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Progress report - Multiple Features
Hello MOA, Would like to share my progress of this week. Had been featured on multiple news sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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@Chad Colbert Thank Chad!
I did my first event, got 4 girls to go out with me for sushi
Hey everyone. So I've been in this group since December and I followed the MOA steps from 1 to 3. Then last Thursday I started sending invites for my first event which I decided to be a sushi Tuesday. Sending the invites didn't go too smoothly as you can see in my previous post: In total I ended up sending 26 invitations. I got 4 yeses and 4 maybes. And then only 1 of the yeses came and 2 of the maybes, out of which one brought a friend, so 4 girls in total. I don't know if those numbers are good but all things considered I'm pretty proud of doing something I had never done before. The 4 girls were 1 girl from my university classes, other 2 that I met from cold approach, and a friend of one of those. Now as for the event specifically: it was very interesting. As soon as they started arriving and we started talking I realised that I need to work hard on my social skills. There were a lot of awkward silences. I'm not that charismatic and definitely not funny. I just tried to make conversations by asking random questions. They answered and then the conversation died again. However they all seemed to like me because every time I talked they payed attention and smiled. Two of them exchanged contacts on their own initiative which makes me happy to have caused that connection. We stayed there for two hours and then everyone went on their way. Afterwards I received text from two of the girls saying they had fun. And I posted a story (the attached video). I can see now why you guys like this. I definitely want to keep doing this and get better at it. If anyone has any suggestions of books or anything about improving conversational skills to entertain groups of girls let me know. Any other opinion is also appreciated.
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Good job!
Shared some views on Fintech, M&A and IT Audit
Link: Feel free to share some thoughts 🙏🏻
London photo spreeee for insta
Went to London for 7 days and tried to copy John and some other MoA guys photos. Got some amazing tips from @Ty Buchanan , @Graco Signorini and @Vilhelm Berninger Gonna edit these and see what I can cook up. Already got some feedback that some of these aren't the best so might delete them later when I get even better pics
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@Joy Wu The easiest way really is to just buy off a page with an existing follower range of about 100-200K, then you can make it into your personal page. But I really would not recommend going down that route unless your produce content regularly as it may seem off.
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Very interesting. Your insights are engaging. Can using generative AI improve how photos are composed and contribute to creating a better environment? Also, how can you enhance a good photo that has a blurry face?
Morning motivation
I just had some random model with 1.2 million followers with a blue check mark like my story of some short video I took just walking in the gym after working out and I wasn’t even showing myself in the video lol. It’s kind of like interesting how I’ll get engagement from people who don’t even follow me on IG sometimes. I know I got a long way to go for building my personal brand and my IG, and I’m still a beginner, but I ain’t gonna lie, this was a little motivation for me this morning to keep going.
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@Ty Buchanan Very inspiring!
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