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Anyone including facilitation in branding services?
I’m coming from a design background and am interested in running brand strategy workshops using techniques from Facilitation Fundamentails while still providing creative materials. I also am excited by the value of helping teams get unstuck with other internal blockers with facilitation workshops. Has anyone else done brand strategy this way? Is adding internal team facilitation too different? Should that be under a separate brand/ webpage? Thanks for any feedback!
New comment Apr 1
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Hi @Trevor Britton, I am thrilled to meet fellow brand developers/strategists/designers. My first attempt to do brand strategy workshops was in 2011 based on Alina Wheeler's best-seller Designing Brand Identity, gradually I kept developing it in a more gamified way to make it more interesting for brand stakeholders. Later on, I discovered Miro and started to build the workshop on Miro, then I discovered The Three-Hour Brand Sprint by Jake Knapp. Based on that I tried to simplify the workshop without losing the main aspects. I would be happy if you would like to discuss it further.
Any Art & Design professors or faculty around here?
I am in the preparation for a workshop I will deliver next week for IB school students. The workshop will focus on how high school students can build compelling portfolios for their applications to art and design schools. To enhance the workshop's value and provide students with valuable insights, I would be honored to include expert advice on how art and design schools review and judge portfolios. Specifically. So if you are an art or design professor or have advice for students let me know. Your contribution would be immensely beneficial to the students attending the workshop. It would be wonderful if you could provide your advice in a short statement that I can incorporate into my presentation, along with your name, title, and university logo.
Any Art & Design professors or faculty around here?
Inspiring the Future of Design
Had the privilege of sharing my passion for multidisciplinary design with the bright minds of El Alsson School at their annual career fair, Innovative Careers. During my presentation, I delved into the exciting world of design, highlighting its multifaceted nature and the diverse career paths it offers. Later, I joined a panel discussion, where we engaged in a lively exchange of ideas, encouraging students to explore their creative potential and pursue their design aspirations.
New comment Nov '23
Inspiring the Future of Design
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@Ömür Yanıkoğlu Thank you so much, I will write the main points and share them here soon
Book recommendation: Design Journeys through Complex Systems
I want to alert the community to a book I recently acquired that I think would be really useful for facilitators working with organisational change. Peter Jones & Kristel Van Ael (2022), Design Journeys through Complex Systems. I had bought it for the focus on service design, but it provides the canvas and setup for about 30 workshops. This would be great for more advanced facilitators. To give you an idea of what it is covering, the following are the titles of the main sections: Systemic Design Methodology, Convening Cocreation, Framing the System, Listening to the System, Understanding the System, Envisioning Desired Future, Exploring the Possibility Space, Planning the Change Process, Fostering the Transition. Book website with downloadable templates here:
New comment Oct '23
Book recommendation: Design Journeys through Complex Systems
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Thanks @David Newman it looks very interesting and worth a try
A taste of Design thinking?
Hey everybody – I have the opportunity to introduce design sprints as a solution creating activity to dozens of school leaders across New York. I will introduce them amidst a conversation about WEF 4.0 characteristics and I only have about 20 minutes to show (rather than tell) them about their effectiveness for leadership teams and as a potential methodology to engage students differently. Do any of you have suggestions for how I might actively engage this audience within a 20 minute time frame to “wet their whistles” with a desire to learn more? TIA
New comment Sep '23
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I will be watching this question with a lot of anticipation.
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