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Imagine making a calendar event only accessible to members at level 6. Is this something you want?



Frank Gyz
Fredu Sirviö
Sean Kochel
Ed Andrew
Oyvind Martinsen
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    Super stoked for this feature to drop! The screenshot/adjustment you're sharing in the comments is awesome.

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    @Sam Ovens Super stoked for this feature to drop! This screenshot/adjustment you're sharing in the comments is awesome.

It’s would be great to set user access to specific chat channels for certain communication. It can help funnel communication for paid members vs free members in your group or depending on course access. What do you think?



Vianney Wilson
Austin Blanchfill
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    @Vianney Wilson Yes! I've setup my group as a Funnel. I bring prospects in to join it for free and they have access to different free courses, and then I upsell other courses that are locked. So having channels that either correspond with paid/locked courses to create more of a private chat channel would be awesome

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    @Vianney Wilson Awesome 🙌🙏

Is there a planned feature to Schedule Posts? I like to schedule posts ahead of time sometimes. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Anthony Llanos
Alan Valdez
Tumehe Rongonui
Austin Blanchfill
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Hey everyone, Would love perspective on how to best utilize Skool for what I want to accomplish. Here's the situation: Currently, I have a group of women enrolled in my group coaching program that consists of a pre-recorded course (in Skool) + live coaching calls + community. Upon enrollment, the women received access to the live group coaching calls for 8 weeks + lifetime access to the course/community. After this 8 week period, they may 'graduate' from the program, or they can continue getting access to live group coaching calls by enrolling into the membership option where they pay a monthly fee. If they enroll in the membership, they'll keep access to the course/community AND live calls. If they don't, they'll keep access to just the course/community. Since the course/community contains the calendar with the call links + call replays, I'm trying to figure out the most seamless UX for the women who 'graduate', to still have access to the course & community, but NOT the live coaching calls or replays (outside of their paid window). How do I do this? - Can I limit user access to just the community and course somehow? OR - Will I need to duplicate the course in a separate alumni group that doesn't have the call links or replays (separate from the main paid group) and create an alumni community? - Or is there a different option I'm not considering? Thanks!



Thomas Truong
Austin Blanchfill
Lee Noto
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    Hey Lee! It seems they're currently building out a feature to do this. As of now, here's a workaround that I've implemented. On your calendar, have an event that links to a course module to access the zoom link for the live sessions. Then you can set specific access to that course module for members who continue to pay the membership fee

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    @Lee Noto Yeah I hope that will help you and your clients! I guess the Skool team is working on setting up calendar events based on membership level or even setting membership permission to the events like the classroom modules. Super excited for that! Thanks I'm working at it! 💪

Here's our roadmap. The image below shows you what's in progress and what's up next. You probably noticed we shipped many new features in the last 2-weeks. We hired some amazing talent, reorganized our teams — and our development velocity increased — significantly. Some of you were a little concerned at the rate of change. When we dug deeper, we found that lack of communication was the real issue. We learned from this and will improve moving forward. Sharing this roadmap is a way of keeping you in the loop of what's coming soon. We're super excited to share these new features with you! Internally, our team agreed, it feels like we're just getting started. Let's build this thing together 🔥



Dylan Washkowiak
Robert Boulos
Tuhiti Greseque
Sam Ovens
Kacper Postawski
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This platform has been incredible, and I'm excited to incorporate it into my coaching programs. This new membership/community to help others is a game changer, and I'm beyond blessed for this Skool community and the insights everyone is sharing through it. I started implementing this platform a few weeks ago and have 45 members now involved. Today marks a big milestone - impacting 31,086,249 people through organic content - which I pray will help more people experience transformational results in their life and business. I want to thank everyone & Sam Ovens for this opportunity to be plugged in and a blessing in whatever way I can. I also want to encourage everyone to stay consistent, keep putting in the work to bring people into your community, and focus on the lives impacted by how you show up! Continue to be obedient to your calling and push through the fear because there are thousands if not MILLIONS, of people who need to hear your STORY/MESSAGE.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Austin Blanchfill
Nick Guadagnoli
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Helping coaches unlock their calling, become Won-Influencers & unleash Financial Freedom through simple, & impactful "C-4 Marketing Strategies."

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