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Welcome New Members and Weekend Plans!
Our practical AI community is growing! Welcome to the new members, and thank you to everybody who is already apart of this group. What are your weekend plans and what are you currently working on? If you have any questions or tips to share with others, please create and share your content posts. Have a great day, Clintin
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Welcome New Members and Weekend Plans!
Reignition of "4 Hour AI Workweek" Community
Happy Monday everyone! I'm going all in on educating the masses on practical AI. This means working with both business owners and individuals to learn Gen AI basics from the ground up all the way to integrating custom AI solutions (workflows, systems) into existing company infrastructure. This field moves incredibly fast and it's our chance to share and learn from each other to stay ahead. The 4 Hour AI Skool has experienced a drop in engagement and active members. That's OKAY! This is our chance to revive this community and begin a new journey. Best part - This Group will remain FREE! (If you want premium AI care, I have a top solution I'll introduce you to in the coming weeks). So please invite everyone if your network who has a job or does some type of work - as they will all NEED AI starting now. By contributing to this free community you'll receive: 1. Weekly practical AI tutorials/mini course 2. Daily AI news to stay up to date and informed 3. Weekly standup to keep everyone on the right track Tutorials and courses will be posted in the classroom. Some courses only unlock once you're at a certain level of engagement. Now you may ask - how do I level up? Great question! You level up by posting and engaging with other posts in the community. Make your posts about: - Your most common work tasks - How you are using AI - Your pain points - AI news Current courses: Upon joining, you immediately gain access to: - Top 10 Prompt Engineering Tips (top advice to max the effectiveness of your prompts) - AI for Leaders (mini course on how leaders today need to think about AI integration - mindset) Level 2 access - AI Clarity (this goes in-depth to cover specific tools and systems anyone can use to 10x efficiency) Level 3 access - Prompt Master course (Module 1 of my flagship course (1,411+ students) - FREE) Level 5 access - Personal coffee chat consulting (1:1 call to gain clarity about any AI integration you'd like)
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Reignition of "4 Hour AI Workweek" Community
900+ Members! 🥳 Let's GROW!
We broke through 900! Aiming for that 1,000 next. :) So please tell your friends, co-workers and others who would love to learn practical AI together. As a thank you token, check the classroom tab as "AI for Leaders" presentation is up and available to all. This will help leaders shift their mindset to an AI-first mode of operation. More tutorials coming soon! Whatever AI-related content or workflows you have, let's post it under the tab "work-space" and make this a valuable learning experience for all. Also, just say "Hi" in the comments and let's get to know one another! Thanks, Clintin
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900+ Members! 🥳 Let's GROW!
Our Collective Vision for The 4 Hour AI Workweek
Happy Monday to all! Our community, the 4HAIWW, can either be a promising online gathering place for LEARNING, SHARING, and GROWTH toward a UNITED VISION. or it could become a DISTRACTION, with no clear direction and everyone posting random content that has little value. The vision of being a 4HAIWW member is to: A. Get smarter on AI for increased EFFICIENCY - This includes doing more with less. - Making tons more money - Saving precious time B. Sharing our learnings, tips, and tricks with other members to create synergies that will BENEFIT ALL. AND for our posts to benefit all, I’d like to suggest a certain mental framework when posting: 1. Each post should have a clear intended value (something should be learned) 2. Each post should have a specific target audience (To Marketers/teachers/AI enthusiasts etc…) This way we ensure each post carries value. If you agree to the above, let’s make this the top practical AI community that exists - please share with others in your network. Note: any member who is inactive for 30days will be removed. Please post and engage as much as you like, as the learning increases with volume. Onwards and upwards. Thanks
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Welcome NEW members! :)
Happy Monday everyone! I'd like to welcome our new members entering this week, this group is focused on AI for productivity and is FREE to all members. Though there are many pages of inactive members, they will be purged soon as we create stronger alignment. Will be creating a a new and premium group soon with AI, automation, and no code solutions for business owners - and you'll have discounted access should you want to join. :) Please share your introductions, ask questions, and encourage best practices with shared tools, workflows, and systems that work for you. Enjoy!
Welcome NEW members! :)
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