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HL Client Pay Now Option
Hello lovelies, In contacts when I bring up my client to do a 'pay now' , does anyone know if HIghlevel has in the works to add a dropdown section where we choose which product they are purchasing instead of writing in the description?
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@Ashna Arora Thank you.
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@Ashna Arora Thank you, I'm good. It's not that important, it would just have been a handy feature to have. Appreciate it.
DR for Real Estate
Hello lovelies, so my DR prospect hasn't signed up yet, (she says after the holidays), which is a blessing really because I have no idea how to charge for this. If anyone is currently working with real estate pros with DR campaigns please reach out. One sale out of a past client list huge, I don't know what that is worth to a real estate agent as far as me charging a fair price. I'm based in USA. Also, thinking ahead, I feel we'd have to charge up front to cover ourselves for if an agent signs up then cancels in the middle of a campaign. Thoughts appreciated.
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@Joe Tchouala I onboarded the RE Agent I mentioned in my original post, but she didn't want to spend. So I gave her training videos for Highlevel and she does a DIY. I haven't tried any more in the RE niche.
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Anyone have any input on the NAR Buyer Agent change, if it's affected your business or are you targeting Seller Agents?
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Hi everyone. I will be working with Real Estate Agents. My first meeting with a prospect is this Friday, so I'm ready to roll my sleeves up and dig into the DR component of Robb and Haplin's trainings. I started learning Highlevel in August of 2022 and currently have an agency in the Landscaping niche, but Real Estate has always been my passion. (I'm also studying for a Texas Real Estate License too.) Wishing everyone much prosperity!
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@Patrick Allmond No thank you, online shopper here.
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@Howard Rabinowitz Thank you Howard for your kind words. Wishing the best for you also.
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Hi guys, I'm from Rochester New York. I'm a digital marketer that helps businesses get more customers from their Google profiles. I'm excited to make it to level 2 to learn the how-to for DR.
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Awesome Google review boost for a client
We launched a really awesome Google review boost for a client, using the knowledge from this course. Specifically, we sent out a Google review campaign to just 150 regular customers and past customers. This campaign consists of a sequence of four messages that are sent over a span of one week. By the second day, we already had 35 new 5-star reviews on Google. My client was ecstatic, extremely happy, and it was definitely a great start to the week. So, don't forget about the Google review campaign, folks. I hope this has motivated you. Talk to you soon.
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@Suzanna Kiraly hey there, I've got a SOP doc I just created showing clients how to step-by-step do this, you can use it also if you want to add setting up Google Reviews as a service within your business, I charge $397. I'll send it to your for free if you'd like, no strings attached just message me with your email.
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@Suzanna Kiraly Sent you a link to all my SOP's for GBP. Enjoy!
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