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Nov '23 
Non doer ship ....
I have been practicing "non-doer ship" since I did ACIM in 2020 and I have truly been blessed, income has flowed to me easily and consistently with no effort. It has been truly awesome!. It has made my daily practices so easy and I have given gratitude and love back as a massive thank you in appreciation, I have felt strong and been invincible in my career role! Every day I have been so excited to see what comes up and all the different experiences have been a pleasure, and as a result, i have been a positive contribution to humanity. Recently it has all just randomly stopped. I am doing the same things, thinking the same way, as I am very aware of the power of our thoughts and projections.... I have left it for 2 months giving it no power and fully believing that "everything is working out for good", I am safe and fully believing that God has everything in control .... I understand that by writing this i am giving the energy of "Lack" power here.. but seriously..,. where do you draw the line? just keep trusting till i loose everything? I couldnt care less, but its nice that i can provide a home for my children.. By not accepting there is an issue and continually putting faith in something that is not giving any "fruit" back? I am not wealthy, so I live week to week, I lost everything a couple of years ago hence, I found ACIM... why would God just turn the tap off? I feel like I am being punished for something? .. So now i have guilt and worry? I dont understand, why God would do this ... I am the holy son of God! I am abundant and all my needs are met! ... He promises! Now I feel deceived and separate. Now with my energy being depleted, i am no longer a great contributor to humanity?? I just dont understand why i was being encouraged to grow, now I have a boot on my throat and suffering. I'm stressed out, having panic attacks and feel unsupported and i don't know why this has happened ? Feels like a kick in the guts!
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@Kim Kraus Round 20 ae? ... woo! haha.. thank you 🙏 .. i cant die apparently soo look out 😄
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Thank you Marianne! Yes I am doing my best.. trust me i am looking everywhere for guidance! The "change", It hasn't been sudden ... its been over a few months... when things started to change... It never budged my faith! I was convinced I was "the holy son of God" .. I trusted all was working out for good. The course taught me I need never suffer, i need never fear!.. There was no Question! The fruit of my actions was proof i was in Gods favour... AS i said (in my first post)... There is line in the sand when, in this 3rd density "illusion" you just have to acknowledge.. things are going bad! ... Thats the rules of this place.. I had to reach out externally... I know thats not what the course teaches... its says to go internally, all the answers are inside, you just need ask the HS ... but I'm in a corner... I have to reach out, im going insane here :( literally! I never wanted to post my message, because that is showing "lack".. EGO! This is my confusion..... But I have to ask, God WTF are you mate?? ... Should i just be silent? suffer in silence? maybe i should have? maybe that's my lesson... just be quiet and go away ... ...I am no longer under the grace of God... This is my dilemma! I 100% know the power of the mind, and I practise every day, the course taught me this!.. Change my thoughts change my life! I embraced that whole heartedly! And i experienced the blessings of that! and so did the world around me! .. Which the course says is the only reason im here ... to save the world... not by being a famous person... but by being one of the tiny drops that makes the collective ocean of God... I realise im not special! im happy with that! I am a humble special drop happy to just drip here and there... but my power has gone, and I want to know why and how to fix it.. I know its some sort of shadow work that is required, and i have spent many a dollar and hours seeking assistance with that.. I thought i had dealt with all that.. I apparently had a 4.5km "diamond" wall around my heart one "teacher/guide" (whatever) told me and it took many sessions to break it down... for a weensy small while there apparently I was calibrating at 1000! .. i know what your thinking... I thought it was a bit unrealistic myself... maybe i was spiritually duped (again) who knows.. Aeeeny way, at that time 2020ish, life was amazing! everything flowed, I was contributing to the world , I was helping people and was able to see my daughter (who lives in another country, she's 7 ) often which is super super important to me and her! (oh goodness another attachment / illusion) My family was great, work was great, 3d Life was great! ...Now the wheels are falling off and Im just like, how do i fix this !🤷‍♀️...
Nov '23 
Anger and rights
Hi all - my experience of people in the world a decade or so ago is that there was more courtesy towards each other. It seems today that there is so much more anger based around self-entitlement and defense of personal rights. Is the world getting angrier and what’s driving this on a spiritual level? Is this a necessary step to evolve into a higher vibration? I want to polarise to the positive and even I am seeming to get angrier about things I see in the media, angrier about what I consider to be humans crossing boundaries. Keen to hear your perspectives on this.
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The world is a projection of our inner being ... Maybe there is something that requires healing within. Ask God to reveal anything you need to know :) 2. Let God look after the world, everything is working out for good, sometimes from our perspective, we can't see the full picture .. Hope that is useful
Put YES in the comments if you are willing to take time today to get quiet and tap into that peace.
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Nov '23 
ACIM Lessons...
Hello. I've just recently joined and am getting to grips with this community. I just wanted to ask, as I've seen ACIM Lesson 301 pop up, are all the lessons available so I can catch up? Thank you. Love and light 🙏❤️✨️
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You can find all the lessons here or on you tube :)
Heal Your Mind, Save The World - AGENDA
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Why am I a 1 ? ... meh... I like it !😃
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