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A Free DA75 Do Follow Backlink!
I came across this site from an SEO contact, and it's an amazing find. You can build a small mobile-responsive site in about 10 minutes and add links to your website and social profiles. It also lets you add a link to your blog, store and contact us email or phone.
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"Split Long Text" Chrome Extension for ChatGPT
This Chrome extension automatically divides long content articles into parts that can be copied and pasted into ChatGPT. This eliminates the manual effort because of ChatGPT's character limit.
Nasser Jones
Vito Santoro
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Hi Nasser, I've not been using ChatGPT with really long documents. Only shorter articles. This tool is more of a time-saver for that purpose. I'll have to look into token limits. I've not seen any tools to date.
40+ 🆒 AI Tools to Check Out 👀
🗣️ Have you used any of these yet? WOW, what a list! (Updated Nov 2023) Have a look 🕶️
Susan Bell
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@Steven Suchar Thank you, Steven. Appreciate it.
Welcome to the Group!
With 100 million plus people using Chat GPT now I decided it would be a good idea to bring together a community of people from around the World who were using Chat GPT so we can all get better at utilising this amazing tool. Everyone is welcome here and it would be great if you can introduce yourself by letting us know your name and what you primarily use Chat GPT for at the moment!
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@Coldfire Valent Welcome! If you're going to introduce ChatGPT as a tool for your students, they will probably want to press the "easy button" and have the tool do the work for them. A suggestion is to teach them to use it as a research tool and then have them add their own opinion or analysis to the research. This will help them to think, and prepare to use the tool properly in their adult lives.
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@Thalita Ortega Welcome! I've been working on using ChatGPT to repurpose content. The process that worked was 1. writing an article based on a keyword phrase 2. I asked to have the article's important points converted into social media posts formatted specifically for each social platform, including #hashtags, and then 3. I converted the article into a high-converting YouTube video script. It worked really well. I was able to repurpose my client's existing content to get started.
My Favourite Livestream Software (Lifetime Deal!) 🎥
If you ever do live streaming, you might like to grab this lifetime deal. I've been using Wave for the last year or two, and it's never let me down. You can do live streaming to multiple places at once like YouTube, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, etc. It's a crazy low price deal at just $99 USD one time compared to the likes of Streamyard or Restream plus it can do a whole host of other things, such as: ✅ Video creation ✅ Video editing ✅ Thumbnail making ✅ Audio editing ✅ Video hosting ✅ Stock library Anyway, I made a video about it so you can see a little of what it can do, and it's one of the few lifetime deals I've purchased that I still use quite regularly. Hurry, though, because I believe the offer will close very shortly. Cheers Jason
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Thanks, Jason. Curious. Can Wave live stream a prerecorded video? Or just real-time live presentations?
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@Jason West Thanks Jason. I watched your video after I posted the question! My DUH! :)
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