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Authority Magazine Interview
Hi everyone. I was interviewed by Authority Magazine on how AI is disrupting the digital marketing industry. Just want to share and see if you agree.
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Rene, thank you for your kind words. In addition to the Authority Magazine interview, my book for entrepreneurs won its second award: a gold medal. It deals with the human challenges we face as entrepreneurs when we are working to build our businesses. Google's on a rampage, and it will effect AI-generated content. I'll be publishing additional content about it, as well as best practices. I'll ensure I share it here as well. All the best, Vito
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Art, Google is clear on what they want to rank in their search engine, and you are correct. The problem is that content marketing is a continuous effort, and most people are busy trying to make a living and press the easy button just to remain current. Google implemented the thin content penalty years ago, and it will be applied to AI general content. They also have manual penalties. They have to clean up the clutter and noise to provide a better search experience. Thanks for the reply!
Appreciate your opinion
I'm working on my content plan for 2024 and want to focus on the challenges solopreneurs are experiencing when it comes to digital marketing. What’s the hardest part about digital marketing? This can go beyond ChatGPT. Appreciate you input.
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@Christina Ramirez What is your business that you want to market online?
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@Julie Helmer Thanks, Julie. That's where I started as well! 😁 However, people are at different levels of experience, and I was trying to dial things in. I realized from the feedback that most solopreneurs cannot do everything themselves any longer. Rather than extensive content and training, what I developed is a program that provides a customized technical foundation that integrates with a blog and automatically syndicates the content to a branded network upon publication. Other off page SEO is included, as well as a topical map. The end result is establishing your brand with Google and potential customers. 2024 is all about achieving topical authority in your niche. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
A Free DA75 Do Follow Backlink!
I came across this site from an SEO contact, and it's an amazing find. You can build a small mobile-responsive site in about 10 minutes and add links to your website and social profiles. It also lets you add a link to your blog, store and contact us email or phone.
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@Christina Ramirez Just create the free website and add the links to your website and social profiles. Good links help your website to build authority and trust with Google.
AI video creation…WOW
I'm guessing most of us in this group can more easily pick out AI generated video and voices than people who aren't as into it. The more obvious it is, the more annoyed I get 😃 However, I am not doing a good job of connecting with people who might be a good fit for my services. I feel like video could help that. Unlike the charming @Jason West, though, I feel like an ugly, awkward amateur in front of a camera. So today I went on the hunt to see what is out there in the AI video realm that isn't complete crap. I found HourOne, among other tools, and was surprised by the quality. Yes, I can tell it's an AI avatar. But it's good enough that I'd share the video. Well, if it didn't have the HourOne branding on it. But hey – they let you try it for free, so that's fair. They have examples throughout the site so you can get an idea of what you can do with the tool. It didn't take me that long to create the video I made (linked below, if you want to see). Have you run across other tools I should look at? My budget is super tight, but I might be throwing money HourOne's way soon. Unless one of you leads me to a better tool!
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I use inVideo. - It has a ChatGPT interface. You can enter a prompt or a link to a blog post to create the video. The video script and voiceover are the best I've seen. It sources stock images and video clips to create the visuals. You can then edit the visuals and/or script to make changes. You can even enter a prompt to make updates. In 2024, however, branding is important, so it is advisable to practice and be on video. It helps build authenticity and trust. Honestly, we all hate to be on video and see every flaw! :) In reality, people only want your helpful content. Just visualize that you're talking to a friend. It takes practice and you can record over again if you aren't happy with the first 100 takes! 😁
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@Nikole PearsonYou have to use the stock media in the videos and download them as an MP4 file. What I do is import the video into Camtasia and add an intro and/or outro. Also, I screen-shot a scene to save the image as a graphic file. With Camtasia, you can edit a scene, separate the audio from the video, and save the video clip as well. However, the script and voiceover are so good, I just use the tool to create marketing videos. Deposit photos is a good source for stock media if you can't find free media on
"Split Long Text" Chrome Extension for ChatGPT
This Chrome extension automatically divides long content articles into parts that can be copied and pasted into ChatGPT. This eliminates the manual effort because of ChatGPT's character limit.
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Hi Nasser, I've not been using ChatGPT with really long documents. Only shorter articles. This tool is more of a time-saver for that purpose. I'll have to look into token limits. I've not seen any tools to date.
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