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Non doer ship ....
I have been practicing "non-doer ship" since I did ACIM in 2020 and I have truly been blessed, income has flowed to me easily and consistently with no effort. It has been truly awesome!. It has made my daily practices so easy and I have given gratitude and love back as a massive thank you in appreciation, I have felt strong and been invincible in my career role! Every day I have been so excited to see what comes up and all the different experiences have been a pleasure, and as a result, i have been a positive contribution to humanity.
Recently it has all just randomly stopped. I am doing the same things, thinking the same way, as I am very aware of the power of our thoughts and projections.... I have left it for 2 months giving it no power and fully believing that "everything is working out for good", I am safe and fully believing that God has everything in control .... I understand that by writing this i am giving the energy of "Lack" power here.. but seriously..,. where do you draw the line? just keep trusting till i loose everything? I couldnt care less, but its nice that i can provide a home for my children.. By not accepting there is an issue and continually putting faith in something that is not giving any "fruit" back? I am not wealthy, so I live week to week, I lost everything a couple of years ago hence, I found ACIM... why would God just turn the tap off? I feel like I am being punished for something? .. So now i have guilt and worry? I dont understand, why God would do this ...
I am the holy son of God! I am abundant and all my needs are met! ... He promises! Now I feel deceived and separate. Now with my energy being depleted, i am no longer a great contributor to humanity?? I just dont understand why i was being encouraged to grow, now I have a boot on my throat and suffering. I'm stressed out, having panic attacks and feel unsupported and i don't know why this has happened ? Feels like a kick in the guts!
Jay Liddle
Non doer ship ....
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