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Welcome! Introduce Yourself 🔥
Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community helps entrepreneurs in the content era get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make an impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself in THIS thread below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? **Please DO NOT make a new post, as those clog up the feed (they will be removed). Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the Classroom Resources ------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • Be kind • If you need help, just ask the community 💪
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@Catharina Stecher i love denmark. went there once with my dad in 2015 to visit friends in the countryside near Odense, then an old exchange student who stayed with us who was up in Aarhus, and then closed out our trip in Copenhagen where our friend gave us the best personal tour of a city you could ask for. Still remember visiting that massive cementary. we biked through it and still took us 45 minutes on bike to go through it all, but it was absolutely beautiful
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@Paul Leara roll tide or war eagle?
How have you edited the content automation blueprint?
Got into the Blueprint course yesterday and got it setup. Know I'm wondering how I can customize it to make it better. some ideas I have: 1. create a multi-select status that lets me set it to something like "write hook" and it sends a automation to ChatGPT to write 5 hook alternatives. It then puts it in a column called "hook options" and I pick the one I like the most and put it in a column called "hook winner" 2. Do the same as #1 except when you change the dropdown, pick "write caption" "write CTA" "write title" "write thumbnail text" and then it will go in corresponding long text fields such as "caption options" and "CTA options" and then I have "winner" text fields for each of them. 3. You could improve #1 and #2 by extracting the audio from the video, making it a transcript, then uploading the transcript into a "transcript" text field, sending the transcript to along with the prompt you send to ChatGPT in the automation. 4. You could automate all of the above so that it does all of this in one step, use Regex or something to extract different parts of the ChatGPT response (make sure your prompt has a template to format the response in a way to extract the text for each part properly), then put them in all the corresponding fields. Then all you do is pick your favorite title, hook, caption, CTA, etc. and put them in the "winner" fields. 5. You could also have another ChatGPT prompt that is for writing up tweets, newsletters, scripts, etc. based on copy you provide in a "original copy" field. You would have a dropdown called "Social Media type" with "tweet", "newsletter", and "Carousel Post" (make the copy for each slide). Again, you could figure out a way to have this all done in one step or when the record is created in Airtable and you don't even need to have a dropdown field for "social media type." Also, do you think it's possible to do all this with ClickUp, or is Airtable really the sure fire way to do this? Because I have some zapier automation set up for writing content with ChatGPT and it sends the response back in a task comment. I will say, visually Airtable makes this seem easier than ClickUp would. But I feel like you could do all the content automation in ClickUp. has anyone tried and if so, how did it go?
New comment Feb 24
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@Stephen G. Pope that makes a lot of sense. The structure of something is very important so I can totally understand why Airtable is a better solution for this.
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@Stephen G. Pope tbh it’s not overly specific. we just want to be able to have a content creation pipeline. so, when we make the video, it extracts the audio, makes the caption, IG Carousel post, newsletter, hooks, etc. but it uses templates that we’ve given it. the only thing is this: the most important part is the audio transcript, because that creates everything else, not the video itself. so sometimes, we may just do a voice to text and then use what is now written and send it through the pipeline to create all the pieces of content.
Is Zapier or better?
I’m at a crossroads here. I started w/ Zapier, but my free trial ends in a couple of days. I’ve been hearing about Make, and it seems to be a lot cheaper but more complex. got into Make last night and it def is way more complex, even when i want to just set up something simple. So I guess the question is, should i put complex workflows in make and simple workflows in Zapier? or just do everything in Make? and when people online say “our Zaps got super expensive” i mean… are they talking like “$200/mo” or “$2000/mo” type of expensive??
New comment Feb 21
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@Gino Duarte well i have a handful of automations, all quite simple. some are for taking when leads come in and we add them to skool and a sequence in convertkit. another is for content creation with chatgpt. right now i’m having trouble trying to do a automation in Make, but the stupid thing doesn’t allow me to read what the asset type is. so when i want to see if the asset created is a “video” but it just says “resource type” is “asset” well no duh lol. but in Zapier, doing this is so easy. so, i have no idea if its Make that’s making it way more complicated or me not understanding how to use the tool. I want to do a lot more chatgpt automations, but getting through these other ones first is proving to be annoying in make, specifically with
which Skool feature would you prefer most?
I can’t believe they don’t have dark mode on the mobile app… 😔
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New comment Feb 28
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@Jonas B i have Dark Reader chrome extension installed to turn on dark mode on my computer
Win a $25 Visa Gift Card! Post Your Studio Setup
Drop your recording or studio setup, I'll go first! We'll take the top three from here and put it to a community vote!! Winner gets the gift card! And don't be shy, I posted mine with dust and all.
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@Croix Sather got it!! Okay well when traveling, i will def give the scarlett a try w/o using the cloudlifter. I suppose if you need to show computer stuff, having a boom arm is necessary. but recently, i’ve fallen in love w the aesthetic of just holding the mic and the wire coming out of it. feels authentic to me for some reason. for myself, i might modify your set up a bit and get a mini-tripod for the mic, and just attach the correct thread size to it, that way i can just put the mic on the table and i can travel w the mini-tripod everywhere and easily fit it into my bag, considering all the tennis gear i travel with
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@Croix Sather I'll give it a try w/o the cloudlifter. It's a pre-amp, basically boosting the volume of the Shure SM7B before it goes into your recording software. The way the cloudlifter does it, it makes it to where the grain/noise/static on the video is extremely minimal compared to boosting the volume on the audio in post w/o a pre-amp FatHead pre-amp apparently is also good, and much smaller (and cheaper) than a cloudlifter. I was surprised when you said you didn't have a cloudlifter, but more surprised you didn't mention the use of any pre-amp
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