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Hot take. Most prompt engineering tips are overhyped.
Here are 6 reasons why: 1. Oversimplified Advice: • Role play as an expert, "You’re a world-leading expert on negotiation" • Introduce incentives, "If you succeed, you’ll be awarded $250k in cash" • Allow thinking time These tips aren't universally applicable. No one-size-fits-all in AI. 2. AI Cash Grabs: • The push for expensive tools and technical training • The necessity of API knowledge and latest models • Stay Skeptical: Many are quick to profit from AI hype. Question motives behind the advice. 3. Outdated Tips: • Tips that became popular just after ChatGPT's launch • Ancient History: In the fast-paced AI world, yesterday's news might as well be from ancient Rome. 4. Iterative Nature: • It’s all about trial and error • Needs uniquely tailored prompts • Constant model updates mean strategies must evolve • No Silver Bullet: There’s no one perfect solution in prompt engineering. 5. Narrow Research: • Most studies focus on a very limited set of tasks • Highly subjective assessments • Broaden Your View: What works in a study might not apply in real-world scenarios. 6. Limits of Capability: • Even the perfect prompt can't exceed AI's inherent capabilities • Reality Check: Want a left-handed writer in an AI-generated image? That might still be a stretch. Key Takeaway: Most advice is too generic: Avoid one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, get advice tailored to your unique situation. Tools aid, skills accomplish. Focus on building your skills, not just collecting Thanks for reading. Share your views on prompt engineering in its current state. :)
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Hot take. Most prompt engineering tips are overhyped.
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Should think of using super prompts as a base for improving our prompting capabilities. Of course, we shouldn't fully rely on super prompts to just give us the best answer, sometimes we will need to modify it based on our specific tasks and needs. It's good to keep doing trial and error to see what works best for each individual
Strolling thoughts
Every Friday morning I go on a long stroll to reflect on the past week and plan the weekend ahead. These were some of the thoughts this morning: Motion isn't progress. Two friends needed to cross the sea. One asked: "Better to row or sail?" The wise elder replied: "Rowing will get you moving faster initially. But sailing, if aligned with winds and currents, Will ultimately be quicker and more enjoyable." Many confuse frantic activity with real progress. They row hard, exhausting themselves. While those who understand nature's forces Can leverage the unseen to glide ahead. Next time you're thrashing against the currents? Stop rowing. Adjust your sails. Let the winds carry you towards your goals. Motion is expensive. Progress is priceless. _______________________________________________ I am glad this came up as I've been buried in busy activities, neglecting the bigger picture "needle-moving" tasks. In your work and life, how do you ensure you make "progress" over simple "motion"? Have a great weekend all :)
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Strolling thoughts
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Consistency is key for progress. Hardwork may get you quick results in the short run, but it is how you strive for smart work in the long run that defines your progress. And if one can manage to leverage AI into one's life, then surely the smart work will help to get ahead in many aspects in life!
Our Collective Vision for The 4 Hour AI Workweek
Happy Monday to all! Our community, the 4HAIWW, can either be a promising online gathering place for LEARNING, SHARING, and GROWTH toward a UNITED VISION. or it could become a DISTRACTION, with no clear direction and everyone posting random content that has little value. The vision of being a 4HAIWW member is to: A. Get smarter on AI for increased EFFICIENCY - This includes doing more with less. - Making tons more money - Saving precious time B. Sharing our learnings, tips, and tricks with other members to create synergies that will BENEFIT ALL. AND for our posts to benefit all, I’d like to suggest a certain mental framework when posting: 1. Each post should have a clear intended value (something should be learned) 2. Each post should have a specific target audience (To Marketers/teachers/AI enthusiasts etc…) This way we ensure each post carries value. If you agree to the above, let’s make this the top practical AI community that exists - please share with others in your network. Note: any member who is inactive for 30days will be removed. Please post and engage as much as you like, as the learning increases with volume. Onwards and upwards. Thanks
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I agree, this will improve the overall experience for all members and help them learn effectively
CapabilityGPT - Understanding How AI can Benefit Businesses
I recently read an interesting book on AI for Enterprises. We know AI can help us as individuals, but how does it impact each business function of a company? Enter CapabilityGPT What is CapabilityGPT? It's a framework that outlines 18 key AI capabilities derived from GPT models (like ChatGPT, Claude from Anthropic, and others), tailored for business use. Purpose: Serves as a toolkit for developing a range of AI solutions, from simple applications to complex AI-enhanced products. Benefits: Offers comprehensiveness, ease of design, fosters innovation, and is scalable and user-friendly. Key Capabilities 1. Assessment: For evaluating performance, risks, and more. 2. Cause-Effect Analysis: Understanding the implications of decisions. 3. Classification: Organizing data into categories. 4. Communication: Facilitating interactions with users and systems. 5. Creation: Generating new ideas or content. 6. Data Mining: Extracting insights from large datasets. 7. Information Extraction & Analytics: Deriving specific details from texts. 8. Matchmaking: Optimally pairing entities based on criteria. 9. Planning: Breaking down goals into actionable steps. 10. Prediction: Forecasting future outcomes. 11. Question Answering: Providing precise responses to queries. 12. Ranking: Ordering items based on certain criteria. 13. Recommendation: Suggesting options or actions. 14. Semantic Search: Enhancing search with understanding of query context. 15. Sequential Decision Making: Making interconnected decisions. 16. Simulation: Modeling real-world processes for analysis. 17. Summarization: Condensing information into brief overviews. 18. Transformation: Changing data from one form to another. Once we understand the different capabilities AI has for our business, we can explore use cases and how to solve these pain points with relevant capabilities.
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CapabilityGPT - Understanding How AI can Benefit Businesses
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Great share! Where can I access CapabilityGPT?
Just dropping in with my intro here! 😄 My name is Armughan Aslam, a Bachelors degree graduate in Computer Science and soon to be pursuing a Masters in the same field. After graduating, I worked a 9 to 5 for about 1.5 years and I realized doing the same repetitive stuff was not what I wanted in life. I needed time back in my life, I wanted financial freedom as soon as possible. ChatGPT came out while I was working, and I was totally fascinated by it. Over time, I thought of leveraging the power of AI but was nowhere near any good with prompt engineering. Got distracted with life and other things to properly focus in this direction, but then I came across the 4 hour AI workweek ignition course and it awakened something within! The ignition course really did ignite something from within by how neatly everything was organized, and how easy it was to implement the lessons practically. Hence I went ahead and bought the course. It seems to be the answer to all the things I want to achieve in life, hope the investment in my future is worth it! 🥹
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@Luke Skyward thanks Luke! Will sure try to actively be part of discussions to learn and grow here!
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@Clintin Lyle Kruger thanks Lyle! I sure hope so, research is gonna be a main aspect in my Masters so being able to use AI to speed up the process is going to be a game changer 😁
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