The Importance of Unscripted Content
Briefs are always a necessity when having creators film content for your brand. They allow the creator to understand your vision, alongside the key branding information and visuals which are needing to be highlighed. However, if you are having creators film a complete script word-by-word, this can lead to the content sounding scripted, and ad-like. Therefore, this takes away the authenticity from the content.
To combat this, allow for sections of your brief to encourage the creator to tie in their own personal experiences and review within their speaking. For example, if they are reviewing a skin care product, do include key points that need to be discussed, but encourage the creator to speak to their own skin concerns, previous expereinces with skincare products and why this one stands out to them. Also pose questions for the creators to answer to assist in this authentic expression - e.g. Explain how frustrating your skin has been in the past, and why this product helps combat those issues
Including this type of speaking will allow for the ad to not sound scripted, but for your audience to be able to relate and connect with the creator they see on screen.
Angie Cc
The Importance of Unscripted Content
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