Hot take. Most prompt engineering tips are overhyped.
Here are 6 reasons why:
1. Oversimplified Advice:
• Role play as an expert, "You’re a world-leading expert on negotiation"
• Introduce incentives, "If you succeed, you’ll be awarded $250k in cash"
• Allow thinking time
These tips aren't universally applicable. No one-size-fits-all in AI.
2. AI Cash Grabs:
• The push for expensive tools and technical training
• The necessity of API knowledge and latest models
• Stay Skeptical: Many are quick to profit from AI hype. Question motives behind the advice.
3. Outdated Tips:
• Tips that became popular just after ChatGPT's launch
• Ancient History: In the fast-paced AI world, yesterday's news might as well be from ancient Rome.
4. Iterative Nature:
• It’s all about trial and error
• Needs uniquely tailored prompts
• Constant model updates mean strategies must evolve
• No Silver Bullet: There’s no one perfect solution in prompt engineering.
5. Narrow Research:
• Most studies focus on a very limited set of tasks
• Highly subjective assessments
• Broaden Your View: What works in a study might not apply in real-world scenarios.
6. Limits of Capability:
• Even the perfect prompt can't exceed AI's inherent capabilities
• Reality Check: Want a left-handed writer in an AI-generated image? That might still be a stretch.
Key Takeaway:
Most advice is too generic: Avoid one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, get advice tailored to your unique situation.
Tools aid, skills accomplish. Focus on building your skills, not just collecting
Thanks for reading.
Share your views on prompt engineering in its current state. :)
Clintin Lyle Kruger
Hot take. Most prompt engineering tips are overhyped.
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