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Check Out Noah’s Native Ads Machine Course!
Noah's course was extremely helpful in expanding my knowledge in how to build out a native ad campaign. Compared to previous courses I have completed on the past, this course provides in depth information regarding all aspects of what it takes to build an ad campaign - from all things strategy, to briefing and how to communicate and reach out to creators . Make sure to check it out, you won’t regret it!
The Importance of Unscripted Content
Briefs are always a necessity when having creators film content for your brand. They allow the creator to understand your vision, alongside the key branding information and visuals which are needing to be highlighed. However, if you are having creators film a complete script word-by-word, this can lead to the content sounding scripted, and ad-like. Therefore, this takes away the authenticity from the content. To combat this, allow for sections of your brief to encourage the creator to tie in their own personal experiences and review within their speaking. For example, if they are reviewing a skin care product, do include key points that need to be discussed, but encourage the creator to speak to their own skin concerns, previous expereinces with skincare products and why this one stands out to them. Also pose questions for the creators to answer to assist in this authentic expression - e.g. Explain how frustrating your skin has been in the past, and why this product helps combat those issues Including this type of speaking will allow for the ad to not sound scripted, but for your audience to be able to relate and connect with the creator they see on screen.
Unsure how creators will interpret your brief? Send them a test project!
Looking to gauge to see how your creators react to a prompt? A key tip to see how a creator interprets a brief is to send them a test project. This will allow you to see how certain creators not only display their own creativity, but their personality and how this ties in with the content that they produce. This test project will also show you how the creator speaks to camera (if they are speaking naturally and authentically, or if they are sounding scripted) and if they are able to follow certain prompts. Things you can include in the test project are: - Have them find a random object in their house (e.g. a tooth brush) - Speak on three key factors of the product - Discuss three main reasons why you love the product Once the creators send back their footage, you will be able to decide if you are looking to move forward with them and if you like the quality of content that they have produced!
Need any help with talent?
😍 Hello team! I'm Hazel and part of the Talent team at Creative Converters, super keen to post tips and trick to grow your business in here, STAY TUNED.
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Welcome Hazel!!
I'm a creator what do I need to film amazing content?
My top 3 things to assist you in filming content 1) Tripod. You can be fancy and get something with lights on it, or get something simple that will hold your phone steady. Kmart (G'day AUS members) does the job with easily accessible and cheap tripods. Head there and grab a tripod today. 2) Natural Lighting. Stand/sit in front of a window or doorway to have natural light on you. A selfie light or ring light can be used but natural lighting is always best (try direct sunlight if you are filming beauty or lifestyle shots) 3) Personality! UGC content is all about relatability, bring your personality and have fun!
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Such great pointers! Super important for content creation
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