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A beautiful reminder…
“God’s voice speaks to me all through the day” is the lesson jumping out at me today for me to really embrace, feel and bring my awareness to. Hearing and reading this today brought me deeper clarity into its teaching and urged me to pay attention to the guiding light that pours through me at every turn and twist of my day. A beautiful reminder to stop, breathe and listen to the guidance that is being given to us all of the time throughout all of our moments of each day and night assisting us into peace and harmony. ❤️
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@Naty Tancio I really like this, it brought me that yummy feeling again 😆. Thank you for sharing this ❤️
I could see peace instead of this…
“I am not the victim of the world I see…I could see peace instead of this.” Yummy is the word that comes to me in this moment. To release the pressure of our experience and perception of the world we participate in is like being given fresh oxygen rich air when suffocating. Just coming back to these lessons over and over every time my mind starts to spiral down into the vortex of worldly delusions is everything!! Just keep reaching back up to the truth of these lessons to bounce yourself back into grace knowing every time is getting you that much closer to the Divine truth of all that is however that looks for each of us. I feel the mercy in these 2 lessons especially today. ❤️
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Pain pushes until vision pulls
Ooh, Mark shared a Michael Beckwith quote today that is SO FIRE!!!! “Pain pushes until vision pulls.” I’m going to just ruminate with that one for a while, it is so on point 🤩 such a good statement reminding one to allow, flow, be present and available for what is being communicated, gifted and blessed upon you. ❤️
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@Naty Tancio Love this, this expands upon it beautifully! Did you mean Rumi?
Forgiveness Meditation
I experienced MAL’s forgiveness mediation this morning as a magical portal. Yesterday, I spent a day in the abyss of my ego mind with stories of pain and suffering, hopelessness, helplessness. Mark has a gift with his forgiveness meditations, God moves through him in such a profound way. It reminds me of the transient, fleeting moments I can experience in nature that can never be recreated. I came upon this magical scene of hoary frost a number of days ago and then a few days later it was like it was never there. These beautiful moments and portals are a reminder of Reality and the Kingdom contrasted with the insane ego mind that is choosing to suffer in the present over its past suffering and projecting that into the future. “Reality is never frightening. It is impossible that it could upset me. Reality brings only perfect peace.” Lesson 52.
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❤️❄️ Yes, I feel the Oneness profoundly in what you wrote. Thanks for sharing ❄️❤️
I see nothing as it is now
All of the review lessons for today feel so cohesive but “I see nothing as it is now” is the one that settled strongest within me today. Understanding the essence of this one mentally and meditating on it or perhaps with it flows easily and I get it completely in the moment. However, I’m catching myself not fully succeeding in holding that realization consistently throughout my days. It’s so easy to slip out of that awareness and so I’m really trying to allow the truth of it to show me how to embrace what is real and now in each new moment… Any thoughts on this?
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