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Goodbye Sam Altman
Very surprising news but it’s true, Sam Altman has been fired from Open AI. I wonder if he will start again with a ChatGPT competitor….
New comment Nov '23
1 like • Nov '23
@Jason West the first thought that comes to mind for me is to never bite the hand that feeds you!
Video Thumbnail Article by Neil Patel
Jason had mentioned how important it is to have a well-designed custom YouTube thumbnail image. Neil Patel just published an article on the topic with design tips and other important information. It even includes a Canva tutorial.
New comment Nov '23
0 likes • Nov '23
@Vito Santoro loved this! I watched the Canva tutorial and made my first YouTube thumbnail 😀. Thanks for sharing!
This Could Be ChatGPTs Best Feature Yet 🎨👨‍🎨
ChatGPT is getting an upgrade, and it's not just any upgrade—it's a DALL-E 3 AI Image Generation upgrade! 🎨 Starting this October, if you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you'll be able to create mind-blowing images just by typing out what you want. Imagine the possibilities! 🚀 I've made a video to give you all the juicy details. You've got to see this to believe it... 👉 Watch the full video here Let's get the conversation going. What are you most excited to create with this new feature? Drop your thoughts below! 👇 Jason
New comment Oct '23
2 likes • Sep '23
@Jason West this is exciting news; the possibilities are endless!
0 likes • Sep '23
Thanks @Jason West 😀. I miss being in here more! My day job is more like a 24/7 job 😂. It’s pretty demanding on my schedule & as we enter into Q4 it gets worse with budgets, audits, and other fun year-end stuff.
A Big Thank You To You All 🙏
Hi everyone 👋 I'm currently in Turkey, today's my birthday and I always like to reflect a little. This year has been such fun so far thanks to what effectively amounts to the launch of AI to the masses! At the end of last year I had already made up a plan for 2023 which subsequently went out the window thanks to Open AI 😄 By March I created after months of playing with Chat GPT day and night. Now we are about to hit 1000 sales of the training program 🥳 Thank you to everyone that put their trust in me, I truly appreciate it 🙏 I started this group this year too and thanks to some amazing individuals who are brilliant communicators, it's built to over 7,000 members. Honestly, there are some really talented people in this group and once again, I'm so grateful for all of you here. Timing has been a great part of my success over the years, and right now with AI we all have a chance to grow our businessess exponentially 📈 I'm going to continue to work hard making the best content I can and do what I can to give as much value to everyone here. The next part of that process is to build into the best AI Chatbot platform for individuals and resellers alike. 💪 Thank you everyone 🙌🥰
New comment Feb 3
4 likes • Aug '23
Happy Birthday @Jason West. I hope you enjoyed your day. This has been an amazing group and I appreciate all the hard work you have put into it! I’m looking forward to soaking up all your knowledge and training as you continue to share it with us!!
Where are You, in This World?
Hello to all! Just wondering if Chat GPT is widely used, Would love to know what part of the World you are in…I’m USA, Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 🙂
New comment Aug '23
0 likes • Aug '23
@Con Sotidis welcome to the community!
1 like • Aug '23
@Ruth Strickx-Martinson ugh! That kind of red tape is hard. Good luck and I hope you get your residency permit soon 🤞
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