for itself! May we all think upon this today and choose again.😘🥰❤️🌈🌸🌅🙏
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@Dennis Goodrich thank you for bringing that into awareness.
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@Brandi Jade I have not heard of the mimi I Ams.😅 Is that the same as the higher self, Holy Spirit, or inner guru?
Nov '23 
Non doer ship ....
I have been practicing "non-doer ship" since I did ACIM in 2020 and I have truly been blessed, income has flowed to me easily and consistently with no effort. It has been truly awesome!. It has made my daily practices so easy and I have given gratitude and love back as a massive thank you in appreciation, I have felt strong and been invincible in my career role! Every day I have been so excited to see what comes up and all the different experiences have been a pleasure, and as a result, i have been a positive contribution to humanity. Recently it has all just randomly stopped. I am doing the same things, thinking the same way, as I am very aware of the power of our thoughts and projections.... I have left it for 2 months giving it no power and fully believing that "everything is working out for good", I am safe and fully believing that God has everything in control .... I understand that by writing this i am giving the energy of "Lack" power here.. but seriously..,. where do you draw the line? just keep trusting till i loose everything? I couldnt care less, but its nice that i can provide a home for my children.. By not accepting there is an issue and continually putting faith in something that is not giving any "fruit" back? I am not wealthy, so I live week to week, I lost everything a couple of years ago hence, I found ACIM... why would God just turn the tap off? I feel like I am being punished for something? .. So now i have guilt and worry? I dont understand, why God would do this ... I am the holy son of God! I am abundant and all my needs are met! ... He promises! Now I feel deceived and separate. Now with my energy being depleted, i am no longer a great contributor to humanity?? I just dont understand why i was being encouraged to grow, now I have a boot on my throat and suffering. I'm stressed out, having panic attacks and feel unsupported and i don't know why this has happened ? Feels like a kick in the guts!
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Hi Jay, thank you for posting what some may be experiencing privately but are too afraid to express publicly. I have an uneasiness around what you are saying. There are still unresolved questions within. So I am answering this question for the part of me that is afraid to look at it honestly. Perhaps the answer will help you too. God is more than a recipe that if followed will manifest all of my desires. God is more than a belief that if life is not going my way it is a mistake and I must be out of alignment with the universe. God is more than a book filled with wisdom which can only point the way, but never take us there. God is beyond all beliefs, expectations, and outcomes. God is every life, and each life is beautiful beyond comparison. The homeless man, the business woman, the asshole neighbor, the fellow losing his family, the Isreali fighter pilot, the monk sitting before the reflection pool, the person reading this; every one of them, beautiful. Every one of them, far beyond the self perception, far beyond the limitations of the roles they find themselves playing. Not one of them is a failure or unnecessary. Not a single moment is a waste. And I am that. I am perfectly that. I will be still, quiet the mind, join with all of it and lovingly go beyond the person who has these limiting beliefs of separation from life and suffering. I am free, I am Love, I am life, and now I am home.
I apologise in advance for the long post. I'd like to know peoples take on my only experience with ACIM I had a few weeks ago in the form of a weekend retreat. There were some teachings which felt counterintuitive. So, for example, we were told that if we see someone has an armful of stuff and they drop something that we shouldn't go help by picking the item up. That we should leave it and only do so if the person asks directly for help. Is this in the spirit of ACIM? OR another example, that asking someone how they are or how was your weekend that it's a form of implying duality meaning if it's good or bad and so we shouldn't ask. It's left me confused. So I cannot ask someone how they are or if they had a good weekend etc.? Thanks for any responses
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Trust that inner voice telling you something isn't right. You will feel confusion and an inner contraction when a thought is coming from fear or separation. In comparison, you will feel peace and an inner expansion when a thought is in alignment with Love.
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