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I want to start my own community and I am looking for a good Landing Page website to built it. Do you have any recommandations on what should I use? I can t use clickfunnels cause they are too expensive for me btw..



Nivas K
Mario Bescu
Helena Leppanen
Andrei Roncea
Martin Meneses Vazquez
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    Webflow is my go to option but the learning cure may be high for beginners.

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    @Bastien Compan Fast is relative. I personally prefer control over speed. As they say "Slow is smooth and smooth is Fast" ;)

Would love to hear some RUTHLESS feedback, and maybe praise if there is anything good! - Just finished a landing page for my school. - Starting to push my school a couple hours ago!. - Worried about the landing page being a bottleneck vs a lubricant. Why don't I just use the Skool's new billing instead of a landing page? I will be doing a one-time sign-on payment in a couple of months, and i will be offering a coaching package. MY SCHOOL OF MASCULINITY LANDING PAGE



Elias Ibnoussina
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Mario Bescu
Honey Syed
Arturo Herrero
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    @Mario Bescu What about Framer? they have an AI page builder now could help you get 90% of the way there

Here’s mine:



Wiktor Romanowicz
Andrew Kirby
Muzafar Ahmed
Mustafa Rasool
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
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Hey Sythesizers, I havent been too active since joining but hoping to change that now. Excited to be here! To kick things off I wanted to share my current content multiplication process. Really curious to know how everyone approaches taking long form content and breaking it down into mid/short form video and text posts. What Tools? Hacks? Tips? have you discovered. Tools I use: - Notion - Adobe Premier Pro - Davinci Resolve - Descript - AutoPod - Canva - ChatGPT/Claude - Sked Social Below is my current process for podcast episodes. Long Form Video 1. Shoot long form episode 2. In Premier Pro I use AutoPod to do a rough cut. Export AAF file. 3. Import AAF to Davinci for final edit and color grade. 4. While in Davinci I take still images from the episode to use for Thumbnail and covers on IG/YT 5. Export Final Episode 6. While episode is exporting, create YT Thumbnail in Canva (Templated) 7. Import Final episode into Descript to produce transcription 8. Feed full transcript into ChatGPT to generate a YouTube Description. 9. Schedule episode to YT Short Form Video 1. Feed full transcript from Descript into ChatGPT to find notable quotes. I use these as a starting point to create shorts. These quotes can also double as X/threads post 2. Search for each quote in Descript and move into their own compositions 3. Use Descript to remove filler words, shorten gaps and fine tune to perfection. 4. In Descript I apply a template with color adjustments and caption styles and vertical crop. 5. Create IG/YT Short Thumbnail in Canva (Templated) 6. Add cover as first frame for each short. 7. Export shorts 8. Using the transcripts, use ChatGPT to produce a caption for each short. 9. Schedule shorts/reels/tiktoks Long Form Written: 1. Feed full transcript into ChatGPT to generate a blog article for website and LinkedIn Article Post 2. Feed full transcript into ChatGPT to generate a 2-3 threaded posts 3. Schedule posts Short Form Written 1. Feed full transcript into ChatGPT to as many tweets as possible. 2. Review tweets for quality, eliminate sub par content. 3. Schedule posts



Adrian Petrila
Corey Bennett Boardman
Stephen G. Pope
New comment 8d ago

Hey, Synthesizers! I wanted to dissect one of my Instagram videos that generated - 74k Likes - 34k shares - 49k saves - 795k Views - 5 Figures in sales - A Speaking Opp in Vancouver, Washington all without doing a cringy dance trend. This one video attracted conversations that led to sales for high-ticket agency/consulting services. I break it all down in the loom video here You can also Click Here to see my notes on the before and after videos TLDR; 1. This was a repurposed from a Q&A Poll I got during the pandemic 2. Invested $40k+ into mentors who taught me human behavior and copywriting 3. Repackaged it with frameworks and mental models from human behavior and copywriting 4. Optimized the caption for shares and saves which are key conversion points for Instagram. 5. Empathy Funnel to grow to turn hate comments into followers In the loom, I also go over my Thought-Leadership-Content Framework (testing) so you can repeat this for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions or would like a deeper dive! Cheers, Perris



Owen Sheasby
Perris Aquino
Arturo Herrero
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    Lots of keys in this one! Thanks for breaking it down. The before and after comparison is a night and day difference.

I've done video editing for Andrew Kirby, Anna Rova and many others, including a brief job with Leon Hendrix. I did a lot of great work when editing for them, however, eventually each of them would decide to change the focus of their business, which would ultimately lead to the end of our working arrangment. I'm currently looking to work with a YouTuber/YouTube channel on a full-time basis as a - Video editor - Content/growth strategist - Channel manager - Assistant creator - Or any and all of the above! Over the next year (Starting this September) I'm looking to go ALL-IN on someone's channel and work full-time to help them skyrocket their channel and business. If you or someone you know is a YouTuber looking for help growing their channel and business please drop me a message or leave a comment on this post. Also, I've recently had a long-form video on my personal channel cross 100k views and I learnt something very interesting from it. Watch the video below for the lessons. Hope you guys find it helpful, thanks for taking the time to read/watch!



Mustafa Rasool
Jeffrey Buoncristiano
Corey Bennett Boardman
Mia Cardenas
Jamie Barclay
New comment 16d ago
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    @Jamie Barclay Lets chat about working together. We're actually looking for an editor to help us build @Paul Masters personal brand.

I got sucked down Russell Brunsons funnel and ended up with a 30 day free trial of his software clickfunnels 2.0. It looks and sounds like a pyramid scheme but then he's got a very good reputation so I'm in all honesty just incredibly confused. If someone could explain to me what it is, if they've done it and had success, do you need your own business to use it, would it work with youtube, just any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance peeps!



Adrian Petrila
John Wick
Danny Westwood
Paul Gray
Arturo Herrero
New comment Aug 6
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    @Danny Westwood Yeah that is def GHL whitelabelled.

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