Strolling thoughts
Every Friday morning I go on a long stroll to reflect on the past week and plan the weekend ahead.
These were some of the thoughts this morning:
Motion isn't progress.
Two friends needed to cross the sea.
One asked: "Better to row or sail?"
The wise elder replied:
"Rowing will get you moving faster initially.
But sailing, if aligned with winds and currents,
Will ultimately be quicker and more enjoyable."
Many confuse frantic activity with real progress.
They row hard, exhausting themselves.
While those who understand nature's forces
Can leverage the unseen to glide ahead.
Next time you're thrashing against the currents?
Stop rowing.
Adjust your sails.
Let the winds carry you towards your goals.
Motion is expensive.
Progress is priceless.
I am glad this came up as I've been buried in busy activities, neglecting the bigger picture "needle-moving" tasks.
In your work and life, how do you ensure you make "progress" over simple "motion"?
Have a great weekend all :)
Clintin Lyle Kruger
Strolling thoughts
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