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Photoshoot events in Dubai 🌴
Hey guys, I'm starting to organize photoshoot events in Dubai and I'm looking to connect with people who have done such events in Dubai in the past. I can get supercars for the photoshoots and I have a full-time dating assistant who can DM models and photographers. I've already started building database girls. I've been doing online game (dating apps, Insta) intensively for over 3 years now. I've developed my own method which includes own scripts for DMing on dating apps and Whatsapp, using an assistant to do most of the texting, and other optimization strategies. I've got about 5k number closes from all around the world (2700 from Dubai) from online game. Now I want to focus on harem building and organizing photoshoot events. Let's get in touch if you're active in Dubai. Yalla!
New comment Apr 10
1 like • Mar 2
Done a few photoshoots in dubai - dm me on ig @vilhelmberninger
Need help in editing this picture
This is Saad Kassis Mohamed (@wxcsaad) I usually have a couple of friends/myself edit and color grade pictures for instagram. However, this picture is slightly harder and not sure what would work. I need something that makes the lights pop out as @Ty Buchanan had suggested. Please feel free to send me edits/suggestions on whatever you think may feel that makes it right.
New comment Feb 15
0 likes • Feb 14
@Michael Mejia thanks bro 👊
1 like • Feb 15
@Sma Da one Made my own presets over time, but not for sale as of now.
Advice to New MOA Members
I just saw a guy that said he just joined MOA and wanted some advice to make his investment in the program go for the farthest in the shortest period of time. Reference: 1. Watch Mike’s earlier calls from 2020-2021, take action, check back into live calls only when you have taken action and want advice on next steps. There’s a lot of people that join every call Mike does but take 0 action, they tend to be the ones that ask the same questions over and over again but wonder why they may not have the results they want. 2. Having the best instagram should be a priority. Search up the “most Instagrammable spots” in your city/country and go to those places. Rent a camera from a site like, Sony A7iii with a 16-35mm lens is my go to. Create an appealing color scheme to your feed that makes your pictures pop, Coreys presets are great for this. As you do more cool stuff, build your highlights. I’ve met girls at the gym or on the street, said maybe a few sentences to them, gave them my instagram. Within a week, they’re at one of my events or I’m on a date with them..power of a high status profile. Same goes for networking with investors, celebrities, sending dms, etc. Having a solid profile helps with all of it. Almost every one of those I named above will go through your feed, highlights, and reels if there’s something that catches their attention. At that point, they’re invested into who you are. 3. Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to fellow MOA members. We are a community, we all joined to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Just about everyone here is willing to help you but you need to make sure the first step and open yourself up to the help. Collaboration was one of the biggest advocates of my early success. 4. Set HUGE goals and don’t settle down until you’ve reached them. I have done trips with 10-15 models at a time to multiple locations in the world all expenses paid, I have met just about any major celebrity you can think of, have been invited to the biggest events in the country sitting alongside the owners of sports teams, worldwide pop stars, and hall of fame athletes. It has only been possible because I set HUGE goals.
New comment Feb 4
3 likes • Jan 29
@Giorgi M Quite hard to find good ones, but Vincent del Toral and Casey Herzog are great if you're in the US and happen to be in the same city. I could help you out if you come to Dubai (or europe in the summer).
Gothenburg Sweden
Hey! Anyone in Gothenburg Sweden who wants to work on our instagram together to make it top notch?
New comment Feb 4
2 likes • Jan 24
Good to see some swedes in the group. Originally from Stockholm, but now living in Dubai. Will keep my eyes peeled for any göteborgare to connect you with.
Coming to Dubai? Here’s just some of the content you can get
See lots of people travelling to Dubai, so put together a little list of shots you can get. It’s really a perfect place to fix your instagram quickly, because Dubai was literally built for Instagram. You know that famous blue bridge? It serves no real purpose. So, let’s jump right into it. - Meydan Bridge. The staple for “habibi, come to dubai” reels and captions. Rent a Geländewagen, Lambo or Rolls, and hit up the desert while you’re at it. If you need recommendations for good car rental companies, tap that dm button. - Palm Jumeirah. Plenty of hotels to shoot at here, for example influencer heavy Five (boob jobs, british bitcoin geezers and working ladies in excess). Just need to know your way around security and management, or get permits beforehand (and that’s really for shooting anywhere in public or at any hotel in Dubai). Also some beaches on the palm. - Marina. Boardwalk if you’re not staying in Marina. But if you’re staying at a hotel there or have a friend who can let you in, you can get photos that show more access to scarce resources. - Downtown. Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest tower and popular backdrop. Plenty of restaurants with a view of it, one being Urla. - Yacht. Renting a yacht is popular when first coming to Dubai. It’s a fun experience, but not a necessary one content wise. - Desert. Come take a ride on my camel. Any desert safari should do to get the essential dune sunset shot. - Don’t bring your drone. Radar in all of UAE, and they may shoot it down with emp. And now your drone won’t function anymore, anywhere. The fine is also up to 500k AED ($150k USD).
New comment Jan 22
0 likes • Jan 20
@Fabian Dourando can do both. Planning to come?
0 likes • Jan 20
@Fabian Dourando nice, what kind of event?
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