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Nov '23 
Progress Report…
I think I need to start celebrating how far I’ve come & share my progress instead of despairing how much farther I have to go. To stop trying to work so hard and just be happy I’m not where I used to be 🙏 Would love to hear your wins & progress as well! It’s only been 2 weeks since finding Aaron Marks “Forgiveness Challenge” on YouTube and joining this group and I’m already starting to feel some release! Yay! I was feeling so much resentment & hatred for everyone in my life for lack of support in doing this work and for always expecting me to be the strong one who listens and holds space for & supports them but then when I’m hurting and struggling I’m totally alone with it all. I felt like I’m bleeding to death yet they wanted me to always be happy , encouraging & supportive for them. At first when I took my space & got some distance from them I struggled with immense guilt for this like I was doing something wrong or bad by taking care of myself & not being available to them . But now…..I have ZERO guilt about it! 🥰🙌 I stopped worrying about if they think that I’m not a loving person because im emotionally unable & unavailabe and starting allowing myself to have needs and trust my guidance in how those needs would get met and it feels so good being free from this 🙌🥰 I also started working on forgiving them and letting them just be where they’re at and enjoy the friendships for what they are and appreciate & love them for who they are .instead ❤️ And so now I can enjoy our time spent together instead of accusing & judging them (in my head) You guys have really helped me feel more encouraged in doing this work since I have no friends right now who know about ACIM My old self (before I got fucked up by the abuse) didn’t need anyone on the same path as me spiritually because my spiritual path was always very private and personal and I’d allow others to have their own path and would just find common ground and love each other for who we are . And anytime I had a struggle, I just went within , journaled and processed synthesized and integrated it on my own with god , then afterwards, went back out into the world to love again….
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Thank you for sharing. It's really inspiring and awesome you recognise how far you've come. You're doing great and I'm highly encouraged by your progress 🙌🏼🙏💫🔥💖
Nov '23 
ACIM vs. counseling for recovery?
I keep wavering on whether or not I should be a part of ACIM groups for healing . Part of me wants to be a part of ACIM because it’s been really answering a lot of questions and helping me see my next steps of getting to the root cause of my suffering (overcoming the Fear & guilt) and would like the support to heal the one problem of separation and grievances Another part feels like ACIM groups are too overwhelming & just increasing my guilt & fear feeling beat up with all these spiritual “concepts” (ie Projection, Mirroring, Manifesting, Surrendering, Allowing, Intention, Forgiveness, Victim mentality etc etc) I’m recovering from severe abuse where I almost lost my life , lost my health/energy/strength, lost my sanity, lost my self-love/self-esteem, lost my ability to work, ability to trust myself/trust God, Lost my vision & ability to see or discern, lost my car because it was stolen, almost lost my house to forclosure, lost all enjoyment for life & lost my will to live….. I feel like these spiritual concepts & cliches are the same as people throwing Bible quotes at you when your hurting & on the edge. Thus far most my experiences with “spiritual/religious” communities don’t allow for honesty of what’s in your heart & are easily offended & triggered by it as “negative energy” and/or think there’s a quick fix answer . (With a few exceptions) I used to try to be compassionate & understanding that people mean well and are trying to help fix me but now it just either pisses me off or depresses me and adds to the difficulty of getting past this … adding more grievances when I’m already overwhelmed with all my grievances & judgments I’m trying to forgive Yes I realize I’m the dumbass that I created my reality. My mother had just died and I was not in my right mind in choosing a partner & foolishly believed he wanted to love me & support my healing , not destroy or kill me I guess what I’m asking is….. Has anyone here healed & recovered from these types of thiings ? (PTSD, DPDR & 30yrs of chronic illness) pain)
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My trauma has not been as severe but I have found that a combination of the two are what helps. I have not followed a prescribed course of action but dipped into what I felt drawn to what was needed at the time. My suggestion, which is what worked for me, is to follow your gut. The best way to know that this is what you need right now is to breathe into your body to get out of your head and if the choices you're making feel right then that is the way to go. The way to know it feels right is it feels right/good and you're not in your head worrying and second guessing yourself. This is the very first feeling you get not later when the head takes over. I hope this helps. Blessings of love and light to you! 🙏💖
Nov '23 
Im new here and just wondering what everyone does here? I think this will be replacing my usual "connections" on Instagram/FB that just arent doing it for my soul or my partner's soul anymore. The majority of the crowd on those SM platforms aren't our cup of tea as we arent theirs anymore either? I & partner seemingly have alienated most of our mainstreamer "friends" and family that are not understanding how or why have RADICALLY changed in the last 3 years together. We no longer participate in the mainstream thinking and it kinda hurts to feel alone in these crazy times after reaching out so much to friends and family that just dont seem to understand what "shedding" is spiritually, or what it actually means to be on a path feeling awokened from within. Is anyone else going through these tough transitions and what in your opinions makes it easier? (all out of answers on our own). As for our friends&families they continue on in alot of the negative/unhealthy conditionings(even when informed) but even so we have no need to change them or others there as after theyre informed we feel to love them freely and just step away because its all about their own free-will paths not ours to write for them. We help by informing, and after have learned to just let go. Ourselves,we have changed SO much we no longer feel a fit amongst our own. We put up boundaries of no cuss talk/posting or crass-minded memes including drinking/smoking sexual innuendos,hatespeech due to the war ppl seem to pick sides or discrimination of other cultures/religions including gender orientations.(we have even come to understand that just recently). When we started to be disciplined about boundaries almost EVERYONE we knew took a hike from us so-to-speak. We are mostly involved in growing our own food, healthful eating and meditating, health posts & living in the now matter to us, as raising a collective consciousness for ourselves and others is our main goal through actively practicing DAILY goodhealth choices spiritually,mentally,physically.
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I too found it incredibly difficult to maintain connection with those around me. My connections are online and around the world. It helps me to not feel alone and that I'm not the only one. You are in the right place. Welcome!! 🙏💖🙏
Hi everyone. I am really battling to get the balance between spirituality and Christianity. I have no doubt about God but I am very confused about the Jesus issue. Many of you talk about Christ consciousness as if Jesus was not actually the son of God but rather someone who understood what it meant to be one with God and he taught us very valuable lessons. I am trying to understand if what you are saying is that He was not actually the son of God any more than we are children/reflections of God. If that is what you believe, did He not rise again from the dead to save the world? If you do still believe in Jesus as the church teaches us to believe in Him, does this come back to the fact that only if someone accepts Jesus as their saviour can they share in spiritual awakening? I am getting the impression from this group and the teachings that spiritual awakening is for everyone no matter your religion. The law of one, in my opinion, makes this open to anyone who grasps the concept and lives according to that truth. This however leaves me very confused about the Jesus issue. Is He more symbolic, or was He real? If not actually the son of God, then the basis of Christianity falls flat on its face. What about all the proof. I am so ready for spiritual awakening as I have always known there is more, but I am finding it difficult to know how to move on from so much of the conditioning. If I can have the answers on how to deal with this, it would really help. I guess what I am finding confusing is that most of the teachings still refer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and scripture is so often used so clearly you are not fighting the idea of Christianity totally but what about other religions? Any help or clarity on this would be great. Thanks to All in this community.
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Having been brought up Christian I was very much in conflict with what was taught and how I felt about the contradictions in in teachings and our day to day life. Hence my move to spirituality which doesn't dictate but guides us to discover for ourselves. With ACIM we work towards our true essence which is love. I think this is right as I'm still new to the teachings. My conclusions for some time now when I look at how religion has evolved historically is that it has been used by people for personal gains throughout the world. To indoctrinate people etc. Unlike the bible which I was taught is the only true text to lead to God, ACIM states in the preface - "Although Christian in statement, the Course deals with universal spiritual themes. It emphasises that it is but one version of the universal curriculum. There are many others, this one differing from them only in form. They all lead to God in the end. I don't think Jesus is denied. In my opinion Jesus teachings are still valid. Don't know if this helps but my take on it
Drop a ❤️ in the comments if you're willing to spend today in love.
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