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Hey everyone am new here,will love to share ideas about dropshiping business
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Hello from Hamburg
Hi, my name is Kiu. I run an AI startup company that creates AI agents to automate business processes and trading. We also create content on YouTube and Skool.
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Increased Scam Activity
Hi All, I know this topic is not directly related with the context of this community. My aim is mainly to spread a knowledge and prevent as much person as possible from these scammers. Recently, the scammers increased their activity. During last week, I have received same WhatsApp message with slight differences from two different accounts to my two different mobiles. To be able to explain how this scam operation works, I have written a detailed and plain article to spread knowledge. I hope this way we can create enough awareness to protect our families and relatives. I am leaving the article link here for your interest and attention. I feel myself better, If we can save at least one more person from this kind of scam schemes. Thanks in advance. Atilla Bilgic
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Welcome to the Introductions Channel!
Welcome to the Introductions channel of The 4 Hour AI Workweek community! Channel's Mission: - Allow you to introduce yourself. - Help each other leverage AI. - To connect with others about your passion for using AI to leverage your time. Posting Guidelines: Please comment on this post with a short introduction with some or all of these elements: - Your name. - Your location. - Your background - What's your favorite way to use AI? - What are you working on? - What do you need help with? - Your favorite beverage
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Hi everyone, my name is Laurentiu, I am a beginner when we talk about AI, and I would like to learn more about AI tools and how can be used for personal use. Good luck to all of you!
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